Tech Upgrade: Five Apps to Become One!

As we continue to improve our delivery we are merging all studio apps into one. This means that the Virtual Studio, Mitcham, CBD and Highett will be merged into the Kilsyth app.

In anticipation of the studios reopening it is important to download the new app at your nearest possible convenience to ensure you can keep booking your favourite classes. From today all other apps will become redundant and should be deleted from your phone to avoid confusion.

Get the app by clicking the link below or searching your phones app store.

Using the official studio app you will be able to:

  • Check the number of classes remaining on your account
  • View past and future visits
  • Review your classes and appointments
  • Set class reminders on your calendar
  • Automatically check in to class on arrival
  • Purchase sessions, practice and privates
  • Book upcoming classes and join waitlist
  • Get the latest news and info as it comes