A Poler’s Journey to Finding Body Positivity

Jul 12th, 2021
By thepoleroom

– Article By Liz D

As a teacher, I stood in front of students and promoted body positivity and confidence. “Love yourself!” “Be proud of what your body can achieve!” But the truth is, I never truly believed this about myself until recently. 

While pole dancing had always been a foundation of my fitness and pride in physical achievement, I used to have this nasty habit of comparing myself to others. And I never believed I was as good as those I shared the love for pole with.  I never realised how deep I had let this self doubt seep into my soul until I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. 

Beliefs around food

I went into quite a dark spiral that I can only recognise now. Looking back at the cliff face that I had once been standing on,  I resented my body for how it forced me to change my lifestyle.  The comparisons I made between myself and others became stronger and more negative. 

I would waiver between starving myself, then binging on food, telling myself it was ok because it was gluten free, and then saying that I deserved it when other food options were restricted to me.  I would eventually completely and utterly regret the binge and berate myself, creating such mental anguish that I would naturally be sick or force myself to be sick. 

The turning point

Through these critical moments, I always found myself wanting to be better. And to be better for my students, so that I could continue to dance freely, to feel the joy of nailing a trick or being stronger than the week before.  Without pole grounding me and holding me to a happy place, I don’t know if I would have had a strong enough reason to seek out the help I needed. 

Finding freedom and all-round confidence

Through professional help and the continued support of my pole community, I now stand proudly and confidently in my body.  I am the happiest I have ever been and I can see my value.  I love being on a pole in crop top, shorts and boots and I also love being on a pole in trackies, a slouchy tee and UGG boots.  Pole has always given me belief in body positivity but now I can preach it and know that the message I’m sharing is also a full reflection of what I believe.

Dance has been a huge part of Liz’s life. Coming from all styles, she has over 10 years of pole, jazz and tap under her belt. Known for shining stage presence, students turn to Liz for her experience in performing arts. She also celebrates body positivity and a huge passion for health on her page, @fitandfoodiecoeliac. View her instructor profile to know more and book a private, 1-on-1 lesson.

If you’re ready to conquer confidence, and take control of the beliefs that have held you back from being the boldest version of you, make a visit to The Pole Room. Classes are fun, relaxed and totally beginner-friendly. Even if you feel un-co, or have never set foot in a dance studio in your life, you’ll be in the hands of instructors who will work with you to become your best self.  Get in touch with us  for a complimentary trial class. X

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