What safety precautions are in place to prevent injury?

Like any form of physical activity, injuries are always a possibility in aerial classes. With that in mind, we are meticulous with our safety precautions to ensure risks are minimised. To ensure your muscles are conditioned before the tricks and dance components of the class, your instructor will take you through a thorough warm up. Before you move on to doing exercises and moves on the hoop, you will be instructed to place a crash mat underneath your apparatus which will cushion you gently in case you come off your ribbon.

Ribbons are secured by a solid rig that is frequently checked by our team. They can hold persons up to 250kg, making them resistant.

I’m unfit and/or uncoordinated – can I still join?

Absolutely! When joining you are not expected to have any prior fitness or aerials background. Our job is to teach you and help you improve over the journey.

What do I wear to my first Silks class?

For warm up and cool down, you can pretty much wear anything that’s comfortable for you. But during classes you’ll want to wear fitted clothing that covers your abs and and legs – because you’ll be hoisted from the hoop, you want to protect your skin from any grazing. We also recommend that you wear body-hugging tops so that nothing gets caught in the hoop as you’re performing tricks.

Can I join classes at multiple studios?

Aerial classes are only currently available at our Mitcham Studio, but for our Pole Program, you can most definitely visit the studio of your choice! Each location has its own schedule, instructor and unique vibe. To get started simply create an account, login, purchase sessions and start booking classes! If you’re on a membership you can use it across all TPR locations.

What should I bring to class?

Hydration is important so always bring a water bottle! We have taps in the studios to refill. There’s also a high chance you’ll get hot and sweaty in class so bring a towel and a light change of clothes if needed.



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