The TPR Tribe Manifesto

What does it mean to be part of the TPR Tribe? What are our values? What do we stand for?

With the help of our wonderful students, we’ve put together the TPR Tribe Manifesto to remind our community to live their best life through pole and aerial.

Being part of the TPR Tribe means you’re committed to being the sassiest, most bad-ass, confident version of yourself. When you’re strutting around in those heels or doing things that are only made possible at the studios, there’s nothing that can stop you.

When you bring that mindset into your day-to-day, you’re invincible, powerful, fierce, and determined to achieve the impossible. A TPR Tribe Member sees beauty in themselves, and in others. They are accepting, open and free of judgement. Instead of trying to compete against their peers, a TPR Tribe member lifts them up, inspiring all those around them to be their very best. Because of this, a TPR Tribe is a total force to be reckoned with!

They are magnetic and share their infectious energy across their work and personal lives. Wearing your TPR Tribe badge means you live a life that is full of passion and excitement. You’re bold in taking risks, you know how to have fun, and you don’t hold back.

The person you see in the mirror is strong, secure and proud of who they have become. And when challenges and self doubt come your way, you know you can lean on your fellow TPR Tribe members (and that inner voice in your head) that reminds you that you can do absolutely anything.


If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and take control of the beliefs that have held you back from being the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Send a message to [email protected] for a complimentary trial class. X

Reopening FAQs + CBD Makeover

Hey Tribe 👋 What a ride the last few months have been! Thank you SO much for standing by us. From shopping your favs online, attending our Virtual/In-Studio classes, to even becoming a Tribe Supporter, your contribution doesn’t go unnoticed and is a huge reason we’ve made it this far.

Now for the news we’ve all been waiting for…REOPENING!

This is probably the most important blog post we’ve ever written so please pay attention and keep checking back for any updates. We cover:

  • CBD’s Temporary Closure (and Relaunch): We will build back stronger with new facilities and more room to play in 2022!
  • Mitcham, Kilsyth and Highett studios reopening: Important things you need to know about your account and booking classes
  • Vaccination Mandate and Certificates: How to show proof so you’re ready to go
  • Student FAQs: Things to know about your Memberships and Session Packs
  • New Students and waitlists : Join our waiting list so you’re ready to go when we open
  • Mitcham Studio after-hours access: Can’t make studio practice time? Now you can Pole after-hours!
  • Virtual Studio update: Your Zoom classes and On-Demand training is here to stay



Let’s start things off with the news that our CBD location is staying closed until early 2022.

When we reopen you’ll be walking into new facilities, a diverse and comprehensive timetable and more room to play!

As the ONLY pole and aerial facility in the Melbourne CBD, our entire team is excited to bring you higher ceilings, aerial apparatuses, morning classes and so much more. Keep an eye on your inbox and on socials to get the latest. You’ll get a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes as we work to bring the new space to life. We promise it will be well worth the wait!

What can I do while the studio is closed? Whilst renovations and studio fittings are underway, all students are welcome to attend our Mitcham, Highett, Kilsyth and Virtual Studios.


I’m currently a CBD member, what happens to my membership? Your account will stay on suspension and sessions frozen until reopening. If you wish to attend other locations contact us directly so we can temporarily transfer you.


The Kilsyth, Mitcham and Virtual Studios don’t work for me. What happens to my account? If the Kilsyth, Mitcham and Virtual Studios aren’t convenient enough for you, we’ll pause your account until the new CBD location is fully operational.


Where are you moving to? We’re not giving away too many secrets but the new location won’t be far.


I’m interested in starting classes at CBD, how can I register my interest for the new studio? Join our waitlist so you’re first to be contacted when we relaunch the new space.


Save the date for THIS SATURDAY, October 30th! That’s when we’re opening.

Your instructors can’t wait to rebuild your strength, while bringing that sass, fun and laughter back to the studio!

Classes will be uploaded into the timetable by this Monday (Oct 25th) and will be ready for booking from 3pm Tuesday (26th Oct)! 


The Pole Room has always been an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone. It breaks our hearts to know that due to Victorian Government regulations, our studios can only open to fully vaccinated individuals. 

We believe this is only temporary and we can welcome everyone back in studio soon. If you are not vaccinated our Virtual Studio will continue to operate as normal with many instructors staying onboard to continue bringing you our program online.

For those attending our physical locations, you will need to provide proof of full vaccinations. We’re making this process simple and asking that you either :

a) Upload your Vaccination Certificate in advance using our Contact Us form
b) Bring a copy of your Vaccination Certificate to the studio for Front Desk

Once your status is verified a green tick will appear on your account so you won’t need to worry about providing proof each time you arrive.


When do Membership payments recommence? We know many students have accrued sessions and will need to catch-up on any accrued sessions.. Therefore Direct Debits won’t begin until the week of November 15th.

I’m unable attend straight away when you reopen? If you’re not able to attend when reopen we ask that you submit a suspension request here. 

I’m new and ready to try a pole and/or aerial class! How do I get started? Join our waitlist so you’re first to be contacted when we relaunch the new space.

When can I book upcoming classes? Classes will be uploaded into the timetable by this Monday (Oct 25th) and will be ready for booking from Friday 29th!

I have expired sessions on my account. What happens to my account? As usual all sessions will be extended by the duration of the lockdown. Our admin team is already in the process of extending your sessions. You can submit a session extension request if you feel we may have missed something.

We’ll continue to update this section with more FAQs as they come.


Crazy schedule? Didn’t book early enough for a spot in your favourite class? In a TPR first, our Mitcham studio will be trialing an after-hours room to make training even more convenient and accessible for busy lifestyles.

After-Hours Access will first run as a trial. If you practice regularly and are interested in being part of our After-Hours Access trial simply complete the contact us form on our website. This trial is limited to the first 7 people.



Rain, hail, or shine, Virtual Studio Live Classes and On-Demand training is here to stay. Whether your way of getting fit is on or off the pole, you can continue to build on your goals and gain access to your favourite instructors.

The Virtual Studio is a great way to compliment your flexibility goals, and it’s also a super convenient way to fast-track your skills on the pole. If the time has come to own your own home pole, click here to check out your options!

If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Click here to get started!



The Link Between Self-love, Confidence & Pole Dancing

– Article By Kati H

A spinning metal apparatus…not something you’d initially link with self-love, but for thousands of people all over the world (including myself), it offered exactly that. This is because true self-love goes much deeper than a surface-level skincare routine or eating well. Although these things are important, they don’t allow for us to really get to know ourselves, or offer us the chance to discover our inner strength and confidence.

The truth about finding self-love and confidence

Pole dancing gives us a unique opportunity to transform us from who we thought we were, to who we have the ability to become. It take us to the depths of ourselves because it’s hard work! Self love doesn’t come from lying in a bubble bath telling ourselves how fabulous we are. It develops through discipline and taking consistent action that challenges us to grow. We need to show, not tell ourselves how amazing and confident we are!

Personal growth through pole

Pole gives us insight that I don’t believe any other “fitness” regime can offer. I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of the pole industry for 13 and a half years. It has grown and evolved so much in that time, and I know it will continue to. There will always be a new trick to learn, a new dance style created (and new heels to buy!) and this keeps us growing and evolving with it, while keeping us humble.

Every single time we attend a pole, flexibility or dance class, we are showing ourselves love. We are doing something good for our bodies, mind and soul, and the best thing about it…it’s fun! So we genuinely want to show up, learn, and build confidence. That doesn’t mean we never have our off-days. It’s all a natural part of the process!

Being in feel-good environment

But it’s in those moments we get to choose how we show up for ourselves. We pole dancers can often be so hard on ourselves, falling prey to comparison over our fellow polers or our Instagram idols, but then we remember why we started…because we LOVE it and because it makes us feel good on the inside. And if that’s not enough to get us through our momentary struggle, then that’s when our Tribe shows up to offer guidance and support. Nobody is 100% immune to the inner critic, so this is when we can be grateful to be in a class with pumping tunes and laughter to drown out the self doubts when they creep in.

Pole has taught me so much about myself. It’s made me stronger than I could have ever dreamed (and not just physically), and it’s helped me accept and love myself fully – all while feeling confident and sexy AF in my 8″ heels! And I know it can do the same for you.

Kati has been pole-ing for over a decade and is favourited by students for her flowy, graceful style. She is also a Self Love Coach, and yoga teacher who has a focus on helping women bring out their inner strengths. View her profile to learn more and book a private, 1-on-1 lesson.

If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and take control of the beliefs that have held you back from being the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Click here to get started!

WOW! Hands Across The Water Fundraiser Outcome!

On Friday the 17th of Feb, The Pole Room hosted a Trivia night fundraiser to support fellow student Chloe Bright, who will be embarking on a bike ride across Thailand to raise money for a fabulous cause – Hands Across the Water. 

About Chloe’s Fundraising Efforts

“In March 2017 I will be embarking on a massive journey of personal growth. I will be riding 500kms across Thailand to help raise money for a charity called Hands Across the Water. Hands Across The Water is a charity who puts 100% of donations into sustainable projects that shelter, feed & educate children across Thailand who have been abandoned or orphaned. Giving them opportunities that they would never even dream of. Although the ride will be extremely demanding & difficult, I am dedicated to helping make a difference. I am aiming to raise $5000 to put straight into projects for the kids.”

Doors opened at 7:30pm with trivia questions about history, movies, TV & more. Prizes were awarded across many games & silent auction items (including some of the fabulous teachers who put themselves up to be auctioned off)!! Also, it wouldn’t be a trivia night fundraiser at The Pole Room without some special half time performances from Pole Dance extraordinaire Shannyn Leonie and Lyra phenomenon Miranda Walker. The event was all about coming together as a family, having fun, and raising money for such a fantastic cause. 

Thank you everyone who attended the TPR Trivia night! It was an absolute blast with an incredible outcome. The Pole Room Family raised over $2200 for Hands Across the water to put straight into projects to feed, shelter and educate kids in Thailand who have been abandoned or orphaned. What an incredible impact we’ve made towards Chloe Brights fundraising goal. Thank you also to all the businesses and people who donated products and services to the Trivia night. We were so overwhelmed by your generosity and it wouldn’t have come together as well as it did without everyones input.

“A special thank you to Jasmine and The Pole Room for hosting and all your support in bringing the night together. What an amazing sense of community we have at TPR. Never have I come across such a loving and supportive environment.” – Chloe Bright

Why I Pole

From the outside looking in, pole dancing doesn’t fit within the conventional realm of fitness. It’s challenging, it’s edgy and it’s fun! Unfortunately it’s also often misunderstood by some… So over the weekend I decided to bring 3 of our Elite Level students together for a training session to find out “why” they pole. Their answers aren’t surprising to me, but they could be to you.


The Pole Room is on a mission to build strong and healthy communities by introducing women to exercise that is fun, challenging and empowering. EXERCISE SHOULD NEVER BE BORING! Exercise should be exhilarating, you should look forward to moving your body every day, it should never be a chore. What’s more, exercise should be a release, a creative outlet, a way to socialise and learn new things. Instead of counting the number of calories burned, our students count the number of spins, tricks, and combinations they can perform.

Our “Pole Dancing for Fitness” program is for anybody who wants to unleash their inner goddess! We’ll start you at Beginner level and build your strength, flexibility, and confidence. Most Beginner students couldn’t even do a push-up when they started – let alone pull themselves up on a pole. As you progress through each level, you’ll discover a new and improved version of yourself – a stronger, fitter and healthier version. Someone that you love from the inside out.

So are you ready to learn a new skill and teach your body to do things you never thought possible? Are you ready for a new challenge? Are you ready to join a positive and uplifting community?

Then get in touch today!

Sue Crute, a TPR student story

Sitting opposite me in the foyer of The Pole Room is a woman as graceful and delicate as the white rose on the table in front of her although, with Sue, there is always more than meets the eye. Outside of The Pole Room Sue is a 62 year old community care attendant who loves to read, be in the garden and spend time with her two whippet dogs and cat, but inside the studio Sue is much more than many people her age dare to be – she’s an inspiring pole artist; as fierce, strong and sexy as any person that steps foot into a TPR pole dancing class. As the gentle morning sun lights up the room, I watch as Sue’s eyes light up similarly when she talks about her deep love of Pole Dancing.

So why did you start pole dancing Sue?

I guess because I was getting bored at the gym and I wanted to incorporate some beauty, style, grace and finesse into my workout and at the same time make it fun and hang onto what sexiness I still have left (laughs).

I want to do pole dancing now because the time will come when I can’t do it anymore because I’ll be far too old. So this is a big priority in my life at the moment.

What do your friends think of you doing pole dancing?

Well, some of them are a bit, you know, (putting on a hilariously patronizing face) “Ohhh yeah?” But most people are supportive because they realise that I’ve become very focused and that if I go for something I go in – boots and all – and that’s it. I can really latch onto something. I’ve had some people in my age group sort of literally look me up and down and go “Pffft”, you know?

And what do you say to that?

Well, I say to them: “What’s the alternative? Be like YOU?” (Laughs). No I don’t say that, I don’t say that. But I do say, “Well, you know what, I’m quite happy about it; I’m happy and comfortable with what I do, so make your own arrangements bud.” Basically, I think you get to a certain age, well I know I did, where I don’t really give a damn anymore. Honestly, I know that there’s nothing I can do to change anyone else’s mind; all I’m responsible for is me.

Absolutely, whatever makes you happy. And what do you think about people that criticize pole dancing in general?

What I try to do is, I try to find a nice opportunity to politely let them know that it is a fitness modality. Yes, it may well have started out in strip clubs years ago and it might still be in strip clubs, however, it is now a bona fide fitness modality and it is gaining worldwide recognition and I think there is even a move to push it into the Olympic arena.

So why do you come to The Pole Room?

Because it’s just a great community, its very supportive, very nurturing, and everybody really is out for everybody, you know. No ones nasty; it’s a very nurturing place.

Which pole dancer inspires you the most?

Well, Jas (Owner) obviously is one. And Mel, my instructor; and Jules (another instructor) too. There’s too many to name! Each dancer has their own style that’s quite distinctive.

Anybody that can do better than me inspires me. Anybody who is doing the best they can and I can see improvement in, inspires me. Even if they’re in a lower level than I am, I get inspired by their dedication and efforts and the motivation that they have.

And in the same way do you feel like you inspire others that aren’t yet at your level?

Apparently I do. It’s only recently that it’s come to my attention though, and I was really quite gob-smacked, and also very touched.

I don’t think you realise just how much everyone here is so moved by you. Not just by your pole progression, but who you are as a person; the positivity you bring to this space and the spirit you bring to this community.

Stop it, you’ll make me cry.

It’s true! We absolutely love you here because what you bring to this space is something that every single person here looks up to as women of all ages. Even these teachers that inspire you, you inspire them in return.

It makes me cry when I think that there are people here that really look up to me, you know, I just feel so ordinary.

But you’re not, you know?

Yeah, I’m just an ordinary person that goes home to a messy house and has to shower and wash the dishes and all that.

But you forgot to add that you’re also an inspirational pole dancer. I heard that you are going to perform a routine in front of everyone soon, even though being in front of an audience is hard for you?

Well it is because I’m, not really a centre-of-attention type of person. I know I’m a bit loud and brassy at times (laughs), but yeah, this performance is kind of a personal challenge I’ve had for quite a long time.

What’s the song and how would you describe the dance?

Everybody wants to rule the world, by Lorde. And it’s dramatic; dramatic and sexy.

Amazing, and what would you say to anyone of any age that is thinking of starting a pole journey?

Do it!

Simply, do it?

Yes, do it! Because at the end of the day we all have the same insecurities and anxieties and everybody else around you has got the same difficulties. We are all really the same so you may as well just get in there and do it. And honestly, you never know where it might take you…

Our Focus On Improvement

Can you believe that one year ago The Pole Room was only a fluttering thought, a wild dream, an impossible possibility?

Since The Pole Room’s inception into the world of pole dancing and aerial fitness we have committed to providing the finest instruction and results in Melbourne. And a huge part of that mission involves making continuous reinvestment in our business for:

  • Hiring and retaining the top instructors in the area. We hire trainers with expert knowledge, friendly personalities, and a genuine concern for your success. Check out our amazing pole dance instructor rooster here.
  • Continuing education from leading industry experts. Our philosophy is to make continual investments in our instructors and member-based systems to improve your experience and poling ability!
  • New equipment purchases. As we add unique and specific programming to our facility, we are continuing to upgrade and improve our facilities.
  • Small class sizes. We keep our classes small to ensure the best customer experience possible!

These investments are just a way of saying thank-you. We’re so grateful to have such an amazing community of vibrant and magnificent people who are committed to being the best versions of themselves.

With much love,

The Pole Room



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