Pole Bingo: Everything You Need to Know

Mar 31st, 2023
By Felisha Mina

About Pole Bingo

Everyone loves a studio challenge. Especially if it means you’re in the running to WIN $1000 of TPR credits! In Term 3, 2023, we’re flipping the script on everything you know about fitness challenges. Bring on Pole Bingo – a TPR first which will have you on a treasure hunt unlike any other.

How it Works

Running Monday 8 May – Sunday 3 July, all you have to do to be eligible to win, is to complete all tasks on the card (available at your studio reception) and mark them off as you go. Sound easy enough? Keep reading this blog for hints and fast track your way to an entry.

Upon completion, submit your Pole Bingo card to reception, and they’ll check with you that you’ve marked off everything correctly. Use the back of the card to make your own notes. Remember – this is a challenge, so it’s designed to be difficult!

Entry conditions: Ensure you are subscribed to our emails and that you receive email communications. If you are unsure of this, please see your studio manager.

The winner will be drawn at random and announced on socials, Monday 10 July.

The Tasks

1. Attend a morning class
Check your timetable for slots – weekends count!

2. Enrol into next term
Hint: See your studio manager at Week 6.

3. Attend a Pole Jam Class
All levels can attend – when is the next one that fits your schedule?

4. Get a class photo
Everyone’s in a great mood at the end!

5. Get a tripod for your pole videos
Pole videos do wonders for your progress. Head online to find yours or shop at your nearest Kmart or JB Hi-Fi outlet.

6. Decide on who your pole idol is
Is it someone from the studio? Or another icon from overseas? Either way, take note.

7. Get your Studio Manager to take your MindBody pic
If this is something you’ve already completed, consider it done.

8. Wear two pieces of TPR march to class
Kneepads, bottoms, tops, heel protectors and bags all count!

9. Take a photo of a quote within the studio
Tip: Look in the mirrors or head to the bathrooms for doses of inspiration. Keep the photo in your phone’s Photos album so your Studio Manager can check.

10. Attend a stretch class
You’ll be sure to find a spot at CBD, Mitcham, Kilsyth and Highett studios.

11. Create a Pole Instagram page
Ahh, a dedicated page for your routines, trick progress and pole lolz! Feel free to keep this account on “Private”. Just make sure you have your IG handle ready for your Studio Manager to check.

12. Complete back-to-back sessions
The dirty double. 2 sessions are better than 1!

13. Create an account on the TPR Shop
It takes two secs –  head straight here! Plus you’ll be the first to find out about all our saucy offers. 

14. Book a pole photo shoot
This can be with your own photographer or with our favourites at Dance Flicks. Keep in mind you simply have to book the photoshoot – no need to have completed it throughout the challenge dates.

15. Smell the TPR candle
Brownie points if you can guess the flavour.

16. Mention TPR in one of your personal group chats
Tell your friends about your love for pole on Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram.

17. Book a casual class using the TPR app
This is an easy one. Head to the app store if you don’t already have pole in your pocket.

18. Attend a dance class
Will it be Pure Pole, Exotic Flow or Exotic Floorwork?

19. Recite a line from the TPR Tribe Manifesto to reception
Ahh, our core values! Find these in posters in the bathrooms, or head straight here.

20. Take a mirror selfie and share to Insta
This can be in a post or private story – choice is yours

21. Attend a TPR workshop or event
Pole Goals Nights, workshops and performance nights all count

22. Write down an email subject line sent in the last month
If we’re lurking in your junk mail, be sure to move us to your priority inbox 😉

23. Submit a Google Review
Search “The Pole Room <Your Studio Location> on Google and say a few words if you haven’t already!

24. Follow TPR on Instagram
Make sure you’re following!

25. Spread good vibes in the studio
Your uplifting energy goes a long way. Will you compliment another student, lift someone up to perform at performance night, or initiate a group photo at the end of class? Choice is yours.

26. Refer a friend to try a class
Use this link to be rewarded.

27. Join the TPR Tribe FB Group
Find this via our Facebook page.

28. Make a pole Spotify Playlist
This is a safe space to express your mild Bieber obsession.

29. Find the Instagram account of an Aerials instructor
Switch your app location to our Mitcham Studio and test your stalker skillz.

30. Take a picture with your Instructor
They’re a friendly bunch aren’t they?!

The Prize

The lucky winner will have $1,000 TPR credits added to their account. This can be used on merch, classes, snacks and events. Oh, the possibilities. Good luck, have fun and ask for help if you need!


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