an empire!

A bit about Bee

Bianca is the resident Pole Mumma and the Highett studio owner.
She is well known for her nurturing can-do attitude… but don’t let that fool you… this gal is the queen of conditioning and absolutely loves the strength aspect of pole so get ready to work HARD!
After going through major organ transplant surgery in 2014 Bianca’s gal pals tried to ease her back into gentle exercise through visiting a yoga studio… little did they know this yoga studio had a pole room attached to it and from there it was love at first sight! (So much for gentle exercise!)
Starting as a student at The Pole Room Bianca progressed through her training and from there she begged her mentor, friend and founder of The Pole Room to let her teach – it has been a roller coaster of a journey but 3 years on she is the very first Pole Room franchisee. What a life!
Bee can’t wait to host you in her studio and her classes and absolutely LOVES to teach beginners! Get ready for a FUN TIME!

Where do you find your inspiration?
My students and fellow polers
First celebrity crush?
Brian from The BackStreet Boys
Your favourite part of instructing?
Bringing the students together as a community and watching new relationships blossom
On your days off, where are you found?
With my dogs soaking in every spare minute I can spend with them!
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