The 2016 Shine Student Pole Competition marked the first internal run competition for all TPR students.

The judges for the evening were Kylie J (Kylie J Studios), Natty (International Pole Sensation) & Rach (Rarr Pole Clothing). Participants were judged upon Showmanship (10), Technique (20), Theme (10) and Musicality & Timing (10).

The Pole Room had over 30 students competing for the crown in their respective categories along with guest performances from Natty (Judge), Julesy (TPR Instructor) and Shan (TPR Instructor). Lucy Fur hosted the event with a hilarious half time show.

Results from the night included:

1st Place: Courtney
Runner Up: Cass
1st Place: Clara
Runner Up: Alex
1st Place: Damien
Runner Up: Nic
1st Place: Alyse & DamienMost Entertaining: Carissa
Best Music Interpretation: Alex


You can view the videos from the performers below.

We would like to send an extended thanks to our sponsors Rarr, Bling It Heels and Pheonix Massage; our amazing performers, students, instructors, lighting and sound engineer Phil from Zafsounds, our host Lucy Furr, the pole monkeys, and everyone who came on the night to watch. The show wouldn’t have been possible without you and we are grateful/blown away to have had the opportunity to host this event!


“It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature”



It’s all about me, my life and being a mother-f$%#&ing rich bitch. I do what I want when I want and ain’t no body telling me no! I don’t have time for peasants!

Music: Die Antwoord – ‘Rich Bitch’’


A girl in a mental institution, trying to break free from whats inside her head, forced to keep silent, all while the animal within her is trying to come out.

Music: Three Days Grace – ‘The Animal I Have Become’ 


Little red riding hood who hides a sassy “she” wolf under her red cloak and innocent smile. Never  walk in the woods alone.

Music: David Guetta feat. Sia – ‘She Wolf’


Oh we’re in TROUBLE, with a little debauchery. With the ego of Right Said Fred and a touch of dutch courage. The fighter walks into a Pole and finds his sexy back.

Music: Elvis Presley – ‘Trouble’


Music: The Weekend – ‘Wicked Games’ 


A busy mother and wife I feel like I spend life looking tired and stressed to the max. This performance is to show myself that inside I do still possess a bit of sassy, sex appeal. How much is still there after all of these years? We’ll see!!!


It’s the constant feeling of wanting to dance and not being able to resist it anymore.

Music: Kenny Loggins – ‘Footloose’


The performance is about feeling helpless, calling/reaching out for help and the expression of sadness and difficulty that comes with that.

Music: The Pretty Reckless – ‘Under The Water’


Pasodoble is a Spanish dance. Often played at  bullfights during the bullfighters’ entrance or during the passes just before the kill. The part of the matador. and his cape, but can also represent the shadow of the matador, as well as the flamenco dancer.

Music: Espana Cani – Spanish Gypsy Dance Paso


“Everyone has their demons in the past, mine is boys. This ones for me!”

Music: Wolfe – ‘Under The Covers’


Finding your feet again after an unsteady relationship ends

Music: X-Ambassadors – Unsteady


Heading back to the 90s where a teenager girl is failing school and all she dreams of is running off and marry a celebrity (Backstreet Boy).

Music: NSYNC – ‘This I Promise


“This performance is about a jaded stripper who enjoys dancing but dislikes her clients.”

Music: Marilyn Manson – ‘Tainted Love’


“This performance is about body image and self esteem. It reflects the unrealistic expectations of today’s society and media, and the impact it has on individuals (particularly females).”

Music: Allessia Cara – ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’


“A 60s era gogo dancer who meets a guy on night but the guy does not know if she was real or just his imagination in the morning

Music: The Zombies – ‘She’s Not There’


‘Mean Girls’ doing the Jingle Bell Rock!

Length: 2:59


A cheeky take on the fitness model industry, inspired by how glamorous the men and women competing are.

Music: Fergie – ‘Fergalicious’ & ‘Glamorous’


The heartache of being in a long distance relationship and not being able to see them or talk to them without technology getting in the way.

Music: Guy Sebastian – ‘Candle’


Freddy Krueger.

Music: Fat Boys – ‘Are You Ready For Freddy’


A mermaid’s dream to be where the people are… The Pole Room! Her treasures are often mistaken for things pole dancers keep in their bag; a pair of heels, some grip… even a copy of Australian Pole Dancers Magazine.

Music: Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Part Of Your World’ 


I will put my amour on (costume, hair , makeup) and will show you how strong I am. Even though on the inside I feel insecure and nervous, if I act and look like I am confident then I can become unstoppable.

Music: Sia – ‘Unstoppable’


Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person? When you know the person you love is no good for you, you try to push them away but ultimately the heart will win.

Music: We Came As Romans – ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’


The point in a relationship when there is a make or break moment, when both people realise that there is a major obstacle in the way of their ‘happily ever after’.

Music: James Bay – ‘Incomplete’



Music: Ariana Grande – ‘Into You’



Half time interval

Music – Fascinating Ada – Doging

We’ve picked a few of our favourite photos from Shine, the first Student Pole Competition run at The Pole Room. We would like to thank Cassandra for taking the photographs on the night. We would also like to thank the competitors for putting on an amazing show. Please credit ‘Cassandra Celeste’ when using these images – Facebook Instragram

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