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pole dancing classes, pole fitness, group fitness classes, aerial classes, aerial silk classes, aerial silks, aerial fitness

Learn a Pole Routine You'll Master, Love and Perform

pole dancing classes, pole fitness, group fitness classes, aerial classes, aerial silk classes, aerial silks, aerial fitness

Build Unstoppable Confidence to Get On Stage

pole dancing classes, pole fitness, group fitness classes, aerial classes, aerial silk classes, aerial silks, aerial fitness

Get Coaching and Support from Expert Instructors

A Chance to Finally Get on Stage!

Has performing been that one thing on your bucket list that’s just been waiting to get ticked off?  Take this as your calling to be bold and achieve your wildest dreams!

At The Pole Room, our students have the opportunity to take to the stage at any of our exclusive events, run at theatres and studios across Melbourne.

Keep scrolling to learn exactly how you can get involved in our buzzing performance culture. Even if you’re just starting out as a beginner student, it’s time to set your sights on what’s possible and challenge yourself on the way to becoming a bonafide stage performer!

What to expect..

Our in-house competitions and showcases will build you up to become a performer in just 8-weeks. Even if you have no stage experience, or don’t come from a dance background, here are 4 reasons why you need to seriously consider performing:

A Fun & Exciting Challenge


Did you think learning Pole and Aerial from scratch was a rewarding challenge? Well, it’s time to add performing to your bucket list! Not only will you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, but it will also force you to become an even better aerial artist.

Choreographed Routine


Whether you’re learning a choreographed routine in just 8-weeks (Glow), or creating your own routine from scratch (Shine), we got you! Our instructors will help you execute an amazing performance that will have the audience cheering and wanting more!

Memories that Last Forever


Make new friends and make new memories. Have something to look back to in the coming years – from your first pole class, your first pole trick, your first performance showcase to the friends that turned to family along the way.

Group Camaraderie


Our group performances will help you develop your skills in working together with a team. Celebrate progress and wins together, and help encourage each other to reach your own personal goals.

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Upcoming Glow Courses

View our upcoming Glow 8-week courses run across our Mitcham, Kilsyth, CBD and Highett studios. Reserve your spot by booking today!


How long do Glow courses run?

Glow courses are taught over an 8-week period and each session runs for 90 minutes.

What is involved for GLOW?

Glow is a performance course where ‘show-stopper’ routines are choreographed by our amazing instructors and performed on stage in front of a live theatre audience. To prepare for this moment, students join an 8-week course where the performance is taught and rehearsed in preparation for the night. Performances are themed with plenty of glitz and glam for everyone involved.

How much does Glow cost?

To participate in a Glow performance course the total cost is $360. Memberships give you eligibility to enrol in an upcoming Glow course, however, sessions from the membership cannot be used towards the course. Payment is required upfront with Zip Pay and AfterPay available in-studio. Please be aware that there are extra costs associated with Glow such as costumes (we ask our instructors to keep at $100 or less), hair and make-up (these could be done yourself). Glow is a challenge and a commitment and as such there are no refunds, account credits or exchanges on GLOW courses.

I’ve never pole danced before. How can I get involved?

If taking to the stage in front of a live audience sounds like a challenge then we encourage you to join our pole and aerial program at one of The Pole Room’s locations in Melbourne. Once you have completed our Beginner level 1 introductory course, you’ll have what it takes to audition for Shine or join a fully choreographed routine for our Glow Showcase.

Do I Need A Membership To Participate In Glow or Shine?

Yes. All participants of Glow and Shine will need to hold a TPR membership for the duration of the Glow course and showcase, or if you are participating in Shine; you will need a membership throughout the auditions until after the competition. Performance nights at the studio are open to all active session pack holders and members.

How do I buy tickets to attend an event?

Tickets are released in the lead-up to an event through our social media accounts.

How Much Does Shine Cost?

Shine is free for all TPR members to audition and compete. There are competition packages available for all students competing to ensure they can secure tickets for their friends and family before they are released to the General Public.

Performance Photos

Ready for an experience of a lifetime?

Does getting on stage and performing in front of a live audience scare you? Well, it shouldn’t. With the guidance of our professional instructors you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

For many of our past performers, the part they remember the most is the group camaraderie and friendships that will last a lifetime.

We encourage absolutely everyone to give performing a shot.

Once you’ve committed to a performance goal, we’ll map your journey and be with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to be stage ready?

Our Events

Our calendar rotates around 3 types of Events and Showcases to ensure you're always working towards a new goal

Studio Locations

Not already a member? Get started now at any of our 4 Melbourne studios and you'll be starring in your own show in no time!


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