How to Make the Most of Your Pole Journey

May 06th, 2022
By thepoleroom

Pole dancing – smooth, sexy, sensual and fierce! That’s what we see. But take a peek behind the curtains, you’d realise it’s not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to get to the top (in its figurative and literal sense). 

So how as a beginner student, do you make the most of your pole journey? We share our secrets here…

Take it one session at a time. Polers sure as hell don’t wake up with superhuman powers! It takes months of practice to realise a full range of motion and master even just one trick! Everyone starts out in an awkward, newly-birthed giraffe stage. But over time, they turn into a full grown graceful giraffe! It simply takes time and patience. So don’t get pressured if your hand springs look more like spring rolls to begin with – trust the process and stay consistent.

Set your own pace, run your own race. Sometimes we feel the pressure seeing our polemates nail a trick faster than we do, forgetting that we’re only in competition with ourselves. The secret to getting the most of your pole journey is to not compare yourself to your buddy! Focus on yourself. If you failed today, try again tomorrow. Every flower blooms in their own time.

Show up! Like any other skill, you can’t step up if you don’t show up. Dedication and determination are keys to progression! Your strength, stamina, flexibility, heck even your 8-inch heel balancing skills develop with time. 

Why so serious? Give yourself a good laugh! Failed a trick? Laugh! Tipped over your heel? Laugh! Slipped on the pole? Laugh! Standing outside in the rain by yourself? Laugh! Okay, maybe it’s better to take shelter, but hey you know what we mean. Everything in life cruises smoothly when you take things lightly. Embrace everything that goes with it! The burns, the morning-after body pains and the callouses! Don’t let them demotivate you, instead, let them inspire you! It’s a journey, isn’t it? So enjoy the spin! 

And last but the least, make friends! We call ourselves the TPR Tribe for the main reason we consider each and every one family! Even the ghost in the backroom occasionally sits down with us for some life advice. It’s always nice to have someone you can share anything with, especially if that someone can be anyone and everyone in the tribe! We’re here whenever you need help with choosing a heel, a pole outfit, learning a trick, naming your new pet, picking what outfit to wear to your office party, stress from work, science and the laws of gravity, someone to finish off your snack *wink wink*. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! 

So the next time you feel demotivated, remember that pole comes with ups and downs and flatlines in between. Enjoy and get the most out of every single part of it. And you’ll be on your way to the most awesome destination yet..the top, of the pole…and of yourself! 


If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Enrol in an upcoming pole course today!. X

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