How can I generate a receipt for my purchases? 

When you make a purchase in the studio or on the app, you will be sent a receipt from the studio to your inbox associated with the email address you used to buy. Please check your junk or spam if you don’t receive one.

What’s expected of me as a student?

As a student of The Pole Room, there are some expectations that can contribute to a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Here’s what is generally expected of you:

  1. Positive Attitude: Come to each class with an open mind and a positive attitude. Embrace the learning process and be willing to try new things.
  2. Respect for the Instructor: Show respect to your pole dance instructor and follow their guidance during class. They are there to support and help you progress.
  3. Punctuality: Arrive on time for each class to ensure you don’t miss any warm-up or important instructions.
  4. Active Participation: Engage actively in the class, ask questions, and seek clarification if needed. Participate in class activities and practice the movements to the best of your ability.
  5. Consistency: Regular practice is essential for progress. Attend classes consistently and make an effort to practice what you’ve learned outside of class.
  6. Safety Awareness: Follow safety guidelines provided by the instructor. Be mindful of your limitations and avoid pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone without proper guidance.
  7. Supportive Community: Be a positive and supportive member of the pole dance community. Encourage and uplift your fellow students, fostering a welcoming atmosphere.
  8. Respect for Others: Show respect to other students and their space during class. Be mindful of their comfort levels and boundaries.
  9. Patience and Perseverance: Progress in pole dancing may take time, so be patient with yourself. Embrace the journey and celebrate every small achievement.
  10. Appropriate Attire: Wear suitable workout attire to ensure you can move freely and comfortably during class.

Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and pole dancing is a journey of self-discovery and growth. The most important expectation is to enjoy the process and have fun while learning and challenging yourself. With dedication and passion, you’ll see yourself flourish as a pole dance student.


What to wear to my first lyra/silks class?

Lyra (also known as aerial hoop or ring) is a steel ring suspended from the ceiling by secure rigging. It’s usually wrapped in grip tape and you can perform amazing acrobatics on it! Lyra and silks are quite the opposite of pole in the sense that it’s easier fully clothed. A tight pair of leggings and a tight fitting shirt. 



What do I need to bring?

Hydration is important so always bring a water bottle! We have taps in the studios to refill.
Sweaty hands are the arch-nemesis of a pole dancer, bring along a hand towel and grip which can be purchased from studios! Knee pads are essential to have on hand. There’s a high chance you’ll get hot and sweaty in class so bring a light change of clothes if needed. 



What happens now that I’ve purchased the challenge?

An email will be sent shortly with details on how to access your account and book your upcoming classes.