From bullied to built-up – Lauren speaks about how The Pole Room family and Pole rekindled her love of dance

Lauren’s love for dance had dwindled to the point where she no longer enjoyed what had previously been a great passion.

The 23-year-old had been dancing at a toxic school, for most of her life before discovering aerial fitness – both Lyra and Pole dancing.

“Pole honestly saved me, gave me confidence, showed me love and gave me a whole new life,” she said.

“Pole helped restore my love of health and fitness because it really doesn’t feel like exercise.”

Before finding The Pole Room, the young dancer felt like she hit rock bottom.

Years of bullying by older women at her former dance school had stripped all self-confidence and motivation.

“What used to be a place of love and a home for me no longer was, and it never would be again,” she said.

“I didn’t love anything about dancing or teaching anymore and that hurt so, so much.”

Lauren stopped dancing because of how unhappy she had become in the school’s negative environment.

“I felt so out of place, I felt judged, I was being bullied, but most of all I felt excluded from everything,” she said.

In an attempt to reignite her love for dance she begun teaching but this was only short lived.

“I thought teaching would make me feel so much better, maybe even reignite my passion for dancing, but in the end I was wrong,” she said.

“I was still being excluded as well as being treated badly by certain older student who I had once danced with and now I was in the same position yet again, only as a teacher.”

The gym also did nothing to boost her confidence.

“Even when I started going to the gym I felt judged. I didn’t feel confident. I felt weak, fat and out of place. I hated that.”

“Because of all this happening around me on a constant basis, I eventually got such a negative association with fitness.”

It was after Lauren travelled overseas, she decided she needed a new challenge.

That’s when she decided to look into The Pole Room studio in Kilsyth, which she had driven past so many times.

“I thought, maybe this could be fun,” she said.

The young dancer tried lyra – aerial hoops – which she instantly loved.

“I thought this studio is going to be the same, I’m going to hate it. But that was not the case,” she said.

“I looked forward to going back to the studio each week. I felt so included, which I wasn’t used to.”

Soon, Lauren decided to try out pole dancing.

“After being encouraged by numerous new friends and a few teachers, I decided to start pole,” she said.

“I didn’t feel 100 per cent confident for months. It took a lot for me to get the courage to wear booty shorts and just a crop.

“But everyone was amazing. I didn’t feel judged, get evil looks or anything. I was being loved and supported. It was amazing.”

What went from one class a week, turned into three, which turned into five and soon Lauren was at the studio almost every day.

“I’ve gained so much strength without even knowing,” she said.

“I look forward to exercising, I look forward to going to pole each day, every week.”

“Pole even gave me the courage to compete in Shine – the studio competition – and most recently I performed a solo dance, which I thought was never possible.”



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