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Ever look back on younger years and think "I wish I embraced my body", "I wish I took more chances", "I wish I had the confidence to achieve my dreams!" The wishing stops in The Pole Room's 40+ & Fab classes. This is one of our most sought-after Pole Dance classes, specifically designed for students over the age of forty. Start here as a complete beginner as you learn the fundamental techniques, moves, grips and spins for pole dancing. Regardless of your background, level, or the last time you set foot inside a fitness facility, your instructors will make you feel comfortable every step of the way. No dance experience required! In just 8 weeks, you'll realise mental and physical strength you never thought you had. Through conditioning, dance and tricks classes, you'll get an all-round understanding on how to move with grace, sass and fierceness. It's never too late to start pole! If you're wanting to fall in love with a new hobby, or even find a friendly, encouraging environment to call home, you'll find it at The Pole Room.


We have four studios across Melbourne. All studios are beginner-friendly and run introductory 40+ & Fab classes for new students.

Why a 40+ & Fab Course at The Pole Room?

Expert Instructors

Get the support from highly experienced instructors, who will accommodate to your personal needs and challenges

Encouraging Community

Form new friendships, get invited to events, and bond with like-minded individuals in an inclusive environment

Skills-based Workout

Turn a page in your health and fitness and achieve things you dreamt of doing in your younger years

Memorable Experience

Celebrate what you’ve learnt at the end of the course through in-studio performance nights (optional but recommended)


Check out these videos to learn why so many women, 40 plus are joining our program and why you should too!

Meet Stacey

Meet Emma

Meet Jenelle



Learn Pole Tricks and Dance Moves

Master a routine that incorporates the quintessential tricks, moves, conditioning and flexibility required for pole.


Find a Workout You're Passionate About

Bring back your strength, flexibility and fitness like never before! You’ll be equipped with the skills to advance to higher levels in no time.


Develop Long Lasting Friendships

Meet with the same likeminded people every week who encourage and support you to achieve your best self.


Do I have to be strong, flexible or fit?

The simple answer is no. We don’t expect you to be strong, flexible or fit for this course – your strength, flexibility and fitness will improve as the program progresses. If you have any pre-existing injuries please contact us directly to find out if this will prevent you from participating. In most cases, our instructors will be able to modify tricks or combinations to cater to any limitations you might have.

This program is perfect for anyone aged 40+ who has never tried pole dancing before and wants to give it a go. Our experienced instructors will be there to ensure you’re supported and guided throughout!

You do not need to bring or wear heels for our program (unless specified in the class outline). To get the most from each session, we suggest wearing shorts that allow as much skin to show as you’re comfortable with. The more exposed skin, the more you’ll be able to grip the pole!

You will break a sweat in our classes, so be sure to bring a water bottle and deodorant. We have hand sanitisers and wipes in each room but you will need to bring your own towel.

All attendees must pay a fully refundable $50 deposit online prior to the scheduled event. This allows our team to work with you to get you started in our program.

All deposits are fully refundable if you choose not get started with us. Simply complete our refund request form and we will promptly return the money to your original payment method.

Contact us via phone or email and we’ll answer any other questions you have!

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