What’s expected of me as a student?

As a student of The Pole Room, there are some expectations that can contribute to a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Here’s what is generally expected of you:

  1. Positive Attitude: Come to each class with an open mind and a positive attitude. Embrace the learning process and be willing to try new things.
  2. Respect for the Instructor: Show respect to your pole dance instructor and follow their guidance during class. They are there to support and help you progress.
  3. Punctuality: Arrive on time for each class to ensure you don’t miss any warm-up or important instructions.
  4. Active Participation: Engage actively in the class, ask questions, and seek clarification if needed. Participate in class activities and practice the movements to the best of your ability.
  5. Consistency: Regular practice is essential for progress. Attend classes consistently and make an effort to practice what you’ve learned outside of class.
  6. Safety Awareness: Follow safety guidelines provided by the instructor. Be mindful of your limitations and avoid pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone without proper guidance.
  7. Supportive Community: Be a positive and supportive member of the pole dance community. Encourage and uplift your fellow students, fostering a welcoming atmosphere.
  8. Respect for Others: Show respect to other students and their space during class. Be mindful of their comfort levels and boundaries.
  9. Patience and Perseverance: Progress in pole dancing may take time, so be patient with yourself. Embrace the journey and celebrate every small achievement.
  10. Appropriate Attire: Wear suitable workout attire to ensure you can move freely and comfortably during class.

Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and pole dancing is a journey of self-discovery and growth. The most important expectation is to enjoy the process and have fun while learning and challenging yourself. With dedication and passion, you’ll see yourself flourish as a pole dance student.