Your Ultimate Guide to SHINE 2024 Competition!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here – SHINE 2024 Competition is on almost here! This isn’t just any event; it’s our annual in-studio competition to showcase your talent, hard work, and passion on the big stage. SHINE 2024 Competition is the event where you can step into the spotlight, dazzle the judges, and show everyone what you’ve got. It’s a celebration of the incredible skill and dedication within our community, and your chance to be a part of something truly spectacular.

Your Road to SHINE 2024 Competition: Key Dates

Applications Open: Monday, May 27

It all starts here! Applications for SHINE 2024 open on Monday, May 27. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, or a group or dance routine is more your style –  this is your chance to register your interest. A form will be available to share your details. NB: Only students with an active membership are able to apply.

Applications Close: Friday, June 14

Don’t miss the deadline! Submit your application by Friday, June 14 to secure your spot in the auditions. A small fee will apply to go towards covering the administrative fees for the heats events.

Heat Finalists Announced: Monday, June 17

The big reveal! On Monday, June 17, we’ll announce who’s moving on to the heats. If you make the cut, get ready to show the judges why you deserve to compete in SHINE 2024 Competition.

Heats: Friday 23 – Saturday 31 August

Your time to shine! Heats will be held across a two week period. Bring your best routine and get ready to impress the judges with your skills and stage presence. Heats are held at our Kilsyth studio, and friends and family are welcome to come along to cheer you on!

Friday 23 August – Beginner

Saturday 24 August – Intermediate

Friday 30 August – Group/Dance

Saturday 31 August – Advanced/Elite

Wildcards and Performers Announced: Monday, September 2

Mark your calendar for Monday, September 2, for when we’ll announce the final list of performers. If you make it through, it’s time to polish your routine, get your costume ready and prepare for the big event.

Tickets On Sale: Monday, September 9

Don’t let your friends and family miss out! Tickets go on sale on Monday, September 9, and always sell out fast. Ticket package details and performer pricing will be announced closer to the date.

Showtime: Saturday, October 26

The grand finale! On Saturday, October 26, all your hard work culminates in an epic night of performances. It’s the biggest event of the year on The Pole Room Calendar – get ready to shine on the biggest stage at the beautiful The Edge venue at Federation Square.

Get Ready to Shine

SHINE 2024 Competition is all about celebrating your journey, your talent, and your passion for pole. This is your moment to shine, to compete, and to be part of something truly special at The Pole Room.

Pop these dates in your diary, start prepping routine ideas and get ready to join us for the TPR event of the year. We can’t wait to see you light up the stage at SHINE 2024 Competition!

What Happens In a Beginner Pole Course

Embarking on your pole journey with TPR is a rewarding, fulfilling and supported one! Why? Because our programs are carefully designed to ensure you succeed. Through our 8 and 4-Week Courses, you will experience the endorphin rush, the community spirit and the accountability to keep you wanting to come back for more.

So what happens in our 8 and 4-Week Courses, you ask? We’ve got the goods here, so that you know what to look forward to, what events to mark in your calendars, and when you can start enrolling for your next course. Both cover the same level and amount of tricks, with the 4-Week course being more intensive.

Note: The 4-Week Course purely focusses on tricks, whilst the 8-Week Course incorporates both tricks and dance. It is compulsory for 4-Week Course students to complete an 8-Week Course prior to moving to a higher level, so that they can be comfortable with the slinky, flowy movement required for performing.

8-Week Course


It’s all happening! You’re now clocking in at the studios for your first classes! Learning the basics of pole and what-nots. You get the jitters, but surprise yourself with what you’re capable of once you step through the door. You bond with our pole mates, you get included in Whatsapp group chats. You may wake up sore the next day, but you’re always looking forward to the next.

Dressing up is half the fun! So in your first week, familiarise yourself with o
ur pole essentials list. and load up your goodie bag. 


You’ve probably warmed up the studio this week, have made new friends and are getting used to adding pole dancing to our daily routine. You’ve probably learned to climb the pole at and your pole bag is now packed with the right essentials.

Don’t forget to join the
TPR community page, we’ve got all the updates there!
While you’re at it, get social on Instagram and Facebook


It’s Beginner’s Night baby! Join us for nibbles and drinks and meet other students, learn more about TPR, upcoming events and what to expect within the 8 weeks. We get to share the reasons we started pole and hear about some of our instructors’ pole journeys too!

Craving inspiration? Check these blogs below:

Rock Bottom to Stronger Than Ever – Sarah’s story
A Male Pole Dancer Story
Why I Pole
From Buillied to Built-Up – Lauren’s story


The new timetable is up! Oooh exciting but wait, how the eff did time fly so fast? Yeah hun, it feels just like yesterday when you started your first pole class but now you’re half way through your course.

This week check the
TPR Community Page for your upcoming schedule. If you think you would love to repeat the same course (time and date), now is the time to book for the next term. But if you wanna move up to the next level, you gotta wait it out until grading week. More on that in week 7!


It’s crunch time and all that fun jazz!
You master your routines, make sure you stay consistent and even try as many dance classes as you can! By this time, your instructors will encourage you and build up your excitement to perform at the End-of-Term Performance Night! If you’re keen, kudos! If you’re a little shy, at least come and cheer along!


The next term’s timetable is now available for pre-registration! If you’re wanting to move up to a level, now is the perfect time to inform your Studio Managers about your preferred schedule and pre-register a spot. Some courses book out hell fast, so make sure you get to have your name on the waitlist.


You’ve made it to grading week! You’ve heard about grading through the grapevine but you’re not entirely sure what it is. Grading is your opportunity to show instructors everything you’ve learnt throughout your course, so that you can advance to the next level. Exciting! This is a friendly, interactive, group session where your instructor will ask you to perform tricks and techniques taught throughout the term.

There’s no need for nerves here – if you pass, congratulations on moving up to the next level! If you have tricks to polish, that’s totally fine as well. You can simply do the course again, until you’re confident to move on up.
Remember that everyone’s pole journey is unique, so go at your own pace and keep counting your wins.



Aaaaaannnddd just like that, you’re officially a pole superstar. You’ve developed incredible skills that few people could only imagine doing in a lifetime. Your confidence, flexibility, fitness, friendship groups and overall zest for life have transformed. But the most exciting part, is that you’re only at the beginning!

No other way to celebrate than to perform or support our fellow Tribe members at End-of-Term Performance Night. Showcased in front of small audiences, these happen at each studio and give students the opportunity to experience their first on-stage debuts. Costumes, make up, and mind-blowing performances are guaranteed!

4-Week Course

The 4-Week course is short but it’s definitely sweet, that’s for sure! Unlike its 8-week big sister, the 4-week program is quite intensive. You’ll still build your strength, flexibility and confidence, that’s for sure! But you’ll focus mainly on climbing the pole and tricks, truly an exciting and challenging prequel we’re certain you’re ready to conquer.


Just like in the 8-Week Course, this is the week when you get to meet your lovely instructors, pole buddies and of course your quirky Studio Managers. Whatsapp group chats will be popping on your phone giving you updates on your courses. Make sure you have your pole bag packed with the right equipment so you look and feel the part! 


You survived your first class, woohoo! The shock has dissipated, now it’s time to build your momentum! By this week, registrations are now open for the next full term (your Studio Manager knows what’s up). So make sure you enrol asap before your preferred schedule gets booked out.

And if you haven’t already, join the Tribe community page for anything pole related
. While you’re at it, get social on Instagram and Facebook


Pole jitters, who dat? By now you’ve probably already built your confidence and have felt the changes to your strength and flexibility. Crazy how your body can do so much more than you thought it could! Kudos babe, keep going. 


4 weeks of hardcore training is done! Congratulations on completing such an intensive experience, now its time to immerse yourself deeper into pole and move on to an 8-Week Beginner Course.

The 8-Week Beginner Course is where you will refine what you’ve done in the 4-Week Course, but incorporate dancing, so that you can have the opportunity to get on stage and move onto the next level. Make sure you’re enrolled via reception and ready to spin into next term!

If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self.  Click here to get started!



Pole Grading: Everything You Need to Know

As we develop on our pole dancing skills, we’re levelling up in so many ways. We feel sexier, more confident, more flexible and let’s not forget those happy endorphins! Additionally, each week brings new thrills as we refine our skills and take on more complex tricks. Those basic pole climbs that once seemed daunting are now a breeze, and before we know it, our once shy beginner-selves are ready to conquer new heights.

What is Grading?

Grading is an in-person assessment which determines if you are ready to move through the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite pole levels. It is conducted by a TPR instructor and is scheduled on the 7th and 8th weeks of an 8-Week Term. Aside from moving up another level, grading also helps students improve their skills, track their progress, and set goals.

If you’re ready to step further ahead in your pole journey, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will cover:

  • The Grading registration process
  • What to expect in a Grading session
  • Grading requirements for each level
  • Frequently asked questions

Let’s get it!


The Grading registration process is as simple as 1, 2, 3 and 4:

  1. Show up to class! Make sure you show up in every course class you’re enrolled in. This way, you’re aligned with your goals and are steadily practising those core tricks. However, if circumstances are beyond your control, you can always book a Private lesson or Pole Jam class to make up for a missed session.
  2. Make sure you’ve completed the number of terms required to level up. Each level has its own number of rotation (terms) required to pass. These vary from 1-3 terms, depending on the level.
  3. Give your Studio Managers a nudge and let them know you want to book for grading. They will view your attendance and advise whether you are eligible. You may book at any studio you prefer for your grading too. 
  4. Once your Studio Manager gives you the go-ahead, they’ll arrange a grading appointment for you.


Once you have met all the criteria and are eligible to grade you will need to book the session. Grading sessions are free and are held at your studio at the end of week 6. Simply book the grading session as you would a casual class and show up.  


Showtime, sweetheart! On your scheduled slot, you will be joined by 6-7 students who will be going through the same motions as you. Each of you will take turns as you showcase your stuff in front of the instructor

Here’s a guide of what you should do and what to expect on your grading day:

STEP 1 Arrive at least 30 minutes before grading. Allow enough time to warm up and stretch, so you’re ready to jump straight in when it’s your turn.

STEP 2 – Your instructor will ask you to demonstrate the core tricks required for you to move to the next level. Remember, you will need to do the tricks on both sides; the good side and the rather challenging one. You will be asked to perform the tricks by yourself.

STEP 3 – Woohoo! Once you’re done and dusted, your instructor will let you know if you’re moving up to the next level or re-mastering the current one.

STEP 4 – Provided you pass, we make it official with a certificate! ‘Cause, bragging IG rights, hello! As your Studio Manager presents you with the goods, book straight into your next course and keep the momentum going.


Each level has its own core tricks and pre-requisites to pass, with each level varying in difficulty. Below is the list of each level and its core tricks and rotations.










What is Grading, why we do it and what to expect?


When is Grading week and when should I let my Studio Managers know that I’m keen to grade?

Grading Week will take place on the 7th and 8th weeks of the term. In the days leading up, you may let your Studio Managers know that you would like to move forward.

What do I bring or wear to Grading session?

Kneepads, shorts and a top will do the trick. You may also bring heels for the dance routine component of the Grading. A sweat towel and drink bottle is also a must.

Will there be any breaks during the grading session?

You and 3-4 other students will be graded individually in the session. This means you may rest in between your turn. Just make sure you are inside the grading room for the whole duration on the session.

Can I request feedback from the instructor?

Yes, your instructor will let you know which tricks require improvement and how you can improve them on the day.

Who will conduct the Grading session?

Grading will be conducted by one of TPR’s high-level instructors who know the curriculum inside-out.

How much does it cost to Grade?

Grading is absolutely-free as part of the TPR courses!

What if I don’t pass Grading?

Everyone progresses at a different pace and that’s totally fine! Some students may pass on the first go, whilst others may take a few tries. Just remember each individual journey is special and there is no race to run but your own. With consistency and a high level of commitment, however, you may expect to breeze through the levels like so:

Level timeframes are indicative only and depend on your commitment to the program.



The Pole Room’s skills-based courses are fun, relaxed and may be suited to the total beginner, right through to the seasonal competitor. Wherever you’re at, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Send a message to [email protected] for a complimentary trial class.

CBD Studio Opens to the Public!


It is with great joy we finally announce the Stage 1 reopening of The Pole Room CBD Studio!✨

Located at our new address – Level 2, 333 Flinders Lane, this loft style studio is just a hop, skip and a jump from the original location.

From the 21st Of February our doors will be open to the public! 🥳

Here’s a quick message from TPR Founder and Managing Director, Jasmine Zapka…

“Since August 21, it has been my mission to reopen our CBD studio and bring the TPR Tribe back as soon as possible. Since the space is even larger than the previous, the reopening is being completed across 2 stages!

Stage one will feature the reception and a large front room, while stage two will be a further two rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and change area. This is our biggest renovation project to date and we are excited to show you the end result. 

While we aim for perfection, we know that there will be challenges. Change room and bathroom availability may be limited but we’ll do our best to overcome these issues. We ask that you bare with us as our builders work to complete the project as quickly as possible. 

With the new timetable already on the app, we’ll be opening for bookings from the 14th of Feb. We invite you to be amongst the first to experience the new studio. 


Here’s what you need to know regarding the term scheduling:

  • In line with our sister studios, for the next 5 weeks we will finish off Term 1 with casual classes for all levels, plus dance and conditioning classes.
  • New 8-week courses will start in Term 2, March 28th.
  • We’ll be welcoming back all your favourite CBD instructors, plus a few new faces! 

Sessions affected by lockdowns and closures: 

  • All unused pre-lockdown sessions will be reactivated to use on casual classes.
  • Membership payments will not commence until the first week of Term 2

If you believe you have sessions that need to be reactivated you can complete the session extension form here.

Lastly we wish to thank you for your patience and sticking by us through this challenging time. The CBD studio has alway been a home to so many, a community so strong! It was through all your support, kind words and unrelenting sense of tribe that we found the perseverance to push forward to a reopening in ’22.


If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Click here to get started!

Reopening FAQs + CBD Makeover

Hey Tribe 👋 What a ride the last few months have been! Thank you SO much for standing by us. From shopping your favs online, attending our Virtual/In-Studio classes, to even becoming a Tribe Supporter, your contribution doesn’t go unnoticed and is a huge reason we’ve made it this far.

Now for the news we’ve all been waiting for…REOPENING!

This is probably the most important blog post we’ve ever written so please pay attention and keep checking back for any updates. We cover:

  • CBD’s Temporary Closure (and Relaunch): We will build back stronger with new facilities and more room to play in 2022!
  • Mitcham, Kilsyth and Highett studios reopening: Important things you need to know about your account and booking classes
  • Vaccination Mandate and Certificates: How to show proof so you’re ready to go
  • Student FAQs: Things to know about your Memberships and Session Packs
  • New Students and waitlists : Join our waiting list so you’re ready to go when we open
  • Mitcham Studio after-hours access: Can’t make studio practice time? Now you can Pole after-hours!
  • Virtual Studio update: Your Zoom classes and On-Demand training is here to stay



Let’s start things off with the news that our CBD location is staying closed until early 2022.

When we reopen you’ll be walking into new facilities, a diverse and comprehensive timetable and more room to play!

As the ONLY pole and aerial facility in the Melbourne CBD, our entire team is excited to bring you higher ceilings, aerial apparatuses, morning classes and so much more. Keep an eye on your inbox and on socials to get the latest. You’ll get a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes as we work to bring the new space to life. We promise it will be well worth the wait!

What can I do while the studio is closed? Whilst renovations and studio fittings are underway, all students are welcome to attend our Mitcham, Highett, Kilsyth and Virtual Studios.


I’m currently a CBD member, what happens to my membership? Your account will stay on suspension and sessions frozen until reopening. If you wish to attend other locations contact us directly so we can temporarily transfer you.


The Kilsyth, Mitcham and Virtual Studios don’t work for me. What happens to my account? If the Kilsyth, Mitcham and Virtual Studios aren’t convenient enough for you, we’ll pause your account until the new CBD location is fully operational.


Where are you moving to? We’re not giving away too many secrets but the new location won’t be far.


I’m interested in starting classes at CBD, how can I register my interest for the new studio? Join our waitlist so you’re first to be contacted when we relaunch the new space.


Save the date for THIS SATURDAY, October 30th! That’s when we’re opening.

Your instructors can’t wait to rebuild your strength, while bringing that sass, fun and laughter back to the studio!

Classes will be uploaded into the timetable by this Monday (Oct 25th) and will be ready for booking from 3pm Tuesday (26th Oct)! 


The Pole Room has always been an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone. It breaks our hearts to know that due to Victorian Government regulations, our studios can only open to fully vaccinated individuals. 

We believe this is only temporary and we can welcome everyone back in studio soon. If you are not vaccinated our Virtual Studio will continue to operate as normal with many instructors staying onboard to continue bringing you our program online.

For those attending our physical locations, you will need to provide proof of full vaccinations. We’re making this process simple and asking that you either :

a) Upload your Vaccination Certificate in advance using our Contact Us form
b) Bring a copy of your Vaccination Certificate to the studio for Front Desk

Once your status is verified a green tick will appear on your account so you won’t need to worry about providing proof each time you arrive.


When do Membership payments recommence? We know many students have accrued sessions and will need to catch-up on any accrued sessions.. Therefore Direct Debits won’t begin until the week of November 15th.

I’m unable attend straight away when you reopen? If you’re not able to attend when reopen we ask that you submit a suspension request here. 

I’m new and ready to try a pole and/or aerial class! How do I get started? Join our waitlist so you’re first to be contacted when we relaunch the new space.

When can I book upcoming classes? Classes will be uploaded into the timetable by this Monday (Oct 25th) and will be ready for booking from Friday 29th!

I have expired sessions on my account. What happens to my account? As usual all sessions will be extended by the duration of the lockdown. Our admin team is already in the process of extending your sessions. You can submit a session extension request if you feel we may have missed something.

We’ll continue to update this section with more FAQs as they come.


Crazy schedule? Didn’t book early enough for a spot in your favourite class? In a TPR first, our Mitcham studio will be trialing an after-hours room to make training even more convenient and accessible for busy lifestyles.

After-Hours Access will first run as a trial. If you practice regularly and are interested in being part of our After-Hours Access trial simply complete the contact us form on our website. This trial is limited to the first 7 people.



Rain, hail, or shine, Virtual Studio Live Classes and On-Demand training is here to stay. Whether your way of getting fit is on or off the pole, you can continue to build on your goals and gain access to your favourite instructors.

The Virtual Studio is a great way to compliment your flexibility goals, and it’s also a super convenient way to fast-track your skills on the pole. If the time has come to own your own home pole, click here to check out your options!

If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Click here to get started!



SHINE 2020 POLE COMPETITION (Virtual Edition)

Your favourite TPR-exclusive competition is back in town. But this time it’s going to have a virtual twist. Yup, you’ll be performing from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how it’s goin’ down…There will be 3 category’s that virtual members can enter into:

  • Pole – Competitors will have up to 3 minutes to perform a routine using a pole
  • Werk the Floor – Competitors will have up to 3 minutes to perform a routine that is 80% floor work (no pole)
  • Just Dance – Competitors will have up to 3 minutes to perform a routine that is 80% upright dance (no pole)

If your application is successful then you’ll have just under four weeks to prepare. Should you need them, our amazing team of instructors will be here to support and guide you throughout the entire process. Each audition will be undertaken via Zoom, and in front of a panel of TPR instructors. You will be able to invite any friends/family to watch your audition via a Zoom link provided privately to you. The audition dates for each category are as follows:

  • Friday 14th August – Pole
  • Saturday 15th August – Werk the Floor
  • Sunday 16th August – Just dance 
In the above video, Students at The Pole Room talk about the lead up and their experience of competing on stage at the annual ‘SHINE’ competition.

Please note that this year the judges are not scoring on the level of difficulty. Judging Criteria will be:


  • Theme Interpretation /10
  • Musicality and Timing /10
  • Dance/Movement /10
  • Technique/Control /10
  • Showmanship /10

To qualify for the heats, fill out this form. Please note this competition is for students on a current TPR Virtual Membership only. If you do not currently hold a virtual membership you can get check them out here and claim your first week free. Application close July 19th and successful applicants will be announced the following day on Monday July 20th. If your name is called out, you’ll get to bring your story to life. How exciting!!

The top 6 of each category will go all out at the Shine 2020 finals on Saturday September 19th (if restrictions are lifted we may allow competitors to perform live). The winner to be sashed ‘Shine Champion 2020’. This event will be live streamed for all to view. Let’s do this, team!


Logging into our Branded App

Recently there has been some changes to the branded software, which is operated by Mindbody that may be affecting your ability to login. We have updated this article to help overcome the problem where you are either not receiving the password reset email or have a message pop up saying you have a duplicate account.

Problems logging into our Branded App: If you are having issues logging into our app, we first recommend removing and downloading the app to ensure it is on the latest update. Next, we suggest you reset your own password by following these steps:

If you need to change your password, or simply can’t recall it, you should request a password reset email through the Login screen. This allows you to establish a new password for your account. If you’re currently logged into the app, you’ll need to sign out before getting started.

When choosing a new password, make sure you create a strong password.

  1. Tap the Menu icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Select Log In from the main menu.
  3. Tap Log In.
  4. Tap Forgot Password?
  5. Enter your email, then tap Retrieve Password.

Now check your inbox for the password reset email it should arrive within a few minutes. If not, make sure you have checked your spam, promotions and other places your reset email may have ended up..

What happens if I’m still unable to log in to my account or haven’t received a password reset email?
Update 29/06/20. This this is now becoming a regular issue since Mindbody made some changes to their software. If you already have a Mindbody account with the same username, i.e. email address, then this will take precedent over any account login details previously used in The Pole Room App. 

You will either get a notification saying “incorrect username or password” or an error message saying “Looks like you have an account… please try logging in with your password from that account”.

MIndbody Error

There are two ways to resolve the issue:

Option 1: Use the same password as your Mindbody account… Your Mindbody account password can be retrieved by visiting: and clicking “forgot password”. Once you have retrieved this password, you can use it in the pole room app.

Option 2: Change your username / email address so it is unique and does not match a pre-existing Mindbody username. If you want to have a different email attached to your Pole Room account then email [email protected] and we’ll make it happen.

Please note: Unfortunately you cannot reset your Mindbody password through our branded app – even if you have received confirmation through the app that a password reset was sent. (We understand this is incredibly frustrating and have reported the issue to Mindbody).

Virtual Classes Guest Instructors!

One of the coolest things about attending online classes is that you can learn from just about any pole superstar – regardless of where they are in the world.
Last Saturday, we had the fabulous Daniel Rosen host a session all the way from the UK and from Sunday, we have the former Australian Pole Champion, Mel Grace, teach all the way from WA. So as we sit tight for the news we can reopen our studios again.
Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the updates.

Now grab that sponge…

When: Monday 1st June, 8-9:30pm
Where: TPR Virtual Studio (AKA your place ;))
Level: Intermediate+  Cost: $30

Adam combines 10-years of dance with a natural flair for pole, to bring you this fun and challenging routine! In this workshop, you will learn how to bring a whole lotta attitude and to your performance repertoire. Oh BTW heels are totally acceptable.

Here’s why polers are loving our virtual sessions:

💜Suitable for all fitness levels
💜No equipment required
💜30-60 minute sessions
💜Small group classes
💜Led by our super talented and bubbly instructors
💜Friendly & personal vibes
💜Non-members welcome
💜Choose from yoga, dance, conditioning and so much more!

“Had so much fun doing something completely out of my comfort zone 🍑Thanks so much to Crystal for the the sexy number.”

To join our virtual pole dance classes click here 

Glow Showcase 2024

Glow is The Pole Room’s signature Student Showcase event that provides YOU the opportunity to perform on stage without the pressure of a competition!

Each group performance at Glow is the product of 8 fun-filled, intensive weeks of training under the expertise of our skilled instructor team. Students learn a choreography routine filled with dance moves and pole tricks with up to 10 students. At the end of the 8 week course participants have the opportunity to perform the Glow Showcase in front of a live audience of up to 400 spectators. Glow 2024 is scheduled to be held at the Karralyka Theatre in Ringwood on Saturday May 4th. 

Glow routines are designed with YOU in mind. Instructors create a creative masterpiece in their own signature style; designing choreography that showcases each individual’s strengths and ensure you’ll feel confident taking the stage. 

Glow has been created by The Pole Room to challenge YOU to take your pole and aerial skills to the stage and perform in a fun and supportive environment with your fellow tribe members.

Glow 2022 Performers

Course bookings close 5pm Friday 1st March.
Spots are limited, and are sure to book out so get in early to avoid disappointment.

8 Week Glow Course Inclusions:

  • 8 x 90-minute sessions run over 8 weeks with an expert instructor at the studio
  • Dress rehearsal pre-performance at Karralyka Theatre
  • Professional photography with DanceFlicks
  • 4K video of your routine as a keepsake of your hard work
  • Snacks and drinks backstage
  • Backstage entry and dressing rooms to prepare
  • Smoke, Low Fog & Haze Machines
  • HD Theatre Projector and multi directional floor lighting
  • Front of House Venue Supervisor
  • Technician staff to help with lighting across the stage and throughout your performance.

Costumes, make up and tickets to the show are at extra cost. Early bird ticket pricing will be released to Glow participants ahead of the general public. All participants must hold active membership at a TPR studio – Mitcham, Kilsyth, Highett or CBD.

Glow 2024 courses cost totals $390 with payment options such as ZipPay and AfterPay available. 

**When a course is full the Sign Up button will disappear from the course list.

Glow Terms & Conditions can be viewed here

Level Guidelines:

  1. Beg+ – Beginner students and above.
  2. Inter+ -Intermediate 1 and above students. Must be able to climb to top of pole, invert to straddle, inside & outside leg hang
  3. Adv+  Advanced and above students. Must be able to aerial invert and shoulder mount from floor
Q: I’m in Beginner Level 1, can I join a Glow course?

A: As long as the course is Beg + you can absolutely join it!

Q: Do you have a detailed description of the performance courses before I book?
The name in addition to the instructor hosting the course will generally indicate the theme and style of the course.  If you need any additional information, chat to the instructor running the course or the Studio Manager.
Q: What’s NOT included in the costs?
The purchase does not include tickets for the show. Tickets will be sold separately and closer to the date. Performers will be required to purchase a costume and makeup for the show based on the instructors requirements. We will make all efforts to ensure the costume and makeup is affordable and plenty of notice is given.
Q: Dancing isn’t my strength, can I join a Glow course?
A: Don’t worry if you feel dancing isn’t your forte  – your instructor will work with you to showcase your strengths
Q: What happens if I’m away for a week and I can’t make a session?
A: In most cases your instructor will be able to catch you up on the content, however you must talk the instructor or studio manager and we’ll confirm prior to you enrolling.
Q: Where is Glow held?
A: The Glow showcase will be held at Karralyka Theatre on May 4 at 7pm.

Preparing for a Pole Dance Competition

Competitions are hard. I’ll say that again. Competition are hard!

They take a huge toll on you financially, mentally and physically. But are they worth it? Hell yes! Taking to the stage and brining your ideas to life in front of a crowd is one of the most amazing, terrifying, and liberatingly addictive experiences. For those new to the competition scene, here are a few of my top tips for getting competition ready.

Every competition is different. They have different criteria, different stage dimensions, number of poles, distance between poles, costume and music requirements, the list is endless! Get as much information from the competition organisers as you can before you start choreographing. If you’re unsure of something, just ask! Can you imaging creating the perfect 3-and-a-half-minute routine, only to find out they’re going to cut your music at 3 minutes! Preparation is key.

Pick your song, costume and theme early, and have a back up plan just in case. Most competitions wont let two competitors dance to the same song, so it’s a good idea to have something in mind before you apply, then get in early to secure your song choice. If you’ve ever been to a Pole Competition, you’ve probably noticed the most memorable routines have a solid theme which is carried throughout by the song, costume and the choreography. While it can be tempting to dance to a song you absolutely love, it will pay to delve a little deeper and develop a character to portray on stage.

WOW! Hands Across The Water Fundraiser Outcome!

On Friday the 17th of Feb, The Pole Room hosted a Trivia night fundraiser to support fellow student Chloe Bright, who will be embarking on a bike ride across Thailand to raise money for a fabulous cause – Hands Across the Water. 

About Chloe’s Fundraising Efforts

“In March 2017 I will be embarking on a massive journey of personal growth. I will be riding 500kms across Thailand to help raise money for a charity called Hands Across the Water. Hands Across The Water is a charity who puts 100% of donations into sustainable projects that shelter, feed & educate children across Thailand who have been abandoned or orphaned. Giving them opportunities that they would never even dream of. Although the ride will be extremely demanding & difficult, I am dedicated to helping make a difference. I am aiming to raise $5000 to put straight into projects for the kids.”

Doors opened at 7:30pm with trivia questions about history, movies, TV & more. Prizes were awarded across many games & silent auction items (including some of the fabulous teachers who put themselves up to be auctioned off)!! Also, it wouldn’t be a trivia night fundraiser at The Pole Room without some special half time performances from Pole Dance extraordinaire Shannyn Leonie and Lyra phenomenon Miranda Walker. The event was all about coming together as a family, having fun, and raising money for such a fantastic cause. 

Thank you everyone who attended the TPR Trivia night! It was an absolute blast with an incredible outcome. The Pole Room Family raised over $2200 for Hands Across the water to put straight into projects to feed, shelter and educate kids in Thailand who have been abandoned or orphaned. What an incredible impact we’ve made towards Chloe Brights fundraising goal. Thank you also to all the businesses and people who donated products and services to the Trivia night. We were so overwhelmed by your generosity and it wouldn’t have come together as well as it did without everyones input.

“A special thank you to Jasmine and The Pole Room for hosting and all your support in bringing the night together. What an amazing sense of community we have at TPR. Never have I come across such a loving and supportive environment.” – Chloe Bright

10 Epic Hens Party Mistakes

Are you responsible for planning your best friends Hens Party? Here are our top 10 hens party mistakes that you can easily avoid when planning the occasion.

  1. Indecision: Indecision leads to inaction. Make a decision on the date, venue and any activities ASAP and send out the invitations. Most people need an average of 60 days notice and most venues require 60 days notice for large group bookings – especially in peak season. Don’t leave everything to the last minute!
  1. Breaking bank accounts: Not everyone is going to want to finance a 3-day luxury escape interstate. Decide on a budget with the group and stick to it!
  1. Planning a meal before the activities: Group activities break down social barriers and encourage interaction. Leave the seated meals until after the activities – no one enjoys a forced dinner table conversation with someone they just met…
  1. Organising the party around alcohol: In theory alcohol is a great way to break the ice and get the party started. In reality, you have no control on how much is consumed by the attendees. Save the alcohol for last so the Hen isn’t nursing a bucket before the party has officially started.
  1. Inappropriate surprises: Don’t plan a surprise without going through a surprise validation process. Ask the Hen’s friends and family if the male stripper idea is appropriate before he jumps out of the box!
  1. Not confirming the guest list: Before the invitations go out, make sure you confirm all the guests and see if there is anyone you may have forgotten. Perhaps more importantly make sure you’re only short-listing people the Hen has approved.
  1. Over planning: An army style executed event is no fun. Find a balance between spontaneity and over planning. Leave enough time for travel and guests who may be running late.
  1. Neglecting ways to save: Think smart. Pack a lunch, ask for group discounts and designated drivers. The group will appreciate your frugality.
  1. No imagination: Be creative and focus the party on the Hen. Unique themes always add some flair to a hens party.
  1. Trying to please everyone: It’s not going to happen. It’s simply the nature of party planning. Your main priority however is to the ensure the Hen has the final say on the venue, guests and activities… After-all you didn’t really think you were planning the party, right?

Do you have any epic hens party mistakes that you would like to add to the list?

Are you planning a Hens party in Melbourne, Australia? At The Pole Room we host a ton of pole dancing Hens parties every year. Visit our website for all the information on location, packages and pricing! 

Top 9 Reasons To Have A Pole Dancing Hens Party

Melbourne is hands down the best place in Australia to host a Hens party. It has a bustling city and a vibrant countryside with a swarth of options for any type of Hens party. Bridesmaids who have ever planned a Hens party in Melbourne would admit that because of the abundance of choice, choosing the right option can be tough. Part of making the right decision for the bride is having all the information. Here are 9 reasons why a pole dancing hens party may be the right fit (or not) for you and your friends.

But before we start. A pole dancing hens party is NOT for everyone…

There’s no pressure on everyone to participate in the striptease lesson or the burlesque should the bride choose those package options. In fact every party needs someone to take the pictures and let’s be honest, without the pictures you’d miss capturing some hilarious moments. This actually leads us to our first reason:

  1. Pole dancing is not for everyone but it is for every body. See what we did there? Since pole dancing hit the mainstream in the early 00’s, it’s now recognised as a legit way to exercise for all ages, sizes and experience levels. That’s because at the beginner level any body can participate. In fact you probably already know someone involved in the sport.
  2. It’s appropriate for the day (and night): Pole dancing was born in the nights but most hens party’s are held during the day. The beauty of pole dancing is the time of day doesn’t matter. Most venues host pole dancing parties at 10am before the group goes to lunch and also right before the group begins a night out on the town
  3. Different types of packages. Some Brides will just want to learn the world’s sexiest pole moves, while others will want to learn how to perform the perfect strip tease. Do you blame them – they’ll need some new tricks for the Honeymoon! Once you decide on the right package the venue can always add some extra spins, twerks and pops.
  4. Get dressed up. Pole dancing schools are probably one of the only places you can get dressed up without being out of place. Come up with your own theme. If you want predictable? Charlie’s Angels. Originality? Ghostbusters 2. Burlesque? Moulin Rouge. 80’s aerobics? Jane Fonda’s and her entourage. It’s never mandatory but it always adds to the party atmosphere
  5. You can save the drunk for later! OK truth be told, some of the group will probably have a few glasses of champagne. But the fact is you won’t need shots of jagermeister to get the party started. Pole dancing instructors supply the metaphoric Jager Bombs through the music, movement and energy. The best part is that you’ll still remember the party in the morning.
  6. A social and intimate event with friends. Events that involve movement are much more memorable. This is because when we move we release endorphins we move towards a happier state of mind. Plus what could be more social than learning a skill together in a room full of 3 metre high brass poles and full length mirrors?
  7. Private venue and all minor details taken care of. Any good pole dancing venue will have everything taken care of. Snacks and nibbles? Check. Champagne? Check. Music? Check. Instructor? Check. Need to organise any extras? Topless hunks, Limo, Catered Lunch, Photographer? Check. In other words if you want a unique experience, most pole dancing venues can make it happen.
  8. Experienced instructor and host are provided. As an organiser of any event it’s your responsibility to get the party started. Thankfully pole dancing instructors are the entertainers. They work teaching pole because they’re engaging and know how to throw a pole dancing Hens party! They also know how to handle a group, which is beneficial (if not necessary) when you have a room of ladies ready to get their sass on.
  9. The overall experience: At the top everyone’s list when it comes to throwing a Hens party is making sure all the guests from Aunty Jennifer to Sally the next door neighbour have a fun and memorable experience. Pole dancing hens party’s are different for many of the reasons mentioned above, including the bonding, endorphins and sexy routines. Add friends, family and some pole dancing to the party and it’s all starting to come together. Now you all you need to do is write the invitations.  

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below why you would (or wouldn’t) choose a pole dancing hens party!

If you would like to find out more about Hens Party’s at The Pole Room, visit

Shannyn Leonie Performing Heartburn by Wafia

Shannyn has been pole dancing since 2010
Why did you start pole dancing? My friend was doing classes and asked me to go along, I was hooked after the first class!
Where do you want to take it? I want to take it as far as it can go, I love pole and am finally in a place in life where I am ready to push myself as hard as I can.
Why did you choose the song? The song Heartburn by Wafia inspired me because I just loved it when I first heard it, it gave me goosebumps. I like to put what I feel into my performances and at that point in time I was a bit emo coming up to VPC hahaha
What are your motivations when poling? For years doing comps has been a big mental battle, I always get terrified before I perform anywhere whether its a week 8 demo, performance night or full blown theatre comp. But it makes me feel alive thats why Im addicted to it. I like connecting with the audience because I want them to feel the show and get a kick out of it, whatever emotion/story it is.



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