Don't think,

just move!

A bit about Haley

Growing up Haley was often described as uncoordinated and awkward… Well hasn’t a lot changed since then! In our studio’s Haley is known as the Floorwork QUEEN! This little energiser bunny is often seen dancing in the studios for hours at a time with little that can get in her way.. except for pizza 😉 Haley absolutely loves to compete and when she is not on the frontline working as a nurse you will often find her competing around the state showing us what she does best which freestyling! We are so lucky to have this fierce, dog loving , splitty goddess at the studio and we hope you can take a class with her one day to see exactly what we are raving about!

If you could time travel back to any year, which one?
1968 to see The Doors play live
Favourite city?
At a house party where will you be found?
Looking for a dog to pat, yes I'm that girl
If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life?
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