Everything you need to know about the Aerial Fit and TPR re-launch!

Hello Narre Tribe!
We are so excited to be opening the doors of our Narre Warren location with our new Franchisee Jess.

Jess has been a huge part of our Kilsyth studio since starting as a student and working her way up to become the studio’s Head Instructor. She has the skills and attitude to lead the studio forward and we’re confident that she will carry on the amazing community spirit at Aerial Fit – known throughout the pole community.

Please have a read through the below FAQ to answer the main questions, provide a timeline overview and contact information for any further questions you may have.

We will aim to create a timetable similar to the current Aerial Fit schedule, with the addition of our fun variety of casual dance, flex and conditioning classes. We are gaining great insights from the Aerial Fit team on the popularity of different courses, classes and time slots. 

  • Youth & Teen Classes: Youth (7 – 12) and Teen (13 – 17) classes will remain on the upcoming TPR Narre Warren timetable – we are aiming for similar times and corresponding levels. 
  • Aerials Classes: The diverse range of Aerials currently offered includes silks, hoop, trapeze and hammocks. All these offerings will remain on the upcoming The Pole Room Narre Warren Timetable. Did you know – we also offer Hoop and Silks across our Highett and Mitcham studios? 

Please know we are open to your requests. If you have any timetable suggestions please send through to [email protected]

The timetable will be released a few weeks out from relaunch. Once released, the best place to find timetable information is via The Pole Room mobile app. 

In order to transition across to The Pole Room’s course curriculum we request all students to complete the online self grading form or attend one of the in person grading sessions. Grading is a way we can safely place you in the best level based on your current experience. Self grading + in person grading options will be released soon – stay tuned for all the updates on this. All Aerials students (all apparatus and levels) grading will be done usual class times. 

Membership Pricing
We will have a special foundation membership offer exclusive to Aerial Fit Narre Warren students ahead of the studio reopening.
Our memberships include unlimited practice time and discounts on retail. 

Please note: All existing Aerial Fit passes, make up-sessions & gift vouchers will need to be used by June 30th. Due to the ownership changes, we will be unable to carry to them across. 

Key Dates
We are excitedly planning our Narre Warren sites renovation, and looking forward to giving this space a TPR rebrand and facelift. Key dates for the timeline are listed below. 

Monday 1st July – Friday 26th July
Studio closure and renovations
Saturday 27th July
Open Day
Monday 29th July
Mini Term commences (4 week term)
Monday 26th August
Term 5 commences (8 week term)

During these closure dates all current Narre Warren Students are invited to attend our other studios – Kilsyth, Mitcham, CBD & Highett. All ‘Drop-In’ sessions purchased for our other studios during the Aerial Fit closure dates will be 30% off (just $29). If you wish to receive this special rate please reach out to Jess via [email protected] to set up your student account. 

Jess and the whole team at The Pole Room are so excited for this next chapter with the Narre Warren team, and can’t wait to introduce you to the TPR Tribe. 

The Pole Room Tribe Podcast


It’s the launch we’ve been waiting for! Our very own Jaz, the pole mumma of passion and dedication, has officially launched The TPR Tribe Podcast.

This is a culmination of stories and lessons that have been inspired from pole and the walls of TPR’s studios. With each episode, Jaz goes deep on the topics and people that spark curiosity, inspiration, self love and personal transformation.

From the Pole to the Mic

Follow the journey from her first class, eating disorder recovery, appearing on Shark Tank, and running a business. Jaz takes you behind the scenes in her personal life, studio life, and her world as a mum.

You’ll laugh, learn, be strengthened and even get to know the 4-1-1 on Andy – Jaz’s business partner, husband and Tinder swipe! From the high-flying triumphs to the heartfelt struggles, this is the one platform where you’ll hear it all.

Why Listeners Love It

The TPR Podcast is a celebration of pole dancing and all the goodness that comes from it. We’re talking interviews, life lessons, healing, and things that keep your soul pumping. So, what can you expect?

  1. Insider Tips & Tricks: Hear it from an instructor, judge and former national competitor. Jaz has all the hacks on what it takes to develop your skills and career as a pole addict. Tune in for tips and tricks to gain strength, flexibility and grace as you evolve on your own path. Whether you’re in it for a hobby, keen to get on stage or wanting to make pole your profession, The TPR Podcast has gotchu!
  2. Special Guests: Jaz shares the limelight with students, instructors and the key names in pole. Uncover the dynamic personalities of the pole community, and the adventures that come with it.
  3. Beyond the Pole: We know pole is so much more than the physical. The TPR podcast takes a dive deep into the mental and emotional aspects that pole dancing cultivates. Get the know-how on unleashing your inner sass, refining your identity and building unstoppable self-confidence.

Whether you’re on the daily commute, walking to get your coffee, or need some quality background sounds whilst you’re stretching at home, get around The TPR Podcast!

No FOMO allowed! Hit that subscribe button to make sure you are in on the conversation. To request a topic, or if you have a story that will spin our listeners’ senses around, send the memo to [email protected]


9 Perks of Private Pole Training

Private training for pole comes with an array of benefits that can significantly enhance your learning and progress. Each of our instructors are available for 1:1 lessons which you can truly make your own, depending on your goals and what you want to achieve. Whilst attending regular classes are great, there’s just so much to learn in that hour, that sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to ask specific questions or hack our way through your body’s pain points. That’s when private lessons come in handy! Here are the perks of including private training into your pole program:

  1. Personalised Instruction: Private training allows you to receive one-on-one attention from a TPR instructor who can tailor the lessons specifically to your skill level, goals, and individual needs. The instructor can focus on addressing your strengths, weaknesses, and areas that require improvement, providing a full tailored learning experience.

  2. Accelerated Progress: With private training, you can make faster progress in your pole dancing journey. The focused attention from your instructor enables them to provide immediate feedback, correct your form, and refine your technique, ensuring that you grasp the movements and concepts more quickly.

  3. Result-based Outcomes: Private lessons enable you to have a customised curriculum designed to suit your preferences and objectives. Whether you want to focus on specific moves, master certain routines, work on flexibility or strength training, or explore particular dance styles, private training allows you to tailor the lessons to your interests.

  4. Increased Confidence: Pole dancing can be an intimidating activity for some individuals, especially in a group setting. Private training provides a safe and comfortable environment where you can build your confidence gradually. With personalised guidance and positive reinforcement from your instructor, you can feel more at ease while learning new moves and routines.

  5. Injury Prevention and Safety: Proper form and technique are crucial in pole dancing to prevent injuries. In private training, your instructor can pay close attention to your body alignment, grip, and execution of movements, ensuring that you maintain safe practices. They can also customise warm-up exercises and cool-down routines to reduce the risk of strains or muscle imbalances.

  6. Flexible Session Times: Private training allows for greater flexibility in scheduling your lessons. You can coordinate with your instructor to find mutually convenient times and adjust the frequency of sessions to match your availability. This flexibility makes it easier to maintain a consistent training routine and accommodate any personal or professional commitments.

  7. Stage Prep: If you aspire to perform in competitions, showcases, or public events, private training can prepare you specifically for those occasions. Your instructor can work with you to develop choreography, refine your stage presence, and enhance your overall performance skills, giving you a competitive edge.

  8. Learn from the Best: Ask anyone who’s excelled in their field – a common thread is that they’ve had mentors or coaches who’ve held their hand throughout the way. Having someone to guide you, who already has the results you want, is the best way fast track your success. They’ve done the hard work, the understand the pitfalls, and know the dos and don’ts, so that you don’t have to make things up on your own!

  9. Stay Accountable: Having an additional person looking out for us creates accountability and motivation. When you’re having an off-day or feel like you’ve plateaued, there’s no better pick-me-up than knowing your can turn to your biggest cheerleader to keep you going.

Grading? Wanting to perform? Found a trick or routine on Instagram that you want to pull off?
Choose your dedicated instructor and start making time for those sessions in your calendar. Once you’ve found a match, email [email protected] with your preferred studio, day and times to get this rolling.

Unleash Your Inner Pole Star: A Crash Course for Beginners

Picture this: You arrive at the pole dance competition, feeling both nervous and excited. You’ve been practicing for months, perfecting your routine and pushing yourself to new heights.

As you step onto the stage, the lights dim and the music starts. You start to move, feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you hit each pose flawlessly. The audience is captivated, cheering you on as you transition from one move to the next with ease.

And then, the climax of your routine arrives. You execute the most challenging move you’ve ever attempted – a daring spin that requires both strength and grace. You hold your breath as you twist and turn around the pole, defying gravity and stunning everyone in the room.

Finally, as you come to the end of your routine, you strike your final pose and the crowd erupts into applause. You can feel the energy pulsing through the room as you take your final bow, knowing that you’ve achieved your dream of being a pole dance champion. It’s a moment you’ll never forget, and one that will inspire you to keep pushing yourself to new heights in the future.

This dream is never far away and if so many of our students at The Pole Room have reached it, so can you! If you haven’t already heard our structured 7 level Pole Program there’s still time to start your pole dreams with any of our upcoming introductory Pole courses at our Mitcham, Highett, CBD and Kilsyth studios.

Our Pole Program is designed to help aspiring polers tap into their inner strength, grace, and creativity. In our introductory courses, you will learn the foundational moves of pole dance, build strength and flexibility, and develop your own unique style. Led by our experienced pole dance instructors, our pole program is for those who want to explore the world of pole and unleash their inner pole star. 


Our introductory courses are short but definitely sweet! They are designed to be more tricks focused with emphasis on nailing technique. You’ll build your strength, flexibility and confidence as you focus on the grips, climbs, and spins on the pole.

 Week One is when you’ll get to meet your lovely instructors, pole buddies and of course your quirky Studio Managers. WhatsApp group chats will be popping on your phone giving you a chance to connect and share the wins. And our Facebook community group will give you plenty of pole inspiration and studio updates.

By week 2 you’ve survived your first class, woohoo! The shock has dissipated, now it’s time to build your momentum! In addition to your scheduled course you’ve tried some of our large range of alternative style fitness classes that run throughout the week and include flexibility, strength and dance.

Pole jitters, who dat? In the final weeks you’ve probably already built your confidence and have felt the changes to your strength and flexibility. Crazy how your body can do so much more than you thought it could!

Congratulations on completing such an intensive experience, now it’s time to immerse yourself deeper into pole through our program. In this structured and progressive pole program we’ll continue to build on the skills learnt in this course, as you take it one level at a time from Beginner level 2 all the way to Elite levels.


As part of the TPR Tribe, we celebrate diversity and inclusion, welcoming people of all ages, sizes, and abilities. It’s not just about the physical fitness, but the support, encouragement, and friendships that come with it.

Being part of the pole community is about building relationships, fostering growth, and having fun. We provide a safe and welcoming space where you can connect with like-minded individuals. It’s a place where you can be yourself and express yourself, within a community that values individuality and encourages you to be your best.

Joining the TPR pole community is not just about what happens in the studio, it’s about creating lifelong connections inside and outside of class. So come and be part of the TPR Tribe and experience the joy, energy, and sense of belongingness that comes with pole!

The Pole Room studios are inclusive and we accept everyone who is serious about making pole their number priority!



Very understanding and I didn’t feel judged at all. I left the class feeling happy and comfortable in my body ~ Hannah

Awesome class, so full of energy i had so much fun! ~ Emily

Absolutely amazing! Loved it and everything about it. I’ve never performed in anything and every single person at TPR made me feel at so much ease! ~ Erin

Love the choreography, Super nice, attentive and explains well! – Ziwen

Really fun, great moves & level – completely suited to everyone, really enjoyed this! ~ Julia


Do I need any prior dance or fitness experience to start pole dancing?
No, prior experience is not necessary. Pole dancing is a great way to improve your fitness level and flexibility, and most classes are tailored to accommodate all skill levels.

Is pole dancing safe?
Yes, when performed correctly and under proper supervision, pole dancing is a safe activity. It is important to warm up properly before beginning any class, use proper technique when executing moves, and listen to your body to avoid injury.

Do I need to have upper body strength to pole dance?
Having prior upper body strength is not a requirement to start pole dancing. As you continue practicing pole dancing, your upper body strength will gradually improve over time.

What should I wear to a pole dancing class?
It is recommended to wear comfortable, form-fitting athletic wear that allows for ease of movement. The more skin the better as it will help with gripping the pole.

Is pole dancing only for young people?

Absolutely not! Pole dancing is a fun activity for everyone regardless of age. We offer courses tailored to meet the needs of teenagers, as well as individuals aged 40 and above who are interested in learning how to pole dance.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the exhilaration of pole dancing! Join us today and discover the countless benefits of this unique and empowering activity. With our supportive community and expert instructors, you’ll gain confidence, strength, and skills you never thought possible. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get pole dancing! Check out all the upcoming introductory pole courses here.

What Happens In a Beginner Pole Course

Embarking on your pole journey with TPR is a rewarding, fulfilling and supported one! Why? Because our programs are carefully designed to ensure you succeed. Through our 8 and 4-Week Courses, you will experience the endorphin rush, the community spirit and the accountability to keep you wanting to come back for more.

So what happens in our 8 and 4-Week Courses, you ask? We’ve got the goods here, so that you know what to look forward to, what events to mark in your calendars, and when you can start enrolling for your next course. Both cover the same level and amount of tricks, with the 4-Week course being more intensive.

Note: The 4-Week Course purely focusses on tricks, whilst the 8-Week Course incorporates both tricks and dance. It is compulsory for 4-Week Course students to complete an 8-Week Course prior to moving to a higher level, so that they can be comfortable with the slinky, flowy movement required for performing.

8-Week Course


It’s all happening! You’re now clocking in at the studios for your first classes! Learning the basics of pole and what-nots. You get the jitters, but surprise yourself with what you’re capable of once you step through the door. You bond with our pole mates, you get included in Whatsapp group chats. You may wake up sore the next day, but you’re always looking forward to the next.

Dressing up is half the fun! So in your first week, familiarise yourself with o
ur pole essentials list. and load up your goodie bag. 


You’ve probably warmed up the studio this week, have made new friends and are getting used to adding pole dancing to our daily routine. You’ve probably learned to climb the pole at and your pole bag is now packed with the right essentials.

Don’t forget to join the
TPR community page, we’ve got all the updates there!
While you’re at it, get social on Instagram and Facebook


It’s Beginner’s Night baby! Join us for nibbles and drinks and meet other students, learn more about TPR, upcoming events and what to expect within the 8 weeks. We get to share the reasons we started pole and hear about some of our instructors’ pole journeys too!

Craving inspiration? Check these blogs below:

Rock Bottom to Stronger Than Ever – Sarah’s story
A Male Pole Dancer Story
Why I Pole
From Buillied to Built-Up – Lauren’s story


The new timetable is up! Oooh exciting but wait, how the eff did time fly so fast? Yeah hun, it feels just like yesterday when you started your first pole class but now you’re half way through your course.

This week check the
TPR Community Page for your upcoming schedule. If you think you would love to repeat the same course (time and date), now is the time to book for the next term. But if you wanna move up to the next level, you gotta wait it out until grading week. More on that in week 7!


It’s crunch time and all that fun jazz!
You master your routines, make sure you stay consistent and even try as many dance classes as you can! By this time, your instructors will encourage you and build up your excitement to perform at the End-of-Term Performance Night! If you’re keen, kudos! If you’re a little shy, at least come and cheer along!


The next term’s timetable is now available for pre-registration! If you’re wanting to move up to a level, now is the perfect time to inform your Studio Managers about your preferred schedule and pre-register a spot. Some courses book out hell fast, so make sure you get to have your name on the waitlist.


You’ve made it to grading week! You’ve heard about grading through the grapevine but you’re not entirely sure what it is. Grading is your opportunity to show instructors everything you’ve learnt throughout your course, so that you can advance to the next level. Exciting! This is a friendly, interactive, group session where your instructor will ask you to perform tricks and techniques taught throughout the term.

There’s no need for nerves here – if you pass, congratulations on moving up to the next level! If you have tricks to polish, that’s totally fine as well. You can simply do the course again, until you’re confident to move on up.
Remember that everyone’s pole journey is unique, so go at your own pace and keep counting your wins.



Aaaaaannnddd just like that, you’re officially a pole superstar. You’ve developed incredible skills that few people could only imagine doing in a lifetime. Your confidence, flexibility, fitness, friendship groups and overall zest for life have transformed. But the most exciting part, is that you’re only at the beginning!

No other way to celebrate than to perform or support our fellow Tribe members at End-of-Term Performance Night. Showcased in front of small audiences, these happen at each studio and give students the opportunity to experience their first on-stage debuts. Costumes, make up, and mind-blowing performances are guaranteed!

4-Week Course

The 4-Week course is short but it’s definitely sweet, that’s for sure! Unlike its 8-week big sister, the 4-week program is quite intensive. You’ll still build your strength, flexibility and confidence, that’s for sure! But you’ll focus mainly on climbing the pole and tricks, truly an exciting and challenging prequel we’re certain you’re ready to conquer.


Just like in the 8-Week Course, this is the week when you get to meet your lovely instructors, pole buddies and of course your quirky Studio Managers. Whatsapp group chats will be popping on your phone giving you updates on your courses. Make sure you have your pole bag packed with the right equipment so you look and feel the part! 


You survived your first class, woohoo! The shock has dissipated, now it’s time to build your momentum! By this week, registrations are now open for the next full term (your Studio Manager knows what’s up). So make sure you enrol asap before your preferred schedule gets booked out.

And if you haven’t already, join the Tribe community page for anything pole related
. While you’re at it, get social on Instagram and Facebook


Pole jitters, who dat? By now you’ve probably already built your confidence and have felt the changes to your strength and flexibility. Crazy how your body can do so much more than you thought it could! Kudos babe, keep going. 


4 weeks of hardcore training is done! Congratulations on completing such an intensive experience, now its time to immerse yourself deeper into pole and move on to an 8-Week Beginner Course.

The 8-Week Beginner Course is where you will refine what you’ve done in the 4-Week Course, but incorporate dancing, so that you can have the opportunity to get on stage and move onto the next level. Make sure you’re enrolled via reception and ready to spin into next term!

If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self.  Click here to get started!



Pole Grading: Everything You Need to Know

As we develop on our pole dancing skills, we’re levelling up in so many ways. We feel sexier, more confident, more flexible and let’s not forget those happy endorphins! Additionally, each week brings new thrills as we refine our skills and take on more complex tricks. Those basic pole climbs that once seemed daunting are now a breeze, and before we know it, our once shy beginner-selves are ready to conquer new heights.

What is Grading?

Grading is an in-person assessment which determines if you are ready to move through the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite pole levels. It is conducted by a TPR instructor and is scheduled on the 7th and 8th weeks of an 8-Week Term. Aside from moving up another level, grading also helps students improve their skills, track their progress, and set goals.

If you’re ready to step further ahead in your pole journey, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will cover:

  • The Grading registration process
  • What to expect in a Grading session
  • Grading requirements for each level
  • Frequently asked questions

Let’s get it!


The Grading registration process is as simple as 1, 2, 3 and 4:

  1. Show up to class! Make sure you show up in every course class you’re enrolled in. This way, you’re aligned with your goals and are steadily practising those core tricks. However, if circumstances are beyond your control, you can always book a Private lesson or Pole Jam class to make up for a missed session.
  2. Make sure you’ve completed the number of terms required to level up. Each level has its own number of rotation (terms) required to pass. These vary from 1-3 terms, depending on the level.
  3. Give your Studio Managers a nudge and let them know you want to book for grading. They will view your attendance and advise whether you are eligible. You may book at any studio you prefer for your grading too. 
  4. Once your Studio Manager gives you the go-ahead, they’ll arrange a grading appointment for you.


Once you have met all the criteria and are eligible to grade you will need to book the session. Grading sessions are free and are held at your studio at the end of week 6. Simply book the grading session as you would a casual class and show up.  


Showtime, sweetheart! On your scheduled slot, you will be joined by 6-7 students who will be going through the same motions as you. Each of you will take turns as you showcase your stuff in front of the instructor

Here’s a guide of what you should do and what to expect on your grading day:

STEP 1 Arrive at least 30 minutes before grading. Allow enough time to warm up and stretch, so you’re ready to jump straight in when it’s your turn.

STEP 2 – Your instructor will ask you to demonstrate the core tricks required for you to move to the next level. Remember, you will need to do the tricks on both sides; the good side and the rather challenging one. You will be asked to perform the tricks by yourself.

STEP 3 – Woohoo! Once you’re done and dusted, your instructor will let you know if you’re moving up to the next level or re-mastering the current one.

STEP 4 – Provided you pass, we make it official with a certificate! ‘Cause, bragging IG rights, hello! As your Studio Manager presents you with the goods, book straight into your next course and keep the momentum going.


Each level has its own core tricks and pre-requisites to pass, with each level varying in difficulty. Below is the list of each level and its core tricks and rotations.










What is Grading, why we do it and what to expect?


When is Grading week and when should I let my Studio Managers know that I’m keen to grade?

Grading Week will take place on the 7th and 8th weeks of the term. In the days leading up, you may let your Studio Managers know that you would like to move forward.

What do I bring or wear to Grading session?

Kneepads, shorts and a top will do the trick. You may also bring heels for the dance routine component of the Grading. A sweat towel and drink bottle is also a must.

Will there be any breaks during the grading session?

You and 3-4 other students will be graded individually in the session. This means you may rest in between your turn. Just make sure you are inside the grading room for the whole duration on the session.

Can I request feedback from the instructor?

Yes, your instructor will let you know which tricks require improvement and how you can improve them on the day.

Who will conduct the Grading session?

Grading will be conducted by one of TPR’s high-level instructors who know the curriculum inside-out.

How much does it cost to Grade?

Grading is absolutely-free as part of the TPR courses!

What if I don’t pass Grading?

Everyone progresses at a different pace and that’s totally fine! Some students may pass on the first go, whilst others may take a few tries. Just remember each individual journey is special and there is no race to run but your own. With consistency and a high level of commitment, however, you may expect to breeze through the levels like so:

Level timeframes are indicative only and depend on your commitment to the program.



The Pole Room’s skills-based courses are fun, relaxed and may be suited to the total beginner, right through to the seasonal competitor. Wherever you’re at, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Send a message to [email protected] for a complimentary trial class.

How to Make the Most of Your Pole Journey

Pole dancing – smooth, sexy, sensual and fierce! That’s what we see. But take a peek behind the curtains, you’d realise it’s not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to get to the top (in its figurative and literal sense). 

So how as a beginner student, do you make the most of your pole journey? We share our secrets here…

Take it one session at a time. Polers sure as hell don’t wake up with superhuman powers! It takes months of practice to realise a full range of motion and master even just one trick! Everyone starts out in an awkward, newly-birthed giraffe stage. But over time, they turn into a full grown graceful giraffe! It simply takes time and patience. So don’t get pressured if your hand springs look more like spring rolls to begin with – trust the process and stay consistent.

Set your own pace, run your own race. Sometimes we feel the pressure seeing our polemates nail a trick faster than we do, forgetting that we’re only in competition with ourselves. The secret to getting the most of your pole journey is to not compare yourself to your buddy! Focus on yourself. If you failed today, try again tomorrow. Every flower blooms in their own time.

Show up! Like any other skill, you can’t step up if you don’t show up. Dedication and determination are keys to progression! Your strength, stamina, flexibility, heck even your 8-inch heel balancing skills develop with time. 

Why so serious? Give yourself a good laugh! Failed a trick? Laugh! Tipped over your heel? Laugh! Slipped on the pole? Laugh! Standing outside in the rain by yourself? Laugh! Okay, maybe it’s better to take shelter, but hey you know what we mean. Everything in life cruises smoothly when you take things lightly. Embrace everything that goes with it! The burns, the morning-after body pains and the callouses! Don’t let them demotivate you, instead, let them inspire you! It’s a journey, isn’t it? So enjoy the spin! 

And last but the least, make friends! We call ourselves the TPR Tribe for the main reason we consider each and every one family! Even the ghost in the backroom occasionally sits down with us for some life advice. It’s always nice to have someone you can share anything with, especially if that someone can be anyone and everyone in the tribe! We’re here whenever you need help with choosing a heel, a pole outfit, learning a trick, naming your new pet, picking what outfit to wear to your office party, stress from work, science and the laws of gravity, someone to finish off your snack *wink wink*. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! 

So the next time you feel demotivated, remember that pole comes with ups and downs and flatlines in between. Enjoy and get the most out of every single part of it. And you’ll be on your way to the most awesome destination yet..the top, of the pole…and of yourself! 


If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Enrol in an upcoming pole course today!. X

7 Reasons to Start Pole & Aerial Classes

Pole dancing and aerial are fierce and cool, there’s no question about it! But did you know that there are way more benefits to pole and aerials than just bragging rights, Insta-worthy photos and sassy selfies? YES, we know! Shocking right? 

Here’s the motivation for you (and your friends, and relatives, and colleagues) to start and keep going!

1. Unleash your power. Both pole and aerial require you to lift your body using every ounce of strength you have (particularly in your upper body). Some newbies are apprehensive about having zero strength but we’ve all been there. But let’s not forget about your mental strength too. By achieving what seems physically impossible, you train your mind to believe you can and will, do anything you set your mind too.

2. Rebuild long lost endurance. When was the last time you REALLY broke a sweat and exerted everything your body had? Regular pole and aerial classes will allow you to develop stamina that will have you feeling your absolute fittest. Increase your weekly sessions to heighten that endorphin rush!

3. Feel flexy! Believe us when we say we get bendy…A LOT! Yoga and pilates inspired stretches compliment the tricks and fluidity that make pole and aerial moves so damn inspiring. The Exorcist upside down going downstairs? Easy peasy! 😂

4. Achieve a full-on body workout. Not a single muscle in your body is spared from this workout! You’d be gripping the pole in places you didn’t realise could grip! Like, did you know that you could hoist yourself on an apparatus using just your chest and abdomen? Yeah you can! From your head rolls to your rotating knees, you will teach your body to do incredible things. With the exception of your tongue muscle. But don’t worry, your teacher’s working out hers when she shouts “POINT YOUR TOES!”.

5. Delve into an exercise you’ll actually look forward to. It’s everything but boring! Every session is exciting and brings you closer to your goal and closer to performing on stage! It’s a mix of dancing and body work, making it a fun workout! So fun it should be called a funout!

6. Practice confidence. We’ve been through that awkward phase too! We were once too critical of ourselves and our bodies. But pole dancing helped us embrace and love who we are more! By the end of the term, we came out more confident and self-loving! Shine and Performance Night? Bring it on!

7. Belong in tribe that loves you back! Finally, it’s all about the community. A gathering of wonderful people free of judgements. You walk in the door and already feels accepted. You keep on your on pace without having to worry about who you are and how you identify. 

That’s a wrap. Take the plunge and sign up for an experience that will have you doing the unthinkable. It might just change your life. 💜


If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Click here to get started!


5 Things to Bring to Your First Pole Class

Okay, so you just signed up for your first ever pole dance class. You’re giddy and excited and can’t wait to try something cool and new! But while you’re packing your pole bag, you realise that pole dancing isn’t the gym you’re used to. So you’re wondering, “what should I bring to class?” First off, yourself! Of course. LOL okay, on to the next. 

Here’s a checklist of what to take to your pole debut:

1. Water Bottle. Hydration is essential! Pole dancing is a rigorous form of exercise and requires a lot of movement, cardio, flexing and bending. You need to keep yourself hydrated throughout the session. Don’t worry though, we have water stations for when you need a refill.

2. Pole Grip. Palms are sweaty? Eminem had a problem with that too! But nothing some pole grip can’t fix. Available in fun-size tubes at your studio, each one has different textures, scents and levels of grip, depending on your preference. Make sure you try them all until you find one that fits your training regimen just right. If you’re starting out, ask your studio manager for their best advice.

3. Towel. Towels serve more than one purpose. They’re not just for wiping off sweat. They’re handy for wiping down the pole too. So have a spare one on standby. You’ll thank us later.

4. Kneepads. Floor work and pole go hand-in-hand! There’ll be lots of knees sweeping the floor and rising up that pole! So make sure you have your kneepads ready. Take it from us, you want to be able to move freely, without having to worry about bruising.

5. Shorts. The more skin showing, the better. Not just because it shows off your go-getter self. Exposing more skin means you’ll be able to grip on the pole and execute tricks with more finesse. That’s why most of the pole vids you see on your feed show off short shorts and cropped tops. 

Most importantly, walk through those doors with enthusiasm. Your attitude will take you from total newbie to an inverting, splitting, dancing pole trickster. All good if you don’t have heels and heel protectors on hand. There’s plenty of styles at the studio for you to try on after your class.

So, you ready? Got your uplifting energy and your pole bag in check? Let’s go for a spin!


If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Click here to get started!

Courses Are Coming to TPR!

In 2022 we’ve made some exciting new changes to the timetable! In this article, you’ll understand:

  • What Courses are and how they will be a game-changer for your motivation and accountability!
  • Why Courses? Say hello to newfound commitment to kick goals you never thought possible!
  • How Courses work – how to get involved, what’s included and what’s expected!
  • FAQs (we know you’ve got plenty!)

What are Courses

Hitting the TPR timetables in 2022, courses are designed to grow you up the ranks as a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and then an Elite level poler. You’ll have the opportunity to perform, accomplish new tricks, and in the process smash your conditioning and strength goals.

Once enrolled you’ll attend the same night every week, with the same instructor at the same studio with the same peeps. Classes will incorporate both tricks and dance, so you get a comprehensive grasp of the level by continuing to execute what you’ve learnt in a routine. Courses will each have a start and end date, meaning when you enrol you’ll be committing to:

  • 8 classes (1 per week)
  • Week 7 grading session
  • Opportunity to perform your routine with your group in week 8

Why Courses

When you enrol into a course, you’re committing to bringing your best to every session. You have a new sense of “why”, knowing that you need to pass a specific level and pull off a performance at the end. This results-based mentality will keep you focused. You’ll eat better, train with intention, and be surrounded by people who share the same mindset.

In courses, you’ll have your tight-knit group and your allocated instructor guiding you every step of the way. The TPR Tribe will be the cheer squad that’ll get you excited about coming to class so you can keep progressing and growing your skills.

Pole Dance Journey
Typical pathway for Polers at The Pole Room

How Courses work

TPR’s Courses commence from the last week of January across our Mitcham, Highett and Kilsyth studio. CBD courses will be kicking off once the studio is open – currently scheduled for a late February launch.

Once enrolled, you are expected to show up, be open to learn and challenge yourself!

Gradings will run in week 7. In this session, you’ll be marked on your technique and ability to perform tricks learnt throughout the course. If you pass the grading you will have the opportunity to move up to the next level, it’s no biggie if you don’t but it’s always something to aim for.

Performance Nights will run at the end of most 8-week courses to conclude the term. These will be group performances (with some solo opportunities), ran out of the studio. You’ll get the full experience. Dress up, put on a show and bring your pole artistry to the routine you learnt over the course.

Booking a Course

All courses will appear in the current schedule and so booking an 8-week course is simple for existing clients.

  • Non-members: You will need to purchase an 8 Session Package, which will cover all sessions over the 8 weeks.
  • Members (Casual Flyer, Frequent Flyer and High Flyer): Members will be able to book a course as unpaid. Sessions from the membership will then be deducted from the corresponding week that the course will run (in advance). For example, if you are a Casual Flyer and have booked an 8-week course starting January 31st then one session will be deducted each week from your account starting the week of January 26th.

Important Course Dates 2022

  • Term 1    Monday, Jan 31 – Sunday, March 27
  • Term 2    Monday, March 28 – Sunday, May 22
  • Term 3    Monday, May 23 – Sunday, July 17
  • Term 4    Monday, July 18 – Sunday, September 11
  • Term 5    Monday, Sept 12 – Sunday, Nov 6
  • Term 6    Monday, Nov 7 – Sunday, Dec 18 (6 week mini Christmas Term)
  • Christmas Timetable Monday, Dec 19 onwards
End of Term Performance/Graduation Nights
  • Term 1: Friday, March 25th @Kilsyth, Saturday, March 26th @CBD
  • Term 2: Friday, May 20th @Mitcham, Saturday, May 21st @CBD
  • Term 3: Friday, July 15th @Kilsyth, Saturday, July 16th @CBD
  • Term 4: Friday, September 9th @Mitcham, Saturday, September 10th @CBD
  • Term 5: Friday, November 4th @Kilsyth, Saturday, November 5th @CBD
  • Term 6: Friday, December 16th @ Mitcham, Saturday, December 17th @CBD



  • Will you still run Casual Classes? Yes all of our Dance and Conditioning based classes will still be casual classes that can be attended as normal
  • I’m new to The Pole Room.. where can I learn more about beginner courses and if they are right for me? If you’re new to The Pole Room and want learn about getting started with a course, including our introductory offer click here.
  • Are courses compulsory? No, courses are completely optional as part of your TPR experience. However, if you want to see rapid progression courses is where it’s at!
  • Do I have to perform and grade? Performance nights and grading are not compulsory but STRONGLY recommended if you want to feel a huge sense of achievement from all your hard work.
  • I’m a new client, can I join a membership? At this time, memberships are only available to those clients who have completed an 8-week course at any of our locations. 
  • How do you move up to the next level? You must have passed Grading by your instructor in week 7 of the term
  • When do the next terms enrolments open for course? We start taking bookings in week 6, however, the start of week 8 is when we will need your full commitment.
  • What happens if I cannot make all 8 sessions? It’s not ideal but also not the end of the world. You can either catch up via Private Training with your instructor outside of class times, or we can look at swapping you into another course in the same level during the same week.
  • Can I join two courses running in the same term? Absolutely! This is actually recommended for faster progression.
  • Are there any discounts for joining multiple courses? If you are a member then individual sessions do become cheaper on higher tiers.
  • What is the notice required to cancel and rebook another session in another course? We expect most courses will be at capacity so it’s recommended you give us at least 48 hours notice to ensure we can find another spot in a course.  

Excited, nervous, ready to go?! Let us know, plus any questions by posting in the comments below!


If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Click here to get started!

The Link Between Self-love, Confidence & Pole Dancing

– Article By Kati H

A spinning metal apparatus…not something you’d initially link with self-love, but for thousands of people all over the world (including myself), it offered exactly that. This is because true self-love goes much deeper than a surface-level skincare routine or eating well. Although these things are important, they don’t allow for us to really get to know ourselves, or offer us the chance to discover our inner strength and confidence.

The truth about finding self-love and confidence

Pole dancing gives us a unique opportunity to transform us from who we thought we were, to who we have the ability to become. It take us to the depths of ourselves because it’s hard work! Self love doesn’t come from lying in a bubble bath telling ourselves how fabulous we are. It develops through discipline and taking consistent action that challenges us to grow. We need to show, not tell ourselves how amazing and confident we are!

Personal growth through pole

Pole gives us insight that I don’t believe any other “fitness” regime can offer. I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of the pole industry for 13 and a half years. It has grown and evolved so much in that time, and I know it will continue to. There will always be a new trick to learn, a new dance style created (and new heels to buy!) and this keeps us growing and evolving with it, while keeping us humble.

Every single time we attend a pole, flexibility or dance class, we are showing ourselves love. We are doing something good for our bodies, mind and soul, and the best thing about it…it’s fun! So we genuinely want to show up, learn, and build confidence. That doesn’t mean we never have our off-days. It’s all a natural part of the process!

Being in feel-good environment

But it’s in those moments we get to choose how we show up for ourselves. We pole dancers can often be so hard on ourselves, falling prey to comparison over our fellow polers or our Instagram idols, but then we remember why we started…because we LOVE it and because it makes us feel good on the inside. And if that’s not enough to get us through our momentary struggle, then that’s when our Tribe shows up to offer guidance and support. Nobody is 100% immune to the inner critic, so this is when we can be grateful to be in a class with pumping tunes and laughter to drown out the self doubts when they creep in.

Pole has taught me so much about myself. It’s made me stronger than I could have ever dreamed (and not just physically), and it’s helped me accept and love myself fully – all while feeling confident and sexy AF in my 8″ heels! And I know it can do the same for you.

Kati has been pole-ing for over a decade and is favourited by students for her flowy, graceful style. She is also a Self Love Coach, and yoga teacher who has a focus on helping women bring out their inner strengths. View her profile to learn more and book a private, 1-on-1 lesson.

If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and take control of the beliefs that have held you back from being the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Click here to get started!

Confidence: It Starts From These 4 Places

Let’s be real. All of us have moments where we catch ourselves standing in front of the mirror, criticising what we see. Whether it’s our facial features, our body types, or even the number on the scale, we find ourselves in constant battles of wanting what we don’t have. When we’re not comfortable in our own skin, it stops us from living to the full. We make excuses to skip social activities, we keep our cameras off in Zoom meetings, and we tell ourselves we can’t wear certain clothes because we’re “too this” or “too that”.

If you catch yourself see-sawing with self-doubt and self-esteem, I hear you, GF! I’ve certainly been guilty of letting reality TV determine how I’ve felt about myself. Body love is an ongoing journey, and as a mum with 2 kids, I can tell you it’s something I work towards every day.

So how do we stop the media from setting the benchmark on how we feel about ourselves? How do we gain the confidence to feel deserving, own the spotlight, and take advantage of the opportunities that come our way? Everyone navigates their own path, but throughout my mission to be a positive-body role model for my kids, I’ve learnt to do the following 4 things to help remind myself that every-body is worth loving.

1. Owning your top traits

Start each day by counting 3 things that you’re grateful for. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has things about themselves that are worth celebrating. It may be a quality about yourself, or feature that you like. Big or small, bringing awareness to your strengths is a great way to put your #BossVibes on.

2. Celebrating what makes you, YOU

I once had a dance teacher who taught me a very important lesson…She said “everyone has their weaknesses. Instead of hiding them, embrace them! Make them work for YOU.” There are always going to be niggly things about ourselves that we want to change. Instead of thinking we need to fit a certain profile or look like the next trending influencer, we need to show up and give credit to these things that give us character…because that boldness is attractive!

3. Harnessing the power of positive self talk

Words are a powerful thing. Try this: For a whole day, pay close attention to your language and self talk. Do you catch yourself beating yourself up or using limiting words? Turn it right around! For example, instead of saying “I hate that I no longer fit into my high school jeans”, say “I love the fact I can indulge, enjoy myself on weekends, and have a wardrobe that flaunts my sensuality!”

4. Spending time in a community that loves you back

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I’m going to say it takes a Tribe to teach the art of self-love! Developing self empowerment is one thing, but to have a community that celebrates belongingness, freedom of self expression and diversity, is a big part of filtering out negative chatter. That’s exactly what I found with The Pole Room. It’s the one place where I’m focussed on what my body is capable of. Because when I’m doing tricks, dancing it out, and being cheered on by a room full of uplifting souls, there’s no second-guessing who I am and what I can achieve.

If you’re ready to conquer confidence and take control of the beliefs that have held you back from being the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self.  Click here to get started!

– Article By Shanae D

SHINE 2020 POLE COMPETITION (Virtual Edition)

Your favourite TPR-exclusive competition is back in town. But this time it’s going to have a virtual twist. Yup, you’ll be performing from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how it’s goin’ down…There will be 3 category’s that virtual members can enter into:

  • Pole – Competitors will have up to 3 minutes to perform a routine using a pole
  • Werk the Floor – Competitors will have up to 3 minutes to perform a routine that is 80% floor work (no pole)
  • Just Dance – Competitors will have up to 3 minutes to perform a routine that is 80% upright dance (no pole)

If your application is successful then you’ll have just under four weeks to prepare. Should you need them, our amazing team of instructors will be here to support and guide you throughout the entire process. Each audition will be undertaken via Zoom, and in front of a panel of TPR instructors. You will be able to invite any friends/family to watch your audition via a Zoom link provided privately to you. The audition dates for each category are as follows:

  • Friday 14th August – Pole
  • Saturday 15th August – Werk the Floor
  • Sunday 16th August – Just dance 
In the above video, Students at The Pole Room talk about the lead up and their experience of competing on stage at the annual ‘SHINE’ competition.

Please note that this year the judges are not scoring on the level of difficulty. Judging Criteria will be:


  • Theme Interpretation /10
  • Musicality and Timing /10
  • Dance/Movement /10
  • Technique/Control /10
  • Showmanship /10

To qualify for the heats, fill out this form. Please note this competition is for students on a current TPR Virtual Membership only. If you do not currently hold a virtual membership you can get check them out here and claim your first week free. Application close July 19th and successful applicants will be announced the following day on Monday July 20th. If your name is called out, you’ll get to bring your story to life. How exciting!!

The top 6 of each category will go all out at the Shine 2020 finals on Saturday September 19th (if restrictions are lifted we may allow competitors to perform live). The winner to be sashed ‘Shine Champion 2020’. This event will be live streamed for all to view. Let’s do this, team!


Lyrical Video Course with Sherry

Star in a Music Video with Sherry

Our 4-week ‘music video’ course is relaunching this Tuesday at 6pm ((June 23rd) at The Pole Room CBD. You’ll be taught a fully choreographed routine for three weeks and then professionally filmed in the fourth and final week – so you’ve got a slick production and lasting memory of your fabulous routine!

A maximum of nine students will be able to join the course and learn this stunning lyrical-style routine to the Adele classic,Someone Like You. The course will not only leave participants with a share-worthy routine, it will delve into the secrets of creating beautiful flow, movement and lines. This course is especially recommended to those who enjoy exotic dance.

Sherry is a national pole champion, and a much loved teacher at the studio. If you want a sneak peek at what you’ll be learning in the course, check out the video below.

Here’s what some of Sherry’s students have said about her:
“I love Sherry I love all the Sherry classes I love lyrical” – Mitsuki
“I love Sherry’s friendliness, energy and technical skill. She’s so great at breaking the tricks down and giving you the confidence to achieve them” – Georgia

And finally, a word from Sherry herself about this course:
“My name is Sherry and I’ve been teaching pole for the past five years. Lyrical style pole dancing is my absolute favourite and I would love to share my passion for this style with those who want to learn. Lyrical style has brought a new dimension to pole dancing, and it can be very therapeutic! I can’t wait to share my expertise on the art of this type of flow movement and really spend time to build this routine with you. The goal is to nail the routine and capture the choreographed routine on video!”

To reserve your spot in this 4-week course click here and register before it’s full booked. 

Virtual Classes Guest Instructors!

One of the coolest things about attending online classes is that you can learn from just about any pole superstar – regardless of where they are in the world.
Last Saturday, we had the fabulous Daniel Rosen host a session all the way from the UK and from Sunday, we have the former Australian Pole Champion, Mel Grace, teach all the way from WA. So as we sit tight for the news we can reopen our studios again.
Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the updates.

Now grab that sponge…

When: Monday 1st June, 8-9:30pm
Where: TPR Virtual Studio (AKA your place ;))
Level: Intermediate+  Cost: $30

Adam combines 10-years of dance with a natural flair for pole, to bring you this fun and challenging routine! In this workshop, you will learn how to bring a whole lotta attitude and to your performance repertoire. Oh BTW heels are totally acceptable.

Here’s why polers are loving our virtual sessions:

💜Suitable for all fitness levels
💜No equipment required
💜30-60 minute sessions
💜Small group classes
💜Led by our super talented and bubbly instructors
💜Friendly & personal vibes
💜Non-members welcome
💜Choose from yoga, dance, conditioning and so much more!

“Had so much fun doing something completely out of my comfort zone 🍑Thanks so much to Crystal for the the sexy number.”

To join our virtual pole dance classes click here 

Glow Showcase 2024

Glow is The Pole Room’s signature Student Showcase event that provides YOU the opportunity to perform on stage without the pressure of a competition!

Each group performance at Glow is the product of 8 fun-filled, intensive weeks of training under the expertise of our skilled instructor team. Students learn a choreography routine filled with dance moves and pole tricks with up to 10 students. At the end of the 8 week course participants have the opportunity to perform the Glow Showcase in front of a live audience of up to 400 spectators. Glow 2024 is scheduled to be held at the Karralyka Theatre in Ringwood on Saturday May 4th. 

Glow routines are designed with YOU in mind. Instructors create a creative masterpiece in their own signature style; designing choreography that showcases each individual’s strengths and ensure you’ll feel confident taking the stage. 

Glow has been created by The Pole Room to challenge YOU to take your pole and aerial skills to the stage and perform in a fun and supportive environment with your fellow tribe members.

Glow 2022 Performers

Course bookings close 5pm Friday 1st March.
Spots are limited, and are sure to book out so get in early to avoid disappointment.

8 Week Glow Course Inclusions:

  • 8 x 90-minute sessions run over 8 weeks with an expert instructor at the studio
  • Dress rehearsal pre-performance at Karralyka Theatre
  • Professional photography with DanceFlicks
  • 4K video of your routine as a keepsake of your hard work
  • Snacks and drinks backstage
  • Backstage entry and dressing rooms to prepare
  • Smoke, Low Fog & Haze Machines
  • HD Theatre Projector and multi directional floor lighting
  • Front of House Venue Supervisor
  • Technician staff to help with lighting across the stage and throughout your performance.

Costumes, make up and tickets to the show are at extra cost. Early bird ticket pricing will be released to Glow participants ahead of the general public. All participants must hold active membership at a TPR studio – Mitcham, Kilsyth, Highett or CBD.

Glow 2024 courses cost totals $390 with payment options such as ZipPay and AfterPay available. 

**When a course is full the Sign Up button will disappear from the course list.

Glow Terms & Conditions can be viewed here

Level Guidelines:

  1. Beg+ – Beginner students and above.
  2. Inter+ -Intermediate 1 and above students. Must be able to climb to top of pole, invert to straddle, inside & outside leg hang
  3. Adv+  Advanced and above students. Must be able to aerial invert and shoulder mount from floor
Q: I’m in Beginner Level 1, can I join a Glow course?

A: As long as the course is Beg + you can absolutely join it!

Q: Do you have a detailed description of the performance courses before I book?
The name in addition to the instructor hosting the course will generally indicate the theme and style of the course.  If you need any additional information, chat to the instructor running the course or the Studio Manager.
Q: What’s NOT included in the costs?
The purchase does not include tickets for the show. Tickets will be sold separately and closer to the date. Performers will be required to purchase a costume and makeup for the show based on the instructors requirements. We will make all efforts to ensure the costume and makeup is affordable and plenty of notice is given.
Q: Dancing isn’t my strength, can I join a Glow course?
A: Don’t worry if you feel dancing isn’t your forte  – your instructor will work with you to showcase your strengths
Q: What happens if I’m away for a week and I can’t make a session?
A: In most cases your instructor will be able to catch you up on the content, however you must talk the instructor or studio manager and we’ll confirm prior to you enrolling.
Q: Where is Glow held?
A: The Glow showcase will be held at Karralyka Theatre on May 4 at 7pm.

Rock Bottom To Stronger Than Ever – Sarah’s Story

How pole dance restored Sarah’s ability to love who she was, and her body.

The minute Sarah walked into The Pole Room, she fell instantly in love and has never looked back. Within a year of starting pole dance classes, the young mum improved her upper body strength and flexibility, which enabled her to perform in the studio competition, Shine. “The TPR environment is nothing like I have ever experienced. I can walk into any class and feel at home. Even if I suck, even if I don’t know anyone, no-one judges and everyone supports each other.”

But her journey to find the TPR family wasn’t an easy one. At only 15, Sarah fell pregnant with her beautiful daughter. The experience of pregnancy and childbirth proved life-threatening to both Sarah and her daughter. It left the teen mum suffering Post Traumatic Stress, Post Natal Depression and anxiety. Self hatred soon set in and Sarah found it hard to get out of bed every day.

“Pregnancy destroyed my body, externally and internally. We barely survived the birth which left me with PTSD, PND and anxiety” she said. Alone and isolated at home with a baby, Sarah said her self esteem dropped to zero. “I hated myself, my body, my inability to fit in,” Sarah said. That was, until she found The Pole Room…

“Early last year my friend Ash mentioned she’d signed up at The Pole Room and loved it. I hated the gym and was struggling to get out of bed and get moving. She convinced me to join her for a week…she had to call and sign me up because I couldn’t even do that.”

Today, everything has changed.

“I love my body and everything it can do. TPR (The Pole Room) turned my life around. When I’m having a bad day I still make sure I get to class and it pushes me to fight through it. I really can’t put into words what my friends and teachers at pole have done for me.”

From Bullied To Built-Up – Lauren’s Story

Lauren speaks about how The Pole Room family and Pole rekindled her love of dance

Lauren’s love for dance had dwindled to the point where she no longer enjoyed what had previously been a great passion. The 23-year-old had been dancing at a toxic school, for most of her life before discovering aerial fitness – both Lyra and Pole dancing. “Pole honestly saved me, gave me confidence, showed me love and gave me a whole new life. Pole helped restore my love of health and fitness because it really doesn’t feel like exercise.” she said.

Before finding The Pole Room, the young dancer felt like she hit rock bottom. “Even when I started going to the gym I felt judged. I didn’t feel confident. I felt weak, fat and out of place. I hated that. Because of all this happening around me on a constant basis, I eventually got such a negative association with fitness”. It was after Lauren travelled overseas, she decided she needed a new challenge. That’s when she decided to look into The Pole Room studio in Kilsyth, which she had driven past so many times. “I thought, maybe this could be fun,” she said.

The young dancer tried lyra – aerial hoops – which she instantly loved. “I thought this studio is going to be the same, I’m going to hate it. But that was not the case,” she said.
“I looked forward to going back to the studio each week. I felt so included, which I wasn’t used to.” Soon, Lauren decided to try out pole dancing. “After being encouraged by numerous new friends and a few teachers, I decided to start pole,” she said. “I didn’t feel 100 per cent confident for months. It took a lot for me to get the courage to wear booty shorts and just a crop.

“But everyone was amazing. I didn’t feel judged, get evil looks or anything. I was being loved and supported. It was amazing”. What went from one class a week, turned into three, which turned into five and soon Lauren was at the studio almost every day. “I’ve gained so much strength without even knowing,” she said. “I look forward to exercising, I look forward to going to pole each day, every week.” “Pole even gave me the courage to compete in Shine – the studio competition – and most recently I performed a solo dance, which I thought was never possible.”

My Shark Tank Experience

Wearing your heart on your sleeve in front of five self-made multi-millionaires on Shark Tank is no easy feat and, when I look back now at the road that led me here, I am overwhelmed with awe and gratitude. It was only a few years ago that I was giving pole lessons out of a humble two-pole studio in my parent’s garage and now here I was, doing a nation-wide business pitch to franchise what had now become The Pole Room.

The Pole Room was born from my love of pole dancing and a dream of creating a beautiful space where pole enthusiasts could meet and share their friendship, passions and experiences together. I wanted to create a community where each individual uplifts the other – an environment where one person’s success, strength and confidence is as celebrated as your own. And thanks to my partner Andy’s hard work and equal faith in this dream, The Pole Room has become a wonderful, thriving reality.

“Stepping into the Shark Tank makes you completely vulnerable. There are no second-takes and everything you say can be used for the final edit. For the next 90 minutes you’re at the mercy of the Sharks.”

Andy and I really do owe the growth of The Pole Room to this incredible partnership we have – it’s the perfect match of skills. I bring over 8 years of industry knowledge and expertise, while Andy brings his skills and experience in business and marketing. Together – with our shared passions – we focus on introducing more people to what we label as fun, challenging and empowering exercise.

When we found out we were accepted to appear on the entrepreneurial TV show Shark Tank we knew this wasn’t going to be just about the investment. We were about to be given an incredible opportunity to shine a positive light on the pole industry and how it’s changing thousands of lives across the world. Whether a Shark invested in our business or not, we were excited to attract attention to – not just our own studio but pole studios everywhere.

Stepping into the Shark Tank makes you completely vulnerable. There are no second-takes and everything you say can be used for the final edit. For the next 90 minutes you’re at the mercy of the Sharks. They’ll ask you all the hard questions and challenge your point of your view. They aim to establish if your business’s potential for growth is high and then determine if they can add value. If they can do both, chances are they’ll make you an offer.

Our pitch to the Sharks focused on the expansion of The Pole Room Nationwide. We know the transformative power of our ‘Pole Fitness’ program and saw this as the quickest way to positively impact more people. The investment we were asking for was $100,000 for a 15% stake in our business. This money would be used to develop our franchise system, which would give our program the opportunity to reach more people, household’s and community’s .

While we spent time preparing our proposal and financial projections, Andy and I knew the most difficult task would be over-coming any preconceived ideas about Pole. After all, we were pitching a business in an industry that is misunderstood and remains taboo to many. It was our aim to at the very least to show the legitimacy of Pole as an alternative form of fitness. We wanted to prove that Pole Fitness studio’s are not only operating, but thriving in Australia.

“Our new business model will make Pole just as accessible to the average person as a cycle, pilates or yoga class. By doing this we will challenge the status quo in the fitness industry”

We took our business into Shark Tank with excitement to the challenge it presented and openness to where it could lead us. Although we didn’t make a deal with any of the Sharks, we were offered mentoring by Janine Allis, the founder of Boost Juice. Janine needs no introduction as she is arguably Australia’s most well-known franchising expert. In addition to this, The Pole Room was well received by every Shark. This is a testament to how far Pole has come in the last decade.

Since appearing on the show we have acquired our biggest competitor Pole Princess, opened up The Pole Room for franchising and developed a new and exciting business model. Our new business model will make Pole just as accessible to the average person as a cycle, pilates or yoga class. By doing this we will challenge the status quo in the fitness industry as we strongly believe Pole is more addictive, exciting and rewarding than any other of those mentioned.

Surprisingly, It wasn’t a $100,000 investment on Shark Tank that has motivated us to keep pushing forward, but rather words. The time we spent with Janine has given us invaluable knowledge and insight into what it’ll take to expand The Pole Room. When I asked Janine how we could possibly repay her for all her time and help, her response was simply – “Just go out there and make yourself a huge success”.

Preparing for a Pole Dance Competition

Competitions are hard. I’ll say that again. Competition are hard!

They take a huge toll on you financially, mentally and physically. But are they worth it? Hell yes! Taking to the stage and brining your ideas to life in front of a crowd is one of the most amazing, terrifying, and liberatingly addictive experiences. For those new to the competition scene, here are a few of my top tips for getting competition ready.

Every competition is different. They have different criteria, different stage dimensions, number of poles, distance between poles, costume and music requirements, the list is endless! Get as much information from the competition organisers as you can before you start choreographing. If you’re unsure of something, just ask! Can you imaging creating the perfect 3-and-a-half-minute routine, only to find out they’re going to cut your music at 3 minutes! Preparation is key.

Pick your song, costume and theme early, and have a back up plan just in case. Most competitions wont let two competitors dance to the same song, so it’s a good idea to have something in mind before you apply, then get in early to secure your song choice. If you’ve ever been to a Pole Competition, you’ve probably noticed the most memorable routines have a solid theme which is carried throughout by the song, costume and the choreography. While it can be tempting to dance to a song you absolutely love, it will pay to delve a little deeper and develop a character to portray on stage.

From Poverty to Poles. How it all began…

I always knew I wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives. In high school, this meant working at World Vision as a Youth Rep, a seriously cool gig that I adored. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Youth Ambassador, a volunteer position that sent me on a study tour to India, and all around Australia speaking about my experiences and why it was up to our generation to make a change.

Volunteering for World Vision gave me focus. My deep-felt passion for educating students on becoming global citizens and helping others made me feel like was chipping away at the problems facing our world. Locally, I campaigned to city councils and governments, marched in the streets, spoke at high schools, and raised as much money as I could for World Vision’s annual 40-Hour Famine. I was on a mission to change the world and put an end to people living in poverty.

When I wasn’t working as a change agent, my friend and I would go to the gym; but neither of us knew what we were really doing. The gym gave us a program to follow but it was the same identical workouts every week. Repetitions, sets, drop sets, weight machines, treadmills—day after day, no variety and no fun. Even after countless hours in the gym and almost starving myself, I was putting on more weight. I didn’t understand how I could make an impact on other people’s lives, but I couldn’t make a simple change in my own.

My frustration with the changes in my body, or the lack thereof, went far beyond the gym.  Growing up I was “the” fat kid. Always being chosen last for team sports and teased in the playground soon evolved into bullying in my early teens, and eventually led to a eating disorder. By my late teens, I lost weight, but I still wasn’t happy or satisfied. I became obsessed with exercise and even more obsessed with not eating, not realising that my misunderstanding of the complexities of the human body was only causing me more harm. I’d spent so much time focusing on others through my volunteer work; I promised myself I would do something just for me. I knew that I needed something different, something more motivating than machine weights and treadmills.

One day, I noticed a sign on a building… “Pole Dancing Classes For Fitness” I thought to myself, “Well, at least it’s something different from the gym.”. Later that day I made the decision to enrol in a class. I was far too embarrassed to tell anyone about my new adventure, in fact for that entire first class I sat in my car unable to get the courage to walk into the studio!

A week later I finally got it together and awkardly walked into class wearing my huge basketball shorts and t-shirt. Throughout the class I watched by my instructor, ‘Cleo the Hurricane’. She moved around the pole with such grace, control and strength that I was mesmorised. In that moment, I knew I wanted to be just like her. I don’t remember much else from that class, but I do know I had never felt more free. Pole dancing synchronised my mind with my body, and for that full hour I listened to my body, switching off from the outside world. I left the session with a renewed energy. I felt a new excitement rise up in me and I simply couldn’t wait to do it again!

That was 10 years ago.

After my first class, I was hooked. Instead of counting calories, I counted the number of tricks and combinations I could perform. You couldn’t keep me out of the studio, and when I wasn’t in class, I was practicing every possible moment. Even street signs and streetlights became a dancing pole! I never knew my body could transform so quickly. I built muscle, grew stronger, and lost body fat. Instead of boring workouts at the gym, I was having fun and it showed.

Pole was a true love affair. Some weeks, I had to make the choice between putting fuel in my car and paying for the next pole-dancing course. This often meant having my boyfriend drive me to and from the studio. For me, there was nothing more important than making it to class.

18 months and a lot of hard work later, I entered into my very first student competition. I spent countless hours putting together my own routine to perform to a crowd of 30 people. Gosh, it was nerve racking! But when it was over, all I wanted was to do it all over again.

After working my way through all of the levels at the studio, I was offered a job as a pole teacher. I soon learned that introducing other women to pole and helping them discover a fitter, stronger and more confident version of themselves gave me so much joy. I discovered a new passion, a new focus, and a new plan for making a difference in the world. I quit World Vision and withdrew from my International Development studies at University. I felt guilty for making this decision but I knew I had to I trust my gut.

The next few years brought me the delight of teaching many wonderful students and being part of a supportive pole community. I made lifelong friends and worked hard to hone my own pole dancing skills. In 2013, I entered my first pole competition and was chosen to compete at the Victorian Pole Championships. Since I’ve never been great at sports, I was quite proud of this achievement.

And then, tragedy struck.

A week after the competition, I slipped off the pole and landed poorly on my right foot. I looked down to see bones protruding from in my foot. I was in utter disbelief. “Surely I’m dreaming?” I stood up and called for help. The adrenaline kept the pain at bay till the paramedics arrived at the scene.

Over the next 6 months I undertook four surgeries. The doctors told me I snapped all but one of the bones across the bridge of my foot. This type of impact injury is associated with brutal car crashes, not from pole dancing! I was bound up in a full lower leg cast for 6 months and was told by the nurses it would be a long recovery. No working, no driving, and definitely no pole dancing. I was devastated.

I can now relate to all those athletes who have endured a severe injury. Not being able to release endorphins, to watch your muscles and strength wither away, to see everything you’ve worked hard for disappear, to watch others around you improve while you go backward was difficult beyond words.

Despite my limited mobility, I was determined to keep up my strength. I put a pole in my parent’s lounge room and filled my days by attempting short pole routines with my foot in a cast. It was the only thing in my life that kept me from going crazy.

When my cast was finally removed I knew what I had to do—get back to it! The many operations left my right foot arthritic and extremely sore. High impact sports were out of the question, but luckily the only sport I cared about would keep my feet high off the ground. 

To help with the recovery, I built a little studio in my parents’ garage. Flanked with two poles and purple walls, this little pole room became my sanctuary. I spent countless hours here, focusing on my recovery. Day in and day out, I taught myself how to re-invert, perform outside leg hangs, and complete handsprings. I lost count of the number of times I told myself I was done with pole. Through the many tears and tantrums, my willpower remained steadfast. Despite being at the beginner level again, I was in my pole studio every day trying to improve myself.

In my quest for constant improvement, I enrolled in a Certificate IV in Personal Training. I loved learning about the body and begun applying the principles I learned to pole dancing. I finally understood how to train with purpose, to build my muscles, and optimise my training. I opened a personal training business in my parents garage and started taking clients. I was also offered a teaching position at another studio and felt my passion for teaching ignite again.

It was at this stage I know I wanted spend my days and nights, teaching pole for a living.

Over the New Year, I traveled to Byron Bay to meet a man I was seeing. I had only known Andy for month, but he brought something out of me that I loved. I knew he was special. Upon meeting him, I told him that I had quit my job in retail. He asked me, “What now?” “I don’t know,” I answered.  Andy said, “Well, what do you love to do?” Without hesitation I replied, “I love to pole dance.” “Well do that,” he said with an unyielding grin. It seemed so simple, but he was right. Why wasn’t I doing or pursuing what I love?

Andy and I agreed to work on the idea of opening a pole studio when I returned from a trip to New Zealand. He held a Master’s in Business and had worked in the fitness industry for seven years. In my mind, we were the perfect combination – aligned by the magical forces of the universe. When I arrived in New Zealand I found out that my travel agent had made a booking mistake and I ended up missing my tour. A whirlwind 48 hours later, I was back at home and I was refunded the entire amount of my trip, $4,000. “You wanted to start a studio. Now you have the money—do it!” Andy said (his faith in me continues to push me forward to this day).

I was determined and excited, but my initial energy quickly dissipated as I realised it would cost me a lot more than $4,000 to start a pole-dancing studio. I wasn’t able to get a loan and had already quit my job in retail prior to the holiday. Soon the money in my account started dribbling away.

I tried to get Government grants, loans, anything that would give me a little extra cash to pursue my dream, but couldn’t catch a break! I felt like such a failure and wanted to give up. I would continuously call Andy in tears of frustration saying, “I can’t do it. I’m not smart enough, and it’s just too hard.” He never allowed me to make excuses.

Then one day, an old student of mine from a few years ago said she wanted to meet with me. We hadn’t spoken in some time, but she was one of my students with whom I developed a strong bond. We reunited at a café and she couldn’t wait to share with me some exciting news. She told me she sold her home and wanted to use the money to help me open a studio, no strings attached.

I was stunned! How did she know about my aspirations to open a studio when I had only shared this idea with Andy and my close friends? She said she remembered our conversations those may years ago in which I talked about opening a studio, and now that she had the means, it would be an honour to be part of making my dream a reality. We walked to the bank and she deposited the money into my account. Without her generous gift, The Pole Room would not exist.

As a side note, it brings me so much joy and to say that Andy and I were able to repay her even though she never expected it. Words can’t express how much I love her. She has changed my life and the lives of many of our students, and still she has never wanted to be named or recognised for this amazing gift.

Although her financial gift made opening a studio feasible, there was still a lot of hard work to be done. For someone who never completed university or studied business, the process was extremely overwhelming. Beyond developing a business plan, course content, and structure, there were so many details to arrange, such as scouting out the right staff and suppliers. It took a month to even find a studio space.

Thanks to my good friend Caz for tipping us off, our very first location was above a gym in Ringwood. The dream started coming to life and it wasn’t long before the construction was in full motion. Poles, floorboards, mirrors, painting, builders. . . the list kept getting bigger, and so did the expenses.

But, we did it! It was only a small studio, but to me, it was perfect. Eight poles, a cute reception area, and lots of natural light. Simply put, it was 50 square metres of love. I didn’t know what to expect or how people would react to me opening such a small studio. Would it be enough?

I still remember “Open Day” at the end of April in 2015. We had so many bookings, my computer went into a meltdown. Within a week, we were sold out. Could this really be happening? Did that many people truly believe in me and my vision?

When we sold-out our first term at Ringwood, we immediately knew we needed a bigger space. Six months later we moved into our current location, a 370 m2  warehouse at Kilsyth. Andy quit his full time job so that we could begin building our dream, together. His personal investment allowed us to transform our new space from an old, smelly boxing gym in to an incredible studio.  We envisioned growing worldwide, and we knew that this studio was just the beginning.

The Pole Room is now expanding faster than ever with the purchase of 3 Pole Princess studios and have opened our first franchised studio in Highett. We’re at capacity every day, with energetic students and teachers excited to exercise. TPR is what it is today because of the amazing staff. They are the heart and soul of the studio, and each have been chosen based not only on their abilities, but their dedication to our values of acceptance, vibrancy and commitment.

It’s our philosophy that by focusing on mastering the tricks, combinations, and routines, our students will never have to do another “workout” in their lives. TPR is the physical manifestation of our belief that exercise should not only be fun, but empowering. Exercise should also be social, creative, and something you look forward to doing. The amazing physical results our students have is simply a by-product of their skill development, and having fun!

When we intrinsically feel good about ourselves, we learn to listen to our bodies, watch what we eat, and engage in proper recovery. Exercise has an amazing ability to bring confidence to our everyday lives, which positively impacts our homes, workplaces, and community. We’re changing so many women’s lives at The Pole Room!

Last year, I reconnected to what brings me the most joy and happiness by finding my way back to the stage again after a 3-year extended recovery. I am now in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally, and I have faith in the journey. I love being the creator and the designer of my life and sharing it with Andy. To me, I have found my true calling.

So, what does pole dancing have to do with fighting poverty?

I reflect on this question often, and sometimes I’m filled with remorse for selfishly choosing to pole dance over working at an NGO. But, the more time that passes, the more I realise that we change the world by doing what makes us feel the most alive and happy. This happiness is paid forward, into the lives of others and your community. 

Everyone has a sweet spot in using their passion to make an impact. I truly believe that when everyone finds their passion, and we will fill the world with true happiness. For me, that sweet spot is dancing on poles and empowering other women.