Lora (Canelle Spice)

Smile, Shine

And Sparkle

A bit about Lora

Lora started pole dancing 5 years ago and immediately fell in love with the way it made her feel. This native French girl and absolute powerhouse loves to choreograph routines with a dynamic and exotic flow, bringing her infectious energy to every class.
Lora is quick to mention (with a giggle) that after just one of her classes, you will feel the “BURRRNN” of a high-intensity workout. She takes great pride in seeing the progress of her students, taking on a nurturing ‘Pole Mumma’ role as they progress towards their goals.
  • Finalist Dance Filthy Amateur 2019
  • Finalist Frisks 2017
  • Finalist Vortex 2017
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First celebrity crush?
I am showing my age here, but Jude Law 🥰
Song that get you on the dance floor?
Be Someone – Camelphat James Bugg
Last series you binge watched?
How to get away with Murder 🔪
The scariest thing you’ve done?
Quitting my day job to focus on my passion - pole dancing!
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