Membership Terms & Conditions

Our membership terms & conditions apply across all recurring based subscriptions at The Pole Room. Memberships are created to encourage an on-going commitment to the program in the form of reduced pricing and increased service offerings. Please read the following terms & conditions before signing on to a membership.

1.0 Contract, Minimum Term & Cooling Off Period
1.1. This is a re-occurring billing agreement and will charge your account in regular intervals until cancelled or suspended
1.2. Memberships are billed at weekly intervals unless otherwise requested (fortnightly and yearly available)
1.3. All contracts have a 8-week minimum term from the date of activation
1.4. No suspensions or cancellations are permitted during the minimum term (1.3)
1.5. All membership payments are final and no refunds are available.
1.6. A 7-day cooling off period applies from the date your membership is purchased

2.0 Class Sessions Policy
2.1. Sessions are valid for 4 weeks (28 Days) from the date of credit – Sessions not used within this time period will automatically expire
2.1. Sessions are only valid for our weekly casual class and level based courses
2.2. Sessions cannot be transferred or used by other clients, family, friends or associates
2.3. Sessions cannot be used for services such as performance / showcase / speciality courses, private training and/or pole parties
2.4. Sessions cannot be redeemed for a retail or account credit
2.5. Sessions cannot be refunded if they are unused or expire
2.6. Sessions cannot be refunded, redeemed or transferred for any external factors such as injury, holiday or circumstances that you believe are outside of your control
2.7. Once your payment has been processed, your account will be credited with the number of sessions your membership
2.8. Sessions can only be used once they have been credited on to your account
2.9. Sessions must be booked on classes and practice session that fall within their activation and expiry date. I.e. If you session expires in 7 days, you cannot book a class 8 days in advance.
2.10. The minimum notice required to cancel a class is 6 hours. Failure to remove yourself from class with at least 6 hours notice (from the class start time) will mean the session is forfeited.
2.11. It’s the responsibility of the client to correctly manage their schedule and sessions through the app or website. The Pole Room is not responsible for bookings or purchases made by the client within these platforms
2.12. Sessions may only be used to book classes that are within your experience and ability level. For example, a Beginner student may not book an Intermediate level class until they have their instructors permission

3.0. Practice Session Policy
3.1. Some memberships may contain in-studio Practice Sessions. These Practice sessions give you the ability to book any practice time on the schedule that is running during studio opening hours
3.2. Practice sessions are valid for 4 weeks (28 Days) from date of credit. Sessions that are not used within this time period will automatically expire. Unlimited Practice sessions do not expire.
3.4. Fair use policy applies for unlimited practice. Our fair use policy states that clients using their practice session must do so in a way that takes into consideration other users of the studios for example, clients who book practice and do not show up may have their booking rights suspended.

4.0. Outside Hours Practice
3.1. Outside hours practice is the reserved for High Flyer members who are at Beginner Level 2 and have completed at least 20 in-studio classes at any of our studios. To apply for outside hours access you must first complete this form:
3.2. Outside hours is unsupervised and a key tag or code is required
3.3. A key tag or code is organised through the registration form link above

6.0. Suspension and Pausing Your Account
6.1. When your account is suspended it becomes inactive and sessions cannot be used
6.2. Accrued session expiration times are frozen to ensure they do not expire and will be available when you return
6.3. Membership suspensions are available after the first 12 weeks for injury and travel
6.4. Membership suspensions are available for a maximum of 3 months per year
6.5. Membership suspensions are free for 14 days but will incur a weekly $5.00 administration fee for every week after this
6.6. Membership suspensions require 7 days notice (from the date of signing your request form) and cannot be backdated
6.7. All membership suspensions require a suspension request form to be filled out at

7.0 Downgrading & Cancellation Policy
7.1. Membership downgrades require a membership cancellation
7.2. 28 days notice is required to cancel your membership
7.3. All membership cancellations require a Cancellation Request form to be filled out at
7.4. The 28 days cancellation period will start once your signature has been received and cannot be backdated
7.5. Your regular debits will occur as normal during the 28 days cancellation period
7.6. When your account is cancelled your account will remain ‘active’ for 30 days. During this time any remaining sessions can be used at the studio

8.0 Payment Processing & Account Management

8.1. All payments are processed by a third party – Mindbody
8.2. If your debit fails then we will contact you directly via both email and phone to rectify any outstanding payments
8.3. An automatic $15.00 administration fee applies for any failed payments
8.4. We reserve the right to pause any accounts that show a negative account balance, and only reinstate the account once the total owing has been paid.

9.0 Performance Night & Competition and Showcase Policy

9.1. Our stage show Glow and Shine events are reserved for members only. All competitors and participants must hold a casual flyer membership or above and be regularly attending the studios throughout their enrolment in the event
9.2. Performance nights in studio are reserved for Session Pack holders, Members and Intro package holders. To perform at an event you must:
a)have been enrolled in an 8 week course and
b )have attended at least 60% all sessions ran for that term
9.3 Performance nights do not guarantee the ability to perform. We will also do our best to fit all performers into the night, however due to time scheduling pressures, preference will be given to groups, instructors and 1st time students who have never performed.

10.0 GLOW Performance Course Contract 

This Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between [Participant Name] (“Participant”) and [The Pole Room Pty Ltd] (“The Pole Room”) on the date of enrolment into the Glow Routine & Performance Course [Glow].

10.1 Course Description and Requirements: The Participant acknowledges that they have read and understood the description of the 8-week performance course (“Course”) provided by The Pole Room. The Participant agrees to attend the required training sessions to learn a choreographed routine that will be performed with their group on stage at the designated theatre communicated through our marketing channels. These requirements also apply to Solo performers enrolled in our ‘Glow Your Own Way’ course.

10.2 Participant Eligibility: The Participant agrees to enroll in a course that matches their skill level as indicated in the course title as (BEG+), (INT+) or (ADV+) with the acronyms signalling that the participant must be currently at, or above, the level assigned to the course. GLOW reserves the right to assess the Participant’s skill level and may recommend a different course.

10.3 Course Capacity and Cancellation: The Participant acknowledges that the Course has a maximum capacity of 10 students. Glow also has a minimum numbers for the course to run and will make best efforts to meet these minimum enrolment numbers. In the event that the Course does not meet minimum enrolment and is cancelled, or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances the Participant shall be entitled to a full refund.

10.4 Payment and Cancellation Policy: The Participant agrees to pay the specified course fee in full at the time of booking. No holds on courses are allowed without payment. A 7-day cancellation window is provided from the start date of the Course. If an enrolment occurs within this 7 day window, the Participant may change, cancel, or swap their enrolment to another course within 12 hours of making the booking. After this time, all enrolments are final and no refunds are available.

10.5 Membership Requirement: The Participant agrees to maintain their TPR membership for the duration of the Course and showcase. Suspensions and cancellations are not permitted within this window. This agreement supersedes all prior agreements, representations, and understandings of our Membership contracts.

10.6 Cost and Discounts: The Participant acknowledges that the cost of the Course is as listed at Checkout and no discounts are available. The price does not include tickets to watch the show.

10.7 Session Duration and Additional Costs: The Participant acknowledges that each session of the Course runs for the time specified in the booking confirmation. Additionally, the Participant acknowledges the existence of extra costs associated with the Course, such as costumes (capped at $150), hair, and make-up.

10.8 Refunds and Exchanges: The Participant acknowledges that outside of the cancellation window, there are no refunds, account credits, or exchanges on Glow.

10.9 Attendance and Commitment: The Participant agrees that attendance to at all sessions. Failure to meet this requirement may result in removal from the performance course. The Participant agrees to communicate any anticipated absences with their instructor before booking. This will most likely require the participant undertake additional training in the form of Private 1-1 sessions with their Glow course instructor at The Pole Room’s private training rates.

10.10 Conduct: The Participant agrees to behave in a manner that is conducive to the group’s learning environment. The Pole Room reserves the right to remove any Participant from the performance course if their behaviour is disruptive to the group. Bullying, harassment or other forms of negative behaviour will not be tolerated.

10.11 Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Australia.

10.12 Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the Participant and GLOW and supersedes all prior agreements, representations, and understandings for the duration of Glow.



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