The Glow Showcase Event hosted by The Pole Room

Jan 05th, 2020
By thepoleroom

‘Glow’ is The Pole Room’s inaugural student showcase that will give YOU the chance to perform on stage without the pressure of a competition.

Each group performance at ‘Glow’ will be the outcome of 8 weeks of intensive training at the studio under the guidance of their instructor. Participants will learn 1 routine (up to 5 minutes), with 4-9 other students of a similar level. At the end of the 8 weeks, participants will perform their routine at the Glow Showcase held at the Karralyka theatre in Ringwood on March 27th, 2020.

The routine learnt will be the creative masterpiece of the instructor leading them and are developed with the instructors own signature style. Whilst our instructors are creating the overall concept and flow of the routine, they will also take into account your own pole ability. The overall aim will be to showcase your individual strengths within the routine, while making sure you feel confident when performing on stage.

Currently there are no detailed descriptions of each ‘Stage Ready Performance Course’, however the name will give an indication of the style and/or theme. If you are seeking clarification be sure to email [email protected]

Ultimately ‘Glow’ has been created by The Pole Room to challenge YOU to take your skills and abilities on stage and perform in a fun and supportive environment.

All videos and photography will be available to participants and is included in the total cost of the course.

Check out the behind the scenes of the SHINE Pole Competition & Showcase video from last year (2019) for some insights from participants who took the stage at Karralyka theatre.

  1. The ‘Glow’ showcase will be held at the Karralyka Theatre on Friday the 27th of March
  2. Each ‘Stage Ready Performance Courses’ will commence the week of January 27th
  3. Courses are $360 upfront or with payment plans of $30 per week available
  4. Enrolments close Friday, January 24th (unless sold out sooner)

**When a course is full the Sign Up button will disappear from the course list.

Level Guidelines:

  1. Beg+ – Beginner students and above.
  2. Inter+ – Only intermediate and above students. Must be able to climb to top of pole, invert to straddle, inside & outside leg hang
  3. Adv+ – Only advanced and above students. Must be able to aerial invert and shoulder mount from floor

Check out the group instructor performance from SHINE 2019, which similarly to Glow was choreographed and performed at Karralyka.

Q: I’m in Pole Foundations or doing the 28 Day Challenge, can I join a Glow course?
A: As long as the course is Beg + you can absolutely join it.
Q: What’s included in the costs?
A: 8 x 90 minute sessions with your instructor, the Glow event at Karralyka, videos and photographs.
Q: What’s NOT included in the costs?
The purchase does not include tickets for the show. Tickets will be sold separately and closer to the date. Participants do not have to purchase tickets unless you want to view the show from the gallery following your performance. Performers will be likely be required to purchase a costume and makeup for the show based on the instructors requirements. We will make all efforts to ensure the costume and makeup is affordable and plenty of notice is given.
Q: Dancing isn’t my strength, can I join a Glow course?
A: If dancing isn’t your forte then your instructor will work with you to showcase your strengths
Q: Do I have to perform on stage?
A: Yes that’s the idea of the 8 week course but if you’re worried about it then let your instructor know
Q: What happens if I’m away and I can’t make a session?
A: In most cases your instructor will be able to catch you up on the content. Just ask your receptionist/ instructor and we’ll confirm prior to you enrolling.
Q: How much does it all cost?
A: The 8 week (90 minutes session) course is $360, payment plans available from $30 per week
Q: Where is Glow held?
A: The Glow showcase will be held at Karralyka Theatre on March 27th
Q: Where and how can I enrol?
A: There are three ways you can enrol in a ‘Stage Ready Performance Course’: 1. At the studio through reception or over the phone, 2. Through The Pole Room App under enrolments on the home screen, 3. On this page by clicking Sign Up next to your preferred course.
Q: Are there any payment plans available?
A: Yes, payment plans are from $30 per week over 12 weeks

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