Rock bottom to stronger than ever!

how pole dance restored Sarah’s ability to love who she was, and her body. The minute Sarah walked into The Pole Room, she fell instantly in love and has never looked back. Within a year of starting pole dance classes, the young mum improved her upper body strength and flexibility, which enabled her to [...]

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From Bullied to Built-Up – Lauren’s Story

From bullied to built-up – Lauren speaks about how The Pole Room family and Pole rekindled her love of dance Lauren’s love for dance had dwindled to the point where she no longer enjoyed what had previously been a great passion. The 23-year-old had been dancing at a toxic school, for most [...]

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Big Review TV – Independent Pole Studio Review

Last year we invited Big Review TV to trial our pole & aerial fitness classes at our pole studio located in Kilsyth, Victoria.We were extremely excited to welcome to the Big Review TV to the pole studio and give them an insight peek as to what this alternative form of fitness involves. For most [...]

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Content Producers Wanted!!

The Pole Room is a Pole dancing and Aerial fitness business with two studios located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our mission is to raise the profile of Pole dancing worldwide. With the launch of our Blog, we are looking for passionate Polers and Aerialists who want to express their art through words, photographs [...]

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Our Focus on Improvement

Can you believe that one year ago The Pole Room was only a fluttering thought, a wild dream, an impossible possibility? Since The Pole Room's inception into the world of pole dancing and aerial fitness we have committed to providing the finest instruction and results in Melbourne. And a huge part of that mission involves [...]

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The Results of The Pole Room Survey are in… Drum-roll please!

The Results of The Pole Room Survey are in... Drum-roll please! Thank-you to everyone who participated in The Pole Room (TPR) survey. The results revealed some interesting statistics about The Pole Room and the industry as a whole. Some key findings of the survey were: 85% of respondent’s surveyed were current TPR students. 100% of [...]

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Pole bruises = bragging rights?

I bruise easily. But in the pole world, that’s not necessarily a bad thing… I remember my very first pole bruise. It had found me after many failed attempts at mounting the pole in my first beginner class. It was big. And sore. And ugly. My poor inner thigh looked like it had been used [...]

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