Unleash Your Inner Pole Star: A Crash Course for Beginners

Mar 21st, 2023
By thepoleroom

Picture this: You arrive at the pole dance competition, feeling both nervous and excited. You’ve been practicing for months, perfecting your routine and pushing yourself to new heights.

As you step onto the stage, the lights dim and the music starts. You start to move, feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you hit each pose flawlessly. The audience is captivated, cheering you on as you transition from one move to the next with ease.

And then, the climax of your routine arrives. You execute the most challenging move you’ve ever attempted – a daring spin that requires both strength and grace. You hold your breath as you twist and turn around the pole, defying gravity and stunning everyone in the room.

Finally, as you come to the end of your routine, you strike your final pose and the crowd erupts into applause. You can feel the energy pulsing through the room as you take your final bow, knowing that you’ve achieved your dream of being a pole dance champion. It’s a moment you’ll never forget, and one that will inspire you to keep pushing yourself to new heights in the future.

This dream is never far away and if so many of our students at The Pole Room have reached it, so can you! If you haven’t already heard our structured 7 level Pole Program there’s still time to start your pole dreams with any of our upcoming introductory Pole courses at our Mitcham, Highett, CBD and Kilsyth studios.

Our Pole Program is designed to help aspiring polers tap into their inner strength, grace, and creativity. In our introductory courses, you will learn the foundational moves of pole dance, build strength and flexibility, and develop your own unique style. Led by our experienced pole dance instructors, our pole program is for those who want to explore the world of pole and unleash their inner pole star. 


Our introductory courses are short but definitely sweet! They are designed to be more tricks focused with emphasis on nailing technique. You’ll build your strength, flexibility and confidence as you focus on the grips, climbs, and spins on the pole.

 Week One is when you’ll get to meet your lovely instructors, pole buddies and of course your quirky Studio Managers. WhatsApp group chats will be popping on your phone giving you a chance to connect and share the wins. And our Facebook community group will give you plenty of pole inspiration and studio updates.

By week 2 you’ve survived your first class, woohoo! The shock has dissipated, now it’s time to build your momentum! In addition to your scheduled course you’ve tried some of our large range of alternative style fitness classes that run throughout the week and include flexibility, strength and dance.

Pole jitters, who dat? In the final weeks you’ve probably already built your confidence and have felt the changes to your strength and flexibility. Crazy how your body can do so much more than you thought it could!

Congratulations on completing such an intensive experience, now it’s time to immerse yourself deeper into pole through our program. In this structured and progressive pole program we’ll continue to build on the skills learnt in this course, as you take it one level at a time from Beginner level 2 all the way to Elite levels.


As part of the TPR Tribe, we celebrate diversity and inclusion, welcoming people of all ages, sizes, and abilities. It’s not just about the physical fitness, but the support, encouragement, and friendships that come with it.

Being part of the pole community is about building relationships, fostering growth, and having fun. We provide a safe and welcoming space where you can connect with like-minded individuals. It’s a place where you can be yourself and express yourself, within a community that values individuality and encourages you to be your best.

Joining the TPR pole community is not just about what happens in the studio, it’s about creating lifelong connections inside and outside of class. So come and be part of the TPR Tribe and experience the joy, energy, and sense of belongingness that comes with pole!

The Pole Room studios are inclusive and we accept everyone who is serious about making pole their number priority!



Very understanding and I didn’t feel judged at all. I left the class feeling happy and comfortable in my body ~ Hannah

Awesome class, so full of energy i had so much fun! ~ Emily

Absolutely amazing! Loved it and everything about it. I’ve never performed in anything and every single person at TPR made me feel at so much ease! ~ Erin

Love the choreography, Super nice, attentive and explains well! – Ziwen

Really fun, great moves & level – completely suited to everyone, really enjoyed this! ~ Julia


Do I need any prior dance or fitness experience to start pole dancing?
No, prior experience is not necessary. Pole dancing is a great way to improve your fitness level and flexibility, and most classes are tailored to accommodate all skill levels.

Is pole dancing safe?
Yes, when performed correctly and under proper supervision, pole dancing is a safe activity. It is important to warm up properly before beginning any class, use proper technique when executing moves, and listen to your body to avoid injury.

Do I need to have upper body strength to pole dance?
Having prior upper body strength is not a requirement to start pole dancing. As you continue practicing pole dancing, your upper body strength will gradually improve over time.

What should I wear to a pole dancing class?
It is recommended to wear comfortable, form-fitting athletic wear that allows for ease of movement. The more skin the better as it will help with gripping the pole.

Is pole dancing only for young people?

Absolutely not! Pole dancing is a fun activity for everyone regardless of age. We offer courses tailored to meet the needs of teenagers, as well as individuals aged 40 and above who are interested in learning how to pole dance.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the exhilaration of pole dancing! Join us today and discover the countless benefits of this unique and empowering activity. With our supportive community and expert instructors, you’ll gain confidence, strength, and skills you never thought possible. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get pole dancing! Check out all the upcoming introductory pole courses here.

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