Courses Are Coming to TPR!

Dec 16th, 2021
By thepoleroom

In 2022 we’ve made some exciting new changes to the timetable! In this article, you’ll understand:

  • What Courses are and how they will be a game-changer for your motivation and accountability!
  • Why Courses? Say hello to newfound commitment to kick goals you never thought possible!
  • How Courses work – how to get involved, what’s included and what’s expected!
  • FAQs (we know you’ve got plenty!)

What are Courses

Hitting the TPR timetables in 2022, courses are designed to grow you up the ranks as a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and then an Elite level poler. You’ll have the opportunity to perform, accomplish new tricks, and in the process smash your conditioning and strength goals.

Once enrolled you’ll attend the same night every week, with the same instructor at the same studio with the same peeps. Classes will incorporate both tricks and dance, so you get a comprehensive grasp of the level by continuing to execute what you’ve learnt in a routine. Courses will each have a start and end date, meaning when you enrol you’ll be committing to:

  • 8 classes (1 per week)
  • Week 7 grading session
  • Opportunity to perform your routine with your group in week 8

Why Courses

When you enrol into a course, you’re committing to bringing your best to every session. You have a new sense of “why”, knowing that you need to pass a specific level and pull off a performance at the end. This results-based mentality will keep you focused. You’ll eat better, train with intention, and be surrounded by people who share the same mindset.

In courses, you’ll have your tight-knit group and your allocated instructor guiding you every step of the way. The TPR Tribe will be the cheer squad that’ll get you excited about coming to class so you can keep progressing and growing your skills.

Pole Dance Journey
Typical pathway for Polers at The Pole Room

How Courses work

TPR’s Courses commence from the last week of January across our Mitcham, Highett and Kilsyth studio. CBD courses will be kicking off once the studio is open – currently scheduled for a late February launch.

Once enrolled, you are expected to show up, be open to learn and challenge yourself!

Gradings will run in week 7. In this session, you’ll be marked on your technique and ability to perform tricks learnt throughout the course. If you pass the grading you will have the opportunity to move up to the next level, it’s no biggie if you don’t but it’s always something to aim for.

Performance Nights will run at the end of most 8-week courses to conclude the term. These will be group performances (with some solo opportunities), ran out of the studio. You’ll get the full experience. Dress up, put on a show and bring your pole artistry to the routine you learnt over the course.

Booking a Course

All courses will appear in the current schedule and so booking an 8-week course is simple for existing clients.

  • Non-members: You will need to purchase an 8 Session Package, which will cover all sessions over the 8 weeks.
  • Members (Casual Flyer, Frequent Flyer and High Flyer): Members will be able to book a course as unpaid. Sessions from the membership will then be deducted from the corresponding week that the course will run (in advance). For example, if you are a Casual Flyer and have booked an 8-week course starting January 31st then one session will be deducted each week from your account starting the week of January 26th.

Important Course Dates 2022

  • Term 1    Monday, Jan 31 – Sunday, March 27
  • Term 2    Monday, March 28 – Sunday, May 22
  • Term 3    Monday, May 23 – Sunday, July 17
  • Term 4    Monday, July 18 – Sunday, September 11
  • Term 5    Monday, Sept 12 – Sunday, Nov 6
  • Term 6    Monday, Nov 7 – Sunday, Dec 18 (6 week mini Christmas Term)
  • Christmas Timetable Monday, Dec 19 onwards
End of Term Performance/Graduation Nights
  • Term 1: Friday, March 25th @Kilsyth, Saturday, March 26th @CBD
  • Term 2: Friday, May 20th @Mitcham, Saturday, May 21st @CBD
  • Term 3: Friday, July 15th @Kilsyth, Saturday, July 16th @CBD
  • Term 4: Friday, September 9th @Mitcham, Saturday, September 10th @CBD
  • Term 5: Friday, November 4th @Kilsyth, Saturday, November 5th @CBD
  • Term 6: Friday, December 16th @ Mitcham, Saturday, December 17th @CBD



  • Will you still run Casual Classes? Yes all of our Dance and Conditioning based classes will still be casual classes that can be attended as normal
  • I’m new to The Pole Room.. where can I learn more about beginner courses and if they are right for me? If you’re new to The Pole Room and want learn about getting started with a course, including our introductory offer click here.
  • Are courses compulsory? No, courses are completely optional as part of your TPR experience. However, if you want to see rapid progression courses is where it’s at!
  • Do I have to perform and grade? Performance nights and grading are not compulsory but STRONGLY recommended if you want to feel a huge sense of achievement from all your hard work.
  • I’m a new client, can I join a membership? At this time, memberships are only available to those clients who have completed an 8-week course at any of our locations. 
  • How do you move up to the next level? You must have passed Grading by your instructor in week 7 of the term
  • When do the next terms enrolments open for course? We start taking bookings in week 6, however, the start of week 8 is when we will need your full commitment.
  • What happens if I cannot make all 8 sessions? It’s not ideal but also not the end of the world. You can either catch up via Private Training with your instructor outside of class times, or we can look at swapping you into another course in the same level during the same week.
  • Can I join two courses running in the same term? Absolutely! This is actually recommended for faster progression.
  • Are there any discounts for joining multiple courses? If you are a member then individual sessions do become cheaper on higher tiers.
  • What is the notice required to cancel and rebook another session in another course? We expect most courses will be at capacity so it’s recommended you give us at least 48 hours notice to ensure we can find another spot in a course.  

Excited, nervous, ready to go?! Let us know, plus any questions by posting in the comments below!


If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self. Get in touch with us  for a complimentary trial class. X


5 thoughts on “Courses Are Coming to TPR!

  1. Hi there, I bought an 8 session pack to do Aerial Hammocks course – Not sure what to do next? I’m afraid in case the session pack expires before to 8 weeks are up?
    Can I go ahead and book in to the sessions or will I be pre-booked?

    Cheers! Sue

    1. Hi Sue, I’ve seen that this has been resolved! We’ve made sure that the sessions wont expire before the 8 weeks is up. See you around the studio soon! x

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