Rock Bottom To Stronger Than Ever – Sarah’s Story

How pole dance restored Sarah’s ability to love who she was, and her body.

The minute Sarah walked into The Pole Room, she fell instantly in love and has never looked back. Within a year of starting pole dance classes, the young mum improved her upper body strength and flexibility, which enabled her to perform in the studio competition, Shine. “The TPR environment is nothing like I have ever experienced. I can walk into any class and feel at home. Even if I suck, even if I don’t know anyone, no-one judges and everyone supports each other.”

But her journey to find the TPR family wasn’t an easy one. At only 15, Sarah fell pregnant with her beautiful daughter. The experience of pregnancy and childbirth proved life-threatening to both Sarah and her daughter. It left the teen mum suffering Post Traumatic Stress, Post Natal Depression and anxiety. Self hatred soon set in and Sarah found it hard to get out of bed every day.

“Pregnancy destroyed my body, externally and internally. We barely survived the birth which left me with PTSD, PND and anxiety” she said. Alone and isolated at home with a baby, Sarah said her self esteem dropped to zero. “I hated myself, my body, my inability to fit in,” Sarah said. That was, until she found The Pole Room…

“Early last year my friend Ash mentioned she’d signed up at The Pole Room and loved it. I hated the gym and was struggling to get out of bed and get moving. She convinced me to join her for a week…she had to call and sign me up because I couldn’t even do that.”

Today, everything has changed.

“I love my body and everything it can do. TPR (The Pole Room) turned my life around. When I’m having a bad day I still make sure I get to class and it pushes me to fight through it. I really can’t put into words what my friends and teachers at pole have done for me.”

The Results of The Pole Room Survey are in… Drum-roll please!

Thank-you to everyone who participated in The Pole Room (TPR) survey. The results revealed some interesting statistics about The Pole Room and the industry as a whole. Some key findings of the survey were:

  • 85% of respondent’s surveyed were current TPR students.
  • 100% of Poler’s are participating in Pole dancing for the “Health and Fitness” benefits. This is an interesting statistic and could indicate that the sport is beginning to gain some acceptance and popularity as a fitness activity. Other results included; 82% of respondents are interested in “Learning New Tricks” and 79% are doing it for the “Feeling of Achievement” that comes with nailing a trick or routine.
  • Half of the respondent watch YouTube video tutorials to learn tricks and routines.
  • The value that best described The Pole Room was ‘Acceptance’, followed in a close second to ‘Fun’! This is no surprise considering the success of our community ‘Market Night’ and the fun that radiates through every participant and instructor. We’re so lucky to have you all!!
  • There was a very even spread among what respondents wanted to see more of at The Pole Room in 2016. Strength and conditioning classes, Pole and Aerial Workshops, Practice Session Availability and In House Student Competition were ranked in that order.
  • There is a fairly even split of Poler’s who have a gym membership and those who do not. Majority of students would use weights and other equipment if it was available in The Pole Room.

Overall the feedback was extremely positive and we thank you for an amazing year so far.

We will continue to examine the written feedback and will be working hard to implement a number of exciting new courses and programs in the future!!

Our Focus On Improvement

Can you believe that one year ago The Pole Room was only a fluttering thought, a wild dream, an impossible possibility?

Since The Pole Room’s inception into the world of pole dancing and aerial fitness we have committed to providing the finest instruction and results in Melbourne. And a huge part of that mission involves making continuous reinvestment in our business for:

  • Hiring and retaining the top instructors in the area. We hire trainers with expert knowledge, friendly personalities, and a genuine concern for your success. Check out our amazing pole dance instructor rooster here.
  • Continuing education from leading industry experts. Our philosophy is to make continual investments in our instructors and member-based systems to improve your experience and poling ability!
  • New equipment purchases. As we add unique and specific programming to our facility, we are continuing to upgrade and improve our facilities.
  • Small class sizes. We keep our classes small to ensure the best customer experience possible!

These investments are just a way of saying thank-you. We’re so grateful to have such an amazing community of vibrant and magnificent people who are committed to being the best versions of themselves.

With much love,

The Pole Room



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