Covid-19 Official Policies and Procedures

In the light of the recent worldwide events surrounding COVID-19 The Pole Room is taking extra steps to ensure the highest level of hygiene in our studios. We are keeping a close watch on the latest recommendations from the Department of Health, and the national and state governments to ensure we are doing everything possible for the health and wellbeing of the TPR Tribe. Please be assured that we will always put the health and safety of our staff and clients first.

On that note, in our studios we are taking affirmative action to combat not just Covid-19 but also the common flu and cold. Whilst in the studios we ask that all visitors continue to practice good hygiene by following these 5 simple steps:

  1. Wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser at reception on arrival. When washing, ensure at least 20 seconds of vigorous lathering. Use hand sanitiser as an added protection measure, but bear in mind that hand-washing is the most effective first line of defence!
  2. Get some elbow grease into it! Before and after each class, use the methylated spirits to wipe down and around your pole.
  3. Bring your own towel and kneepads to class. We will no longer be hiring or lending out these items at the front desk until further notice.
  4. Avoid hugging and unnecessary contact. Have you seen the new TPR hug and footsie greeting? Check out the pinned post in your studios FB group to see this in action!
  5. If you are feeling unwell, develop a cough, sore throat or feel short of breath please stay at home. Even if your symptoms are unrelated we ask you to rest up until you’re OK.
In addition to this, our professional cleaning company is focusing their deep cleans on high traffic areas in the studios such as door handles, light switches and surfaces. You will also be seeing our reception team wiping down these areas throughout their shifts. You may notice some small changes to the programming and schedule in the coming days, to allow for a more thorough clean between sessions.

Over the next few days we will be adding more cleaning products to the rooms, including hand sanitiser, wipes and sprays. In the mean time you will be able to find these products at reception.

Finally, the unknown around covid-19 is a scary time for everyone. In times of stress and worry, keeping healthy through regular exercise, hydration and rest is key to increasing your own natural immunity. If you’re feeling worried or overwhelmed about the impact this is having on society be sure to reach out. We’re such a strong community #TPRTRIBE and always come together in times of need. 

Much Love,

The Pole Room

WOW! Hands Across The Water Fundraiser Outcome!

On Friday the 17th of Feb, The Pole Room hosted a Trivia night fundraiser to support fellow student Chloe Bright, who will be embarking on a bike ride across Thailand to raise money for a fabulous cause – Hands Across the Water. 

About Chloe’s Fundraising Efforts

“In March 2017 I will be embarking on a massive journey of personal growth. I will be riding 500kms across Thailand to help raise money for a charity called Hands Across the Water. Hands Across The Water is a charity who puts 100% of donations into sustainable projects that shelter, feed & educate children across Thailand who have been abandoned or orphaned. Giving them opportunities that they would never even dream of. Although the ride will be extremely demanding & difficult, I am dedicated to helping make a difference. I am aiming to raise $5000 to put straight into projects for the kids.”

Doors opened at 7:30pm with trivia questions about history, movies, TV & more. Prizes were awarded across many games & silent auction items (including some of the fabulous teachers who put themselves up to be auctioned off)!! Also, it wouldn’t be a trivia night fundraiser at The Pole Room without some special half time performances from Pole Dance extraordinaire Shannyn Leonie and Lyra phenomenon Miranda Walker. The event was all about coming together as a family, having fun, and raising money for such a fantastic cause. 

Thank you everyone who attended the TPR Trivia night! It was an absolute blast with an incredible outcome. The Pole Room Family raised over $2200 for Hands Across the water to put straight into projects to feed, shelter and educate kids in Thailand who have been abandoned or orphaned. What an incredible impact we’ve made towards Chloe Brights fundraising goal. Thank you also to all the businesses and people who donated products and services to the Trivia night. We were so overwhelmed by your generosity and it wouldn’t have come together as well as it did without everyones input.

“A special thank you to Jasmine and The Pole Room for hosting and all your support in bringing the night together. What an amazing sense of community we have at TPR. Never have I come across such a loving and supportive environment.” – Chloe Bright



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