Pole Bingo Summer Edition: Everything You Need to Know

About Pole Bingo

Everyone loves a studio challenge. Especially if it means you’re in the running to WIN $1000 of TPR credits! Over the summer break, we’re taking you on a treasure hunt unlike any other.

How it Works

Running Monday 18 Dec – Saturday 13 Jan all you have to do to be eligible to win, is to complete all tasks on the card (available at your studio reception) and mark them off as you go. Sound easy enough? Keep reading this blog for hints and fast track your way to an entry.

Leave your Pole Bingo card at your studio’s designated spot and upon completion, your Studio Manager will check with you that you’ve marked off everything correctly. Use the back of the card to make your own notes. Remember – this is a challenge, so it’s designed to be difficult!

Entry conditions: Ensure you are subscribed to our emails and that you receive email communications. If you are unsure of this, please see your studio manager.

The winner will be drawn at random and announced on socials, Monday 15 Jan.

The Tasks

1. Decide on your pole dancer name
When in doubt, choose your first pet’s name + the first street you lived on

2. Take a photo of a splits attempt in the sun
Brownie points if you do it at the beach!

3. Attend a class you’ve never tried before
Is it time to lose your Pole Jam-inity?

4. Wear something Xmas-y to the studio
Bring on Naughty Santas and raunchy reindeers

5. Post a before/after pole photo post
See Liz who’s set the tone!

6. Find gratitude for 3 things in your life right now
It could be something as simple as the sunny weather, or meeting a special something in your life

7. Do a dance to a festive tune
For inspiration, head to TikTok or YouTube

8. Tell your Studio Manager a fun fact about you
A special party trick? A secret talent? Whatever it is, we want to know!

9. Take a photo with Christmas decorations in the studio
Be quick before they get taken down in the new year!

10. Create a shape with/without pole
This could be a trick or a yoga or pilates inspired pose

11. Enrol into a course for Term 1
Pick your level and start the year off strong

12. Tick off 2 sessions in 1 day
*Does not include Practice Sessions 😉

13. Share a TPR reel to a friend
Head to our Insta for the goods. Make sure you’re following!

14. Wish Happy New Year to a student you haven’t met before
Introduce yourself to someone new and wish them a happy 2024

15. Save a post from The TPR Instagram page
Why not find something that you can replicate for your own content

16. Create a doubles pose
Ask your instructor for help if you need!

17. Set your intention for 2024
Do you want to be kinder to yourself, express more gratitude or be more present? Have a think and write it down.

18. Attend a Christmas-themed class
Get ready to Send It Like Santa!

19. Take a selfie with your pole BFF
Pole friends who selfie together, stay together

20. Take a dress-up mirror selfie and share to Insta
Show off your personality (and your best angles) for an IG story

21. Write down 3 pole goals for 2024
Are you looking to compete, go up a level or even do a photo shoot?

22. Try a class with an instructor you’ve never learnt from before
Explore the timetable or even make a visit to a new studio!

23. Try on a pair of pole heels
Discover a new style at reception and see how they fit!

24. Join your studio’s Facebook group
Kilsyth, Mitcham, CBD and Highett each have their own private groups

25. Follow the Instagram account of your studio’s head instructor
If you’re not sure on who it is, ask reception!

The Prize

The lucky winner will win $1,000 TPR credits added to their account. This can be used on merch, classes, snacks and events. Oh, the possibilities. Good luck, have fun and ask for help if you need!