step 1


Attend classes consistently and learn the tricks and moves to gracefully work the pole

step 2


Take practice sessions to train and perfect what you learn in class

step 3


Complete all rotations of your level and meet all the technical goals and requirements

step 4


Demonstrate mastery through a grading session to unlock the next level!

Grading sessions will run throughout the year and upcoming dates will be announced in studios. Students are encouraged to book a grading session if they have completed all rotations of the level they are enrolled in. When completing a grading session the student should be able to demonstrate a high level of competency when performing the core tricks on both sides of their body and have the stamina to perform the required combinations. Talk to your instructor to learn more. Grading is free for all members.



How long do classes run and what is the class structure?

Each course class is made up of a 10-15 min warm up, a tricks component and a dance component. Covering these every week will help ensure you get an all-round understanding of movement, strength and technique required to be a pole superstar!

Unable to book classes on the app?

You may not have any valid sessions available to book, the class may be fully booked or the current sessions you have may not be valid for the type you are attempting to book – i.e. You’r booking a Workshop rather than a class. You can view your active sessions on the app in the My Account tab.

I’ve booked the wrong class and I can’t remove myself?

One common reason for this is you have booked outside of the cancellation window. Please contact the studio immediately to resolve the issue. If it is not resolved quickly your session may be forfeited if the class is at full capacity and not allowing others to book.


I’m on a waitlist, what does that mean?

Our classes allow for students to add themselves to the class waitlist in order to be notified if a spot becomes available. You will receive a text message or email confirming a spot has become available for you to join.


How do I know if I get into a class from a waitlist?

You will always be notified by email or text when you make it from the Waitlist into the class. Please ensure that your have enabled all your communication settings in your TPR account to receiving text message and/or email notifications. You can change your communication setting from the Settings tab on the app.


I’m on the waitlist, am I able to come to the studio to see if a spot becomes available last minute?

You can opt to be on standby but we cannot guarantee a spot will become available.


I need to reschedule my classes?

To early cancel out of a class, you will need to log into your TPR account, find the class you booked in for and select the cancellation option. Bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the class commencing will be marked as a Late Cancel. A Late Cancel is forfeiting of that session.
The exception to this is if it’s for a medical reason, which will require a medical certificate to be sent through to the studio.


I’m unwell and can no longer attend my scheduled class… can I be credited back my session?

If you are unwell or injured it is your responsibility to remove yourself from class outside the cancellation window of 8 hours. If cancellation is within 8 hours of the class commencing we will require a medical certificate from your health practitioner to credit the session/s back on to your account. 


Can I use my phone to film?

We do allow filming in class as long as the camera is positioned in a way that you’re the only person in the frame. Please be courteous and aware that others may not want themselves on camera. 

Recording and the use of your phone should only be done after the instructor has finished giving safety instructions and body cues. You may also at times be required to assist and spot your fellow students in difficult or complex moves. Please pay attention to your instructor and fellow classmates at all times. We do not allow the use of phones to text and call as a distraction may result in injury or misunderstanding of key points.

Don’t forget to tag us on instagram @thepoleroom or use the hashtags #tprtribe #thepoleroom

Where can I purchase pole gear and shoes?

Everything you need is available in-studio or at the TPR Shop. This goes for grips, kneepads, booty shorts, exclusive TPR merch and even home poles that you can purchase for your home!

How do I download the TPR app and manage my classes?

The TPR app is essential to managing your pole journey. Head to the App Store or Google Play, search “The Pole Room” and sign in with the same account you used to join as a student. This is where you can view and book additional casual classes/workshops, update your profile and see the latest news.

Can I repeat a level?

Of course – The best thing about pole is that you completely go at your own pace. Some students like to repeat levels and progress gradually, whilst others like to keep on moving up as quick as possible. It’s entirely up to you and your goals.

What do I wear to my first class?

Comfy work out clothes – shorts and a singlet/crop is ideal, as the more skin you have showing, the better you’ll grip on the pole. Eventually you will need knee pads, grip and heels, but you can complete your stash at the studio after your first class.

Do you have payment plans?

We sure do! Speak to our team about our flexible payment options upon signing up.

What happens at the end of a course?

Upon finishing a course, you may move up to the next level or repeat your current level. This is based on each level’s individual course requirements and how confident you feel in nailing each trick. NOTE: It is important that you see reception to rebook into the following term, to ensure your place as spots fill up quickly!

What is performance night? Is it compulsory to take part?

Performance night takes place at the end of each term, and is a way to showcase the routine learnt throughout each course. This takes place at your local studio, in front of your fellow students and instructors. Whilst it is not compolsary, we strongly recommend you challenge yourself and experience what it’s like to be on stage! You’ll be so glad you did it.

What is included in the course?

Each course includes course classes, invitations to exclusive events, accountability and support, and the opportunity to perform and end-of-term performance nights. Not to mention you’ll build friendships for life.

I’m unfit, uncoordinated and never done any sort of pole or dance before. Am I eligible to start this course?

Everyone has to start somewhere! The Beginner 1 Course is totally beginner-friendly, so even if you don’t have any fitness background, we can show you the way!


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