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The Pole Room is a hub of positivity, friendship, and fun. We give our members the tools to achieve optimal states of health and well-being, helping inspire to themselves in ways that will contribute to the local community.

Because strong women equals strong communities.

Studies show:

• Women maintain the household purchasing power.
• Women are primarily responsible for decisions around money, health and education.
• Women form the backbone of society and provide the social fabric in the community.

Yet the reality is women are marginalised in workplaces, in their homes and in the wider community. Despite recent improvements, gender equality, stereotypes persist and discrimination is deeply rooted in our society, leading to pay gaps, exclusion and domestic violence.

This is why we are Empowering women to change the world through health and fitness!

To achieve our objectives, we engage women in exercise through our pole & aerial program. Our philosophy is simple:

Motion is emotion. When we move, we change our physical and mental state on biologically level.

The more endorphins we release through regular exercise, the better we are able to challenge ourselves and achieve our goals!

When we engage in a new physical skill, we challenge ourselves to strengthen the body and mind!

We want our members to be uplifted by exercise that is fun, challenging and most of all empowering!

We provide a hub for positivity, creating an environment that allows you to become the absolute best version of yourself!

Our members go back into the community, feeling empowered to create change!

When we project self confidence and positivity, it extends to family, friend, and acquaintances!

This ripple effect permeates society, changing the world one empowered woman at a time!!

Wow! Hands Across The Water Fundraiser Outcome!!

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On Friday the 17th of Feb, The Pole Room hosted a Trivia night fundraiser to support fellow student Chloe Bright, who will be embarking on a bike ride across Thailand to raise money for a [...]

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