Can anyone else in my household participate?

Absolutely! Bring your whole family along for the workout.

Do I need a pole at home to participate?

Majority of members do not own a home pole and our timetable reflects this. If you’re new to pole dancing we recommend starting with our ‘off the pole’ classes to improve your strength and flexibility. From here you can decide if you wish to invest in a pole. There are many different portable poles on the market and we will be happy to recommend one that suits your budget and needs. 

I’ve never done anything like this before. Is this right for me?

Absolutely! Many of our students have little to no experience when getting started. Our program is levels based, meaning if you accept the challenge you can progress quickly but otherwise, you can go at your own pace.

I’ve never done pole dancing. Is this right for me?

Absolutely! Many of our students have little to no experience in pole. There are advanced classes for those who want a challenge, but otherwise, you can go at your own pace and jump into the pole-based classes when you’re ready.

Can’t I just get all these exercises on YouTube?

The key difference with our Virtual Studio is that you have structured learning and live accountability. While you can Google just about anything these days, you’ll always get much better results when you’re following a program in real time.

I have pets and kids. What if they get in the way?

While it’s important to avoid distraction, we are totally pet and child friendly. For safety reasons, it’s probably best if they stay in a different room, but no worries if they’re watching close by.

How many classes a week should I attend?

If you’re committed to achieving maximum results and looking to become a pole or aerial superstar in the shortest amount of time possible ,then we recommend a minimum of three classes per week. This should comprise of at least one tricks based class, one conditioning class and one dance based class. Pole and aerial are skills-based and therefore require dedication and consistency, which is why we also have practice times available.




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