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I had the chance to catch up with our student Jen during TEDxMelbourne at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Jen has been with us from the start and is set to compete in our Student Pole Competition and Showcase – SHINE 2017. This is now Jen’s fourth pole competition (something she never believed she would be doing) so we went live and covered a whole range of topics including:

  • Why Jen started poling
  • Why Jen has stuck at Pole since she first discovered it
  • Jen’s tips on overcoming obstacles and mastering “demon” tricks
  • What advice Jen has for people who want to compete but don’t feel confident enough
  • What she feels before and after going on stage
  • Her upcoming performance at SHINE in terms of preparation and routine
  • Her favourite pole tricks

Here is Jens competitor profile (competing under the stage name Lyla Lang): Lyla is ready to morph into a better version of herself. Growing up watching strong women—like the Pink Power Ranger!—Lyla longed to be like them. “I’ve always had problems feeling comfortable in my own skin, and would have never dreamed of going up on stage to do anything, let alone pole dance in front of anyone.” But that all changed when she attended a pole class for her friend’s hen night. It was love at first beat, and Lyla felt she had finally found something that enabled her to switch everything off and embrace her true self. Needless to say Lyla soon became hooked. She loves becoming lost within the flow of the music, morphing into a stronger version of herself. “I am very proud of how far I’ve come in a short amount of time,” she says. A member of The Pole Room for two years, this is Lyla’s fourth competition. Although she knows she’ll be nervous, Lyla looks forward to when the music starts and the transformation takes place!

Want to see Lyla Lang perform buy tickets to SHINE 2017 here.



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