The Pole Room Tribe Podcast


It’s the launch we’ve been waiting for! Our very own Jaz, the pole mumma of passion and dedication, has officially launched The TPR Tribe Podcast.

This is a culmination of stories and lessons that have been inspired from pole and the walls of TPR’s studios. With each episode, Jaz goes deep on the topics and people that spark curiosity, inspiration, self love and personal transformation.

From the Pole to the Mic

Follow the journey from her first class, eating disorder recovery, appearing on Shark Tank, and running a business. Jaz takes you behind the scenes in her personal life, studio life, and her world as a mum.

You’ll laugh, learn, be strengthened and even get to know the 4-1-1 on Andy – Jaz’s business partner, husband and Tinder swipe! From the high-flying triumphs to the heartfelt struggles, this is the one platform where you’ll hear it all.

Why Listeners Love It

The TPR Podcast is a celebration of pole dancing and all the goodness that comes from it. We’re talking interviews, life lessons, healing, and things that keep your soul pumping. So, what can you expect?

  1. Insider Tips & Tricks: Hear it from an instructor, judge and former national competitor. Jaz has all the hacks on what it takes to develop your skills and career as a pole addict. Tune in for tips and tricks to gain strength, flexibility and grace as you evolve on your own path. Whether you’re in it for a hobby, keen to get on stage or wanting to make pole your profession, The TPR Podcast has gotchu!
  2. Special Guests: Jaz shares the limelight with students, instructors and the key names in pole. Uncover the dynamic personalities of the pole community, and the adventures that come with it.
  3. Beyond the Pole: We know pole is so much more than the physical. The TPR podcast takes a dive deep into the mental and emotional aspects that pole dancing cultivates. Get the know-how on unleashing your inner sass, refining your identity and building unstoppable self-confidence.

Whether you’re on the daily commute, walking to get your coffee, or need some quality background sounds whilst you’re stretching at home, get around The TPR Podcast!

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9 Perks of Private Pole Training

Private training for pole comes with an array of benefits that can significantly enhance your learning and progress. Each of our instructors are available for 1:1 lessons which you can truly make your own, depending on your goals and what you want to achieve. Whilst attending regular classes are great, there’s just so much to learn in that hour, that sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to ask specific questions or hack our way through your body’s pain points. That’s when private lessons come in handy! Here are the perks of including private training into your pole program:

  1. Personalised Instruction: Private training allows you to receive one-on-one attention from a TPR instructor who can tailor the lessons specifically to your skill level, goals, and individual needs. The instructor can focus on addressing your strengths, weaknesses, and areas that require improvement, providing a full tailored learning experience.

  2. Accelerated Progress: With private training, you can make faster progress in your pole dancing journey. The focused attention from your instructor enables them to provide immediate feedback, correct your form, and refine your technique, ensuring that you grasp the movements and concepts more quickly.

  3. Result-based Outcomes: Private lessons enable you to have a customised curriculum designed to suit your preferences and objectives. Whether you want to focus on specific moves, master certain routines, work on flexibility or strength training, or explore particular dance styles, private training allows you to tailor the lessons to your interests.

  4. Increased Confidence: Pole dancing can be an intimidating activity for some individuals, especially in a group setting. Private training provides a safe and comfortable environment where you can build your confidence gradually. With personalised guidance and positive reinforcement from your instructor, you can feel more at ease while learning new moves and routines.

  5. Injury Prevention and Safety: Proper form and technique are crucial in pole dancing to prevent injuries. In private training, your instructor can pay close attention to your body alignment, grip, and execution of movements, ensuring that you maintain safe practices. They can also customise warm-up exercises and cool-down routines to reduce the risk of strains or muscle imbalances.

  6. Flexible Session Times: Private training allows for greater flexibility in scheduling your lessons. You can coordinate with your instructor to find mutually convenient times and adjust the frequency of sessions to match your availability. This flexibility makes it easier to maintain a consistent training routine and accommodate any personal or professional commitments.

  7. Stage Prep: If you aspire to perform in competitions, showcases, or public events, private training can prepare you specifically for those occasions. Your instructor can work with you to develop choreography, refine your stage presence, and enhance your overall performance skills, giving you a competitive edge.

  8. Learn from the Best: Ask anyone who’s excelled in their field – a common thread is that they’ve had mentors or coaches who’ve held their hand throughout the way. Having someone to guide you, who already has the results you want, is the best way fast track your success. They’ve done the hard work, the understand the pitfalls, and know the dos and don’ts, so that you don’t have to make things up on your own!

  9. Stay Accountable: Having an additional person looking out for us creates accountability and motivation. When you’re having an off-day or feel like you’ve plateaued, there’s no better pick-me-up than knowing your can turn to your biggest cheerleader to keep you going.

Grading? Wanting to perform? Found a trick or routine on Instagram that you want to pull off?
Choose your dedicated instructor and start making time for those sessions in your calendar. Once you’ve found a match, email [email protected] with your preferred studio, day and times to get this rolling.