Ashy B

Let life

surprise you

A bit about Ashy

What started as a simple pole dancing class gifted as a birthday present turned into working behind the scenes, winning the Intermediate Category in Shine 2018 and now teaching across multiple studios. With so much experience, Ashy B has been an integral part of the TPR community. She’s known for her outrageous charisma and her flair for sassy choreography. Earning a diploma in dance teaching and development, Ashy B’s students can always trust she’ll provide a fun and safe challenge with a bit of booty shaking on the side.

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Where do you find your inspiration?
Instructors, students, all dancers
Number 1 on your bucket list?
See the Pyramids of Egypt
If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
At a house party where will you be found?
Always on the dance floor
Song that always gets you on the dance floor?
Anything & everything
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