Join Erika at The Pole Room for an action packed afternoon that will help you finally discover the secrets for how to be confident on a daily basis.

  • Stop thinking you’re not good enough
  • Give up on self judgement
  • Quit comparing yourself to others
  • Stand up for yourself and your beliefs

In this three hour interactive workshop, Erika keeps it real and raw, expressing herself openly and authentically, and encouraging us to do the same.

  • Sun 22 Jul 2018 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

  • Tickets Price
    — Riding Solo: $67*
    — Bring a Friend $94* ($47 each)
    *Ticket Price includes afternoon tea and goodie bag.

  • The Pole Room – L6 Rooftop 277 Flinders Lane Melbourne CBD, 3000

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Join The Queen of Confidence for an afternoon of REAL.

Erika Cramer is a woman who radiates self-confidence.

From personal stylist to positive body image activist, Erika has peeled back the layers of women’s wardrobes and discovered that the answer to true confidence lies within ourselves.

“I was working as a personal stylist and noticing that every woman I helped, no matter shape, age or size, really struggled with self-confidence, and although a nice outfit or beautiful haircut helped, it never seemed to be enough,” says Erika.

“So I decided that instead of attending to the external image issues (clothing, makeup, etc.) I wanted to work with women on the ‘internal wardrobe’, clearing any thoughts and beliefs that were old and disempowering.”

Through her motivating Art of Practicing Confidence workshops, this ‘Queen of Confidence’ has empowered hundreds of women to embrace a body positive mentality and feel confident in their own skin.

“Having had over 30 years of therapy, coaching and personal development, I know I had it in me to give clients what I call a ‘loving slap’, helping them understand that no matter what happens, they always have a choice about how they want to feel.”

In 2016, she rocked the runway for Melbourne Fashion Week Plus for plus-sized women. This was a “life-changing” moment for Erika, who only a year earlier had given birth to her first child, Raven.

Of all the judgements we make in life, none is as important as the one you make about yourself, says Erika. For her, confidence is the ability to turn positive thoughts into action.

“I thought an event (workshops) with like-minded women would create a space for deep conversations to be had and a deep connect to be made. Turns out women loved coming together to feel heard, understood and empowered to make positive change to their relationship with self-confidence,” she says.

“To me, confidence is taking action towards that thing you want, regardless of the fear. Confidence is you having a go; to action something that makes you feel scared or nervous but going forward anyway, ready to learn from the results, and commit to practice over and over.”

This article was written by Biz Hub Maroondah and first appeared here: https://www.bizhubmaroondah.com.au/content/1675/

The Pole Room presents 'The Art of Practicing Confidence'
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