Pole Program

Wanting a full body transformation? Is it in your wildest dreams to get up on stage and compete in front of thousands of people? Our in-studio Pole Program is made up of Tricks, Dance, and Conditioning classes which will allow you to uncover all the incredible things your body is capable of. With 4 levels and opportunities to perform and teach, the sky’s the limit! Attend classes regularly and attend end-of-term gradings to move on up.

Lyra Program

Welcome to the world of aerial fitness! Working out is exhilarating, dynamic and effective in our Lyra Program. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played around with hoops before – start as a Beginner and work your way up 3 challenging, yet rewarding levels. You’ll be performing awe-inspiring tricks and dazzling an audience in no time. Mix up your sessions between Tricks, Dance and Conditioning classes to keep your body strong, flexible and fluid.

Silks Program

Silks have graced the biggest stages of performance and dance. From Cirque Du Soleil to the likes of Pink concerts, aerial Silks is an impressive skillset that you’ll be proud of flaunting. Your instructor will show you how to use your ribbon to glide through the air to create beautiful shapes, so your stamina and flexibility will be forever changed! Our Silks Program comprises of 3 levels available so you can jump in at any part of your journey.


Available at 4 stellar locations, our progression-based programs will turn your world around by advancing you through purposefully designed levels. With no long term contracts or joining fees, what’s holding you back? Join the #TPRTRIBE today!

“I’ve discovered how to cultivate awareness in my form, not just to create pleasing shapes, but to carry myself with grace on and off the pole.” – Tuesday Cross



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