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Elevate Your Fitness Journey!

The Pole Room is excited to offer a dedicated Teen Pole class for young people aged 13-17. Our classes are designed to provide a safe and empowering environment for teens to learn pole and aerial fitness with like-minded peers. Whether you're a beginner or have previous experience, our Teen Pole class caters to all levels, from those looking to try something new to those wanting to improve their skills and technique.Our classes follow a structured program that includes learning a new routine every 8 weeks. This program helps students develop their skills and technique while building strength, flexibility, and coordination. Our certified instructors lead classes that provide students with challenging and fun pole and aerial workouts that build both physical and mental strength.Due to child safe law changes, we hold dedicated classes with students of similar age groups to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Our classes are held at our Mitcham Studio, which features modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, and run for one hour at the most preferred time between 4pm-6pm, Monday to Friday.At The Pole Room, we believe in creating an inclusive and supportive community, where young people can feel comfortable and encouraged to pursue their fitness goals. Our instructors are trained to provide a welcoming and empowering environment, helping students build confidence and self-esteem as they progress through the program.In addition to pole and aerial fitness classes, we also offer a range of workshops, including flexibility and strength training, choreography, and more. These workshops provide an opportunity for students to further develop their skills and technique while building confidence and having fun.Join our supportive and encouraging community of like-minded teens and start your pole and aerial fitness journey today!So what are you waiting for? View the schedule and book an upcoming course before they fill! 


We have four studios across Melbourne. All studios are beginner-friendly and run introductory 4-week courses for new students.

Why a Teen Pole course at The Pole Room?

Expert Instructors

At The Pole Room, our Teen Pole classes are led by experienced instructors who are experts in the field of pole and aerial fitness. They are knowledgeable about proper techniques and safety measures, ensuring that all students receive the best possible instruction.


Our Teen Pole classes provide a supportive and encouraging environment for teens to achieve their fitness goals. Students will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and form lasting friendships, creating a sense of community within the studio.

Specific Outcome

Our Teen Pole classes are designed to help teens achieve specific fitness outcomes, such as building strength, flexibility, and confidence. The program is tailored to the needs of teens and their physical abilities, ensuring that they can progress safely and effectively.

Memorable Experience

Our Teen Pole classes provide a fun and memorable experience that combines fitness with creativity. Teens will learn new skills and techniques, while also discovering their own artistic expression through pole dance and aerial arts. This can create a sense of accomplishment and boost self-esteem.


Check out these videos to get a feel for what to wear, what you’ll learn with our Pole Dance course!

Ever wonder why pole dancers always show so much skin? In this video, The Pole Room owner Jasmine Zapka takes you through exactly what to wear each week and why "the more skin the better"...

Are you unsure if you have what it takes to pole? In this video, The Pole Room owner Jasmine Zapka teaches you a Front Hook which could be a trick you learn during this course!

Are you worried about holding yourself up on the pole? Check out this video as Jasmine takes you through some tried and tested methods of holding on to the pole.



Learn A Teen Pole Dance Routine

In just 4 weeks, you can learn a complete teen pole dance routine that is specifically designed for young people. This routine will be age-appropriate and will teach you a variety of pole dance moves that are fun and challenging.


Achieve Results & Progression

With consistent practice and guidance from experienced instructors, you can achieve amazing results and progress in just 4 weeks. You can build strength, flexibility, and confidence as you learn new pole dance moves and techniques.


Opportunity To Perform On Stage

The Pole Room provides a unique opportunity for teens to perform on stage in front of a supportive audience. This is a great way to showcase your skills and hard work, and it can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the guidance and support of your instructors, you can prepare for your performance and show off your skills.

Introductory Course Pricing

The Pole Room offers a number of different options when joining an 4-week course as a new student at The Pole Room.

Course Deposit



  • Holds your spot in an 8-week course. This option is only available when booking over the phone.

  • Full payment is required 14 days from the start date. If less than 14 days, the remaining payment will be required within 48 hours.

8-Week Course



  • 1 x 8 Week Course (Same day and time each week)

*AfterPay or ZipPay available. Please pay the deposit amount and we’ll send a link for you to pay the remainder with these payment options.


What age does this class cater to?

This class is designed for teens aged 13-17. When you turn 18, you can progress into one of our regular courses.

Unfortunately, no. Due to Child Safe Law changes, classes aren’t able to be delivered between minors and adults, and therefore we are holding dedicated Pole and Lyra classes with students of similar age groups, which will run a similar structure to that of our 8 week courses.

Absolutely! The joy of our classes is we learn a new routine every 8 weeks! Missed a few? That’s okay – we will help get you up to speed while learning the tricks safely!

The instructor taking the class and the studio manager hold a current with children’s Check.

All teen classes will be delivered from our Mitcham Studio (2E Cochrane St, Mitcham, VIC 3132). We will not be holding classes at our Kilsyth or CBD studio.

You will break a sweat in our classes, so be sure to bring a water bottle and deodorant. We have hand sanitisers and wipes in each room but you will need to bring your own towel.

All teen classes will commence Term 2 2023 (March 13 2023). In the meantime, you can continue in your current class, however when Term 2 commences, you will be unable to enroll in a typical 8 week course

Yes, we offer performance opportunities for our students who want to showcase their skills and creativity on stage. We host end-of-term showcases where students can perform in front of a supportive audience of family and friends.

We will be able to cancel your membership, so long as you provide us with enough written notice. No cancellation fees will be applicable and your enrollment will cease after your last class in Term 1 2023.

Contact us via phone or email and we’ll answer any other questions you have!

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