I’m unfit and/or uncoordinated – can I still join?

Absolutely! When joining you are not expected to have any prior fitness or aerials background. Our job is to teach you and help you improve over the journey.

What do I wear to my first Silks class?

For warm up and cool down, you can pretty much wear anything that’s comfortable for you. But during classes you’ll want to wear fitted clothing that covers your abs and and legs – because you’ll be hoisted from the hoop, you want to protect your skin from any grazing. We also recommend that you wear body-hugging tops so that nothing gets caught in the hoop as you’re performing tricks.

Where is the Silks Program run?

Aerial silk classes are only currently available at our Mitcham Studio. To get started simply enrol in an upcoming Beginner level 1 course, or if you have prior experience then we will assess your level for free. 

What should I bring to class?

Hydration is important so always bring a water bottle! We have taps in the studios to refill. There’s also a high chance you’ll get hot and sweaty in class so bring a towel and a light change of clothes if needed.