How long do classes run?/Class structure?

All classes (unless stated otherwise) run for an hour*

Class Structure:
Starting with a 10-15 minute warm up, your teacher will run through a quick set of exercises and stretches to get your body warm and ready to exercise. The remainder of the hour will be spent focusing on the specific  discipline of the class, whether it be working on a dance routine for Pure Pole class, or learning new tricks in your Pole Foundations class. The class will end with a 5 minute cool down.

Unable to book classes on the app?

You may not have any valid sessions available to book, the class may be fully booked or the current sessions you have may not be valid for the type you are attempting to book – i.e. You’r booking a Workshop rather than a class. You can view your active sessions on the app in the My Account tab.

I’ve booked the wrong class and I can’t remove myself?

One common reason for this is you have booked outside of the cancellation window. Please contact the studio immediately to resolve the issue. If it is not resolved quickly your session may be forfeited if the class is at full capacity and not allowing others to book.


I’m on the waitlist, am I able to come to the studio to see if a spot becomes available last minute?

You can opt to be on standby but we cannot guarantee a spot will become available.


How do I know if I get into a class from a waitlist?

You will always be notified by email or text when you make it from the Waitlist into the class. Please ensure that your have enabled all your communication settings in your TPR account to receiving text message and/or email notifications. You can change your communication setting from the Settings tab on the app.


I’m on a waitlist, what does that mean?

Our classes allow for students to add themselves to the class waitlist in order to be notified if a spot becomes available. You will receive a text message or email confirming a spot has become available for you to join.


I’m unwell and can no longer attend my scheduled class… can I be credited back my session?

If you are unwell or injured it is your responsibility to remove yourself from class outside the cancellation window of 8 hours. If cancellation is within 8 hours of the class commencing we will require a medical certificate from your health practitioner to credit the session/s back on to your account. 


I need to reschedule my classes?

To early cancel out of a class, you will need to log into your TPR account, find the class you booked in for and select the cancellation option. Bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the class commencing will be marked as a Late Cancel. A Late Cancel is forfeiting of that session.
The exception to this is if it’s for a medical reason, which will require a medical certificate to be sent through to the studio.




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