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First Time Q's

Can I use my phone to film?

We do allow filming in class as long as the camera is positioned in a way that you’re the only person in the frame. Please be courteous and aware that others may not want themselves on camera. 

Recording and the use of your phone should only be done after the instructor has finished giving safety instructions and body cues. You may also at times be required to assist and spot your fellow students in difficult or complex moves. Please pay attention to your instructor and fellow classmates at all times. We do not allow the use of phones to text and call as a distraction may result in injury or misunderstanding of key points.

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Can men and women join?

The Pole Room is gender neutral, both students and instructors. We welcome all ages, genders and sexual preferences. 



Is there an age limit for your classes?

For our Pole program, you must be at least 16 years old and have parental consent if you are under the age of 18.
For our Lyra or Aerials program we do not have an age restriction, however if you are 14 or younger you will require a guardian to be present during the class. 



Do I have to wear heels?

Heels are not always required and they are definitely not compulsory. Check the class description to see if heels are recommended by your instructor. Some students will argue heels are essential for pole dancing, but if the heels or platforms aren’t for you that’s perfectly fine. In many cases students will opt not to wear them.


What to wear to my first pole tricks class?

A good rule of thumb for Pole is the more skin you show, the more grip you’ll have on the pole.

Even as a beginner you will be using your thighs, knees, calves and ankles to hug the pole, so short shorts are a must for the best possible grip. For your upper body a short sleeved shirt or singlet is best. As you become more of an advanced poler and move through the levels, a sports bra or crop top will help to expose the skin on your elbows, underarms, back and midriff. To get the most from class avoid using moisturiser / oils and remove all jewellery prior to class.


I’m overweight, unfit and/or uncoordinated – can i still join?

Absolutely! We will be able to guide you through the program and help you improve in all of these areas.
When joining you are not expected to have any prior fitness or skills. Our job is to teach you and help you improve over the journey. Many of our members never danced a day in their life before taking a class at The Pole Room and now they can’t stop! 



What to wear to my first lyra/silks class?

Lyra and silks are quite the opposite of pole in the sense that it’s easier fully clothed.
A tight pair of leggings and a tight fitting shirt. Nothing silky or you may slip straight off the apparatus.



What to wear to my first dance or conditioning class?

Dance classes (unless doing advanced choreography) and conditioning classes will rarely require you to grip onto the pole with your skin. Leggings, shorts, shirt, jumpers, whatever’s comfortable and easy for you to dance or move in. In class there’s a chance you’ll get hot and sweaty so bring a light change of clothes if needed. Check the class description to see if knee pads and heels are essential. 



What should I keep in my pole bag?

Hydration is important so always bring a water bottle! We have taps in the studios to refill.
Sweaty hands are the arch-nemesis of a pole dancer, bring along a hand towel and grip which can be purchased from studios! Knee pads are essential to have on hand. There’s a high chance you’ll get hot and sweaty in class so bring a light change of clothes if needed. If you are asthmatic please bring your own inhaler and let your instructor know where it is so she can access it if needs be.




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