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A bit about Manda

Manda has always had an active lifestyle and loves a challenge, having trained in biathlons, fencing and springboard diving. She’s known by her family and friends as strong and adaptable, so it’s no surprise that she found herself being drawn towards the challenge of pole fitness. It didn’t take long before Manda was climbing through the ranks and kicking all her pole goals, which lead to being crowned the ‘Queen of the Pole’ in the 2017 Mischief Pole dancing competition. Today, Manda is often found in the studio peacefully practicing yoga or doing flips in her 8-inch bright red heels.

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Favourite city?
Hardest job you've had to endure?
My PhD
If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
To be psychic
Last series you binge watched?
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