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A bit about Nada

Since 2014, Nada has used pole dancing to discover what it means to authentically express and be yourself – and she helps her students do the same. Whether focusing on strength and flexibility or dance and acro, she supports you to discover your unique style, all while having fun and getting a good work out! Nada is constantly pushing her limits, growing through her personal training from completing her IPDFA ( International Pole Dance Federation Association) Instructor qualification to her breathtaking performances on stage. Nada teaches a variety of pole group fitness classes designed for all levels and is also available for private lessons.
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Where do you find your inspiration?
Fashion. Style Style Style.
Last series you binge watched?
Song that always gets you on the dance floor?
What meal do you cook to impress someone?
Tagine, lol
Favourite cities?
Melbourne! Chicago! Cairo!
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