The Results of The Pole Room Survey are in… Drum-roll please!

Thank-you to everyone who participated in The Pole Room (TPR) survey. The results revealed some interesting statistics about The Pole Room and the industry as a whole. Some key findings of the survey were:

  • 85% of respondent’s surveyed were current TPR students.
  • 100% of Poler’s are participating in Pole dancing for the “Health and Fitness” benefits. This is an interesting statistic and could indicate that the sport is beginning to gain some acceptance and popularity as a fitness activity. Other results included; 82% of respondents are interested in “Learning New Tricks” and 79% are doing it for the “Feeling of Achievement” that comes with nailing a trick or routine.
  • Half of the respondent watch YouTube video tutorials to learn tricks and routines.
  • The value that best described The Pole Room was ‘Acceptance’, followed in a close second to ‘Fun’! This is no surprise considering the success of our community ‘Market Night’ and the fun that radiates through every participant and instructor. We’re so lucky to have you all!!
  • There was a very even spread among what respondents wanted to see more of at The Pole Room in 2016. Strength and conditioning classes, Pole and Aerial Workshops, Practice Session Availability and In House Student Competition were ranked in that order.
  • There is a fairly even split of Poler’s who have a gym membership and those who do not. Majority of students would use weights and other equipment if it was available in The Pole Room.

Overall the feedback was extremely positive and we thank you for an amazing year so far.

We will continue to examine the written feedback and will be working hard to implement a number of exciting new courses and programs in the future!!