10 Epic Hens Party Mistakes

Are you responsible for planning your best friends Hens Party? Here are our top 10 hens party mistakes that you can easily avoid when planning the occasion.

  1. Indecision: Indecision leads to inaction. Make a decision on the date, venue and any activities ASAP and send out the invitations. Most people need an average of 60 days notice and most venues require 60 days notice for large group bookings – especially in peak season. Don’t leave everything to the last minute!
  1. Breaking bank accounts: Not everyone is going to want to finance a 3-day luxury escape interstate. Decide on a budget with the group and stick to it!
  1. Planning a meal before the activities: Group activities break down social barriers and encourage interaction. Leave the seated meals until after the activities – no one enjoys a forced dinner table conversation with someone they just met…
  1. Organising the party around alcohol: In theory alcohol is a great way to break the ice and get the party started. In reality, you have no control on how much is consumed by the attendees. Save the alcohol for last so the Hen isn’t nursing a bucket before the party has officially started.
  1. Inappropriate surprises: Don’t plan a surprise without going through a surprise validation process. Ask the Hen’s friends and family if the male stripper idea is appropriate before he jumps out of the box!
  1. Not confirming the guest list: Before the invitations go out, make sure you confirm all the guests and see if there is anyone you may have forgotten. Perhaps more importantly make sure you’re only short-listing people the Hen has approved.
  1. Over planning: An army style executed event is no fun. Find a balance between spontaneity and over planning. Leave enough time for travel and guests who may be running late.
  1. Neglecting ways to save: Think smart. Pack a lunch, ask for group discounts and designated drivers. The group will appreciate your frugality.
  1. No imagination: Be creative and focus the party on the Hen. Unique themes always add some flair to a hens party.
  1. Trying to please everyone: It’s not going to happen. It’s simply the nature of party planning. Your main priority however is to the ensure the Hen has the final say on the venue, guests and activities… After-all you didn’t really think you were planning the party, right?

Do you have any epic hens party mistakes that you would like to add to the list?

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Ringwood Pole Classes

[Special Announcement] Ringwood Pole Classes

The Pole Room Ringwood studio was built on the imagination of having a loving space to teach, dance, laugh and create. Our Ringwood pole classes were designed to bring people together, to learn a new skill, to encourage one another and feel that sense of achievement when you finally nail that trick or perform that sexy routine. At the time the Ringwood studio was built, the size of the space didn’t matter, it was the love of pole that made it all worthwhile.

Over the past term, we have come to the realisation that the Ringwood studio was only ever supposed to be a stepping-stone in the on-going growth of the The Pole Room. As our expertise in the pole dancing industry has evolved, we strongly believe that a more dynamic space is required for our students to reach their full potential. To ensure we can deliver amazing pole dancing classes (in a space that truly represents our brand), we have made the decision to bring The Pole Room Family together under the one roof. Moving forward all Ringwood pole dancing classes will be run at The Pole Room Kilsyth – 10/1-3 Southfork Drive, Kilsyth. This decision was not made lightly, however with our Kilsyth studio only 15 minutes down Canterbury road, we believe this change was necessary. All of our super talented teachers will continue to teach at The Pole Room and we can’t wait to unveil the changes we are making in preparation for term 2.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making the space outgrow its full potential. With the renovations almost complete at the Kilsyth studio, term 2 at The Pole Room Kilsyth will open more classes and courses to accommodate any increases in enrolments.



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