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As you progress through our pole program, you’ll discover a new and improved version of yourself – a stronger, fitter and healthier version. Someone that you love from the inside out. The Pole Room is a hub of positivity, friendship, and fun. We give our members the tools to achieve optimal states of health and well-being, helping inspire them in ways that will contribute to the local community, Because strong women equals strong communities. That’s why we’re on a mission to introduce our Pole Fitness program to over one million women worldwide. To get started at The Pole Room, simply book a free consultation or try one of our casual classes. We love teaching beginners, so what are you waiting for?


Using Zero to 180°, you’ll master your splits training, unleash mind-blowing flexibility, and look like a superstar. Even if you’ve never done the splits before, our fun program and super-supportive instructors will surprise you as you rapidly become more flexible, supple, and sexy. Why enrol?
Increase Range of Movement: Eliminate tight hips and discomfort as you increase your range of movement (ROM)!
Master a new Skill: Our skill based training will give you the ability to get your fanny to the floor!
Nail those demon tricks: Perform those demon tricks by increasing your athletic performance and flexibility!
Inspire others: Embark on a health and fitness journey, achieve personal goals and motivate others by showing them what’s possible!


Be your own boss as a pole studio franchise owner and make a real difference in other peoples lives! Do you want to build something that you can be incredibly proud of?  Do you want to revolutionise the way people view exercise? Do you want to introduce women to a fun, sexy fitness program that improves their health, boosts their confidence and helps them achieve a specific goal? The Pole Room (TPR) can make your dream a reality! We’re looking for passionate and committed studio owners who believe in our mission and want to join us as we expand our operations across Australia! As a TPR franchisee, you will be treated as a business partner who has the support and care of a close-knit family.

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I started pole dancing at TPR in 2016 in hope of getting physically and emotionally stronger. Over the past few years, I’d developed significantly low self-esteem and confidence issues, and I was determined to change the way I felt. A friend of mine had introduced me to the idea of pole dancing, and I looked into the studios around my area. I could tell TPR had a really positive, welcoming vibe from the moment I checked out the website. I immediately signed up for classes and I’ve never looked back. TPR has become so much more important to me than I could ever imagine. We are a big happy family, who motivate each other to continue to grow and develop. My body is capable to things I never considered possible. If you’re thinking about trying pole, go for it! It will bring you so much joy!


“When a friend brought me to The Pole Room for the first time, I hadn’t been a part of any fitness community for at least two years. I knew I wanted to get back into something but my main worry was being able to find somewhere that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed being an unfit beginner as an adult. It sounds silly but that stopped me from starting a lot of things. One of my favourite things about The Pole Room is that you can make what you want out of your time there. Want to pop in here and there when you’re free for a casual? Done! Want to become a badass athlete? Do that! I go to TPR for the inspiring and welcoming people, the love and to feel good about myself. Getting a hardcore workout that I don’t even realise I’m getting is a bonus! “


I had started pole dancing elsewhere but several friends had started attending The Pole Room and everyone of them reported experiencing a sort of epiphany! Not only are the instructors extremely welcoming, supportive and personally interested in every student: The other students are also friendly, inclusive and totally supportive and encouraging.  Attending The Pole Room has become a MAJOR part of my life – I’ve grown in terms of my ability to perform pole tricks I once thought impossible; my dancing generally has improved out of sight and my confidence is positively strataspheric! The instructors are some of the best available at any studio and many are out there competing at state and national levels.


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