5 Tips to Help You Progress As a Beginner

Pole is a challenge! There, we said it. But the path to moving with strength, grace and effortless flow can be done. If you’re reading this as a student moving through a Beginner Pole dancing level course, here are a few tips that will help you progress:

1. Practice consistently:

The more you practice, the more muscle memory you’ll develop and the easier the moves will become. Try to set aside a regular time each week to practice, outside your classes. An additional hour or two a week is enough to feel a big difference.

2. Pay attention to your form:

Proper form is key to executing moves safely and effectively. Make sure you’re using the correct grip and alignment for each move, and ask your instructor for feedback if you’re not sure. It also helps to film yourself as much as possible, so you have greater visibility of your technique.

3. Ask for help:

 If you’re struggling with a particular move, seek assistance from your instructor or a more experienced classmate. It’s better to ask for help and get it right than to try to figure it out on your own and risk injury. When in doubt, you can also ask your instructor for a private lesson.

4. Focus on your progress:

Remember that pole dancing is a journey, not a destination. Rather than stressing about perfection, try to focus on the progress you’re making. Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem.

5. Have fun:

Above all, remember to enjoy the process. Pole dancing is supposed to be fun, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Take breaks when you need them and try to have a good time. 

Remember that everyone progresses at their own pace, and it’s okay if you don’t master a move right away. Just keep showing up, immerse yourself in the TPR Tribe and stay positive! 

If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and become the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Skills-based courses and classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance. Click here to get started!


From Bullied To Built-Up – Lauren’s Story

Lauren speaks about how The Pole Room family and Pole rekindled her love of dance

Lauren’s love for dance had dwindled to the point where she no longer enjoyed what had previously been a great passion. The 23-year-old had been dancing at a toxic school, for most of her life before discovering aerial fitness – both Lyra and Pole dancing. “Pole honestly saved me, gave me confidence, showed me love and gave me a whole new life. Pole helped restore my love of health and fitness because it really doesn’t feel like exercise.” she said.

Before finding The Pole Room, the young dancer felt like she hit rock bottom. “Even when I started going to the gym I felt judged. I didn’t feel confident. I felt weak, fat and out of place. I hated that. Because of all this happening around me on a constant basis, I eventually got such a negative association with fitness”. It was after Lauren travelled overseas, she decided she needed a new challenge. That’s when she decided to look into The Pole Room studio in Kilsyth, which she had driven past so many times. “I thought, maybe this could be fun,” she said.

The young dancer tried lyra – aerial hoops – which she instantly loved. “I thought this studio is going to be the same, I’m going to hate it. But that was not the case,” she said.
“I looked forward to going back to the studio each week. I felt so included, which I wasn’t used to.” Soon, Lauren decided to try out pole dancing. “After being encouraged by numerous new friends and a few teachers, I decided to start pole,” she said. “I didn’t feel 100 per cent confident for months. It took a lot for me to get the courage to wear booty shorts and just a crop.

“But everyone was amazing. I didn’t feel judged, get evil looks or anything. I was being loved and supported. It was amazing”. What went from one class a week, turned into three, which turned into five and soon Lauren was at the studio almost every day. “I’ve gained so much strength without even knowing,” she said. “I look forward to exercising, I look forward to going to pole each day, every week.” “Pole even gave me the courage to compete in Shine – the studio competition – and most recently I performed a solo dance, which I thought was never possible.”

Why I Pole

From the outside looking in, pole dancing doesn’t fit within the conventional realm of fitness. It’s challenging, it’s edgy and it’s fun! Unfortunately it’s also often misunderstood by some… So over the weekend I decided to bring 3 of our Elite Level students together for a training session to find out “why” they pole. Their answers aren’t surprising to me, but they could be to you.


The Pole Room is on a mission to build strong and healthy communities by introducing women to exercise that is fun, challenging and empowering. EXERCISE SHOULD NEVER BE BORING! Exercise should be exhilarating, you should look forward to moving your body every day, it should never be a chore. What’s more, exercise should be a release, a creative outlet, a way to socialise and learn new things. Instead of counting the number of calories burned, our students count the number of spins, tricks, and combinations they can perform.

Our “Pole Dancing for Fitness” program is for anybody who wants to unleash their inner goddess! We’ll start you at Beginner level and build your strength, flexibility, and confidence. Most Beginner students couldn’t even do a push-up when they started – let alone pull themselves up on a pole. As you progress through each level, you’ll discover a new and improved version of yourself – a stronger, fitter and healthier version. Someone that you love from the inside out.

So are you ready to learn a new skill and teach your body to do things you never thought possible? Are you ready for a new challenge? Are you ready to join a positive and uplifting community?

Then get in touch today!